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  • Everyone knows, you can’t condition fine hair
  • Why bother, no one really understands fine hair
  • IF something would work, I’d have found it by now
  • My hair might be dry, but at least it’s got some fullness
  • What if a little seaweed discovery changed your hairs’ life?
  • Since you will still have to buy something, anyway, why not now use this and see what it’s all about!

Of course, you’ve tried so much, and no one understands fine hair unless you have it yourself, right?  To make matters worse, every magazine cover features luxurious thick hair.  Even if she’s really got fine hair, it’s filled with extensions, weaves, wigs, pumped, fluffed, photographed to look healthier and thicker, and like that’s not enough, they’ve photo-shopped itEveryone knows fine hair is not on the list. Popular brands seem to be caught in a rut presenting luxurious hair and empty promises, and if it’s not, they do all the above to make it look that way.  Mostly, because very few, if anyone, really understands fine hair.  Textile or clothing fabrics have certain characteristics that clothing designers must understand and attend to in order to make a great article of clothing.  If you have fine hair, you must have someone who clearly knows, and  products that really work!  Like Belegenza’s creators, Alan & Cheryl, who’ve dealt with thousands of heads of fine hair, you have to look beyond conventional and commercial for the answers.  Look to Belegenza, who understands this unique ‘fabric’ so that you and your stylist can say ‘yes” to  great hair styles  that show off your ‘fabric,’ lifestyle and overall look.  Yes, these ‘answers’ to fine hair challenges come from beyond conventional thinking and deliver what you really want.  No more conventional, overused, and over-promised ingredients in showy bottles!

When Belegenza was being “born,” a little surprise happened.  It was actually HUGE, but little at the same time.   By eliminating silicone (and all the nasties, like petrolatum, phthalates, parabens, gluten, sulfates, salt, etc.), a very tiny molecular complex was now discovered.  It is so little that it is now able to give hair inner shine and a rich depth, without any weight because its molecular weight is so little. From here, another HUGE/little discovery was made while researching for moisture exchange systems in nature.   A rare and hard-to-get seaweed protein family was revealed by a small group of a beach village. When this complex and this sea ‘magic’ came together, fine hair became the proud recipient of this brilliant combination.  This is where science makes the difference and thinking beyond convention creates answers you want.    Think about it… It’s very believable that in nature, a coconut could fall from a tree, roll  down the beach onto top some seaweed that had drifted up onto the beach. Without science and human creativity, though, it is impossible that the perfected extract of the inner coconut will have ever combined with isolated amino acids of that seaweed…. especially if that version of seaweed is abundant in waters thousands of miles away!  By the way, we won’t specify which islands or beaches we found our ingredients for patent, proprietary and obvious reasons!

Just in case this is too much to read, here’s what you want to know.  Up until now, volumizer products depend on chemicals that progressively dry out your hair to make it a bit stiffer, hopefully making you think your hair is thicker and fuller.  It’s dry, so it’s a bit more rigid.  Those who “have to color” their hair for body do it for the damage it creates.  Then, hairspray is the usual suspect. All the above approaches work to a degree, but you want more, and that’s what Belegenza delivers.  If you want promises, look elsewhere, but if you want results~~ you are now in the right place. 

Belegenza delivers  unique springy proteins that wrap themselves in and ‘into’ those damage sites, thus adds a springiness to the hair, for results you’ve been wanting!   Because of its moisture exchange qualities, your hair gets perfectly balanced structure WITH moisture that fortifies. Coupled with that shine molecule mentioned above , your hair now looks vibrant and healthy.  By delivering this abundance of nutrition and elements to nurture your hair, your scalp now gets empowered to do what it does best…grow new  & healthy hair.

To now experience and enjoy a complete departure from conventional, supposedly volumizing chemicals and dryness, these 4 products will work together to give your hair that looks and feels better than ever.  Isn’t it time to get what you want?  By using never-before-combined ingredients, you will now find out what so many other satisfied Belegenza fine hair customers are celebrating.  (We love hearing from people just like you who are now thrilled within 30 days over their hair response and the new short “pointed” hairs growing in to add more fullness.)Add to Cart NOW

1. IlLustrious Shampoo & Cleanser
This sulfate-free shampoo gently cleanses, leaving a clean feeling, body, and responsive style. Chemical free, these food-grade ingredients nourish without residue as they simultaneously purify your hair from left-over chemicals, leaving your hair fresh and fully responsive to the unique rare ingredients that will give your fine hair the body you want with virtually no weight!  Your hair efforts will seem to last longer …(imagine getting an extra day out of your hair!)  By balancing and gently purifying your scalp, your follicles now produce your best genetically coded hair! (YES, it’s gluten-free, sulfate-free, salt-free, paba-free, paraben-free, mineral oil-free, petrolatum-free, phthalate-free and more~~ like all Belegenza products!).

2. RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment
By providing multiple conditioning agents of varying sizes these elements penetrate only where your hair requires it, you can now be sure your hair pulls only what it needs each time. Fine hair has tiny and delicate damage sites, whereas coarse hair has LARGE damage sites.   RoMANce removes the guess-work, your fine hair now absorbs only what it needs, leaving no residue that could weigh it down.  RoMANce is the richest in moisture, so your fine hair will show off these benefits from your very first use!  The emollients and conditioners promote supple feeling hair AND retains the body you so desire, and a deep emanating shine that is found in younger looking hair.  (As your hair continues to improve day by day, month by month, you will later add DraMatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner and alternate it each time for max moisture and max fullness once your hair is fully restored from volumizer dryness.)

3. VirgINity Hair Repair
Use this treatment after conditioning. You can use it each time, yet, due to its potency, it is recommended  to be used only once every 7 times you shampoo, especially on haircolor or lightening day.  This incredible leave-in hair repair was originally designed to replace a miraculous conditioner that was taken off the market back in the 80’s.  (It was a hairdresser’s miracle on breaking hair, but due to it’s animal by-products, it was eliminated, and for the record,  yes, we are free of animal proteins…in fact, Belegenza is PETA CERTIFIED!!!)   Once we discovered these seaweed proteins, and a few other rare ingredients along the way, VirgINity Hair Repair clearly surpasses the animal-protein version and works in an easy to use “immediate” spray in/ leave in treatment!   Now available to you, be sure to NOT overuse or use too often, given its potency and effectiveness.

Before drying your hair, simply spray it on.  We call it VirgINity because it makes tinted hair feel like VIRGIN hair (what stylists call hair that has never been colored or chemically treated). Rest assured, though…it adds body to your hair especially by adding a light amount AFTER using the next product, PerForm Gel, on a daily basis! (Stay tuned… it will make more sense as you keep reading!)
Now,  supercharging your styling ability, your styles will seem to stay fuller and last longer!

4. PerForm Control Styling Gel
This is a soft-to-the-touch natural styling gel that envelops each hair with a lightweight, bouncy seaweed based proteins and more.  When this springy “jell-o like” uniquely springy gel bounces into your hand, you will know immediately this is NOT something you’ve ever tried before, and you will want more!  Once you trap it in your palms and squeeze it to distribute it on your hands, you will then apply it at the scalp area first, pulling it towards the ends of your hair.  By the springy proteins locking around the cuticle of the hair, your hair gets more bounce and body, like you’ve never experienced until now.  With a remarkably clean feeling, you, and others, will see your hair responding better than ever~~it’s no wonder why styles last longer! Unlike any other gels, mousses, glazes, or whatever fancy names they call them… this keeps the hair soft to the touch and fully responsive with body.  For those who want styling gels that leave hair soft, this one’s definitely for you!

You can invest in these products separately for $142.00. But that’s not what you’ll invest today.

With this package offer, you can now enjoy all the benefits for $123.00 including FREE shipping in the contiguous U.S.A.

Clearly, it’s time to make the right choice.

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“Love the way this makes my hair look and feel! A staple in my shower! I have fine hair, and I have struggled to find something that makes my hair feel amazing and also gives it the volume it needs! I immediately saw a difference in the way my hair performed out of the shower. I can’t get enough of this!”~~Dana B.

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