Low Sodium and Hair Loss*

low sodium and hair loss
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When Tasty Sparkle is Good & Bad for Hair Growth*

High Blood Pressure?

low sodium and hair loss
What are chips without salt? Maybe what the doctor ordered… Don’t worry, there might be a way to satisfy! GrowOUT

Heart concerns?

Electrolyte imbalance?

Hormone imbalance?

Low Sodium is the answer, right?

Salt Substitutes.

No more margaritas, potato chips, pretzels, roasted nuts, french fries, bacon, cheese and so on… SERIOUSLY???

Anyone who’s ever gotten the LOW SODIUM orders from their doctor,
knows that at the end of the diet, rather than being cured,
it’s more likely to die of starvation and high blood
pressure from being upset at every bite!

low sodium and hair loss
Told to give up high sodium delights like fries? Sea Salt may transform it for you and your hair growth! GrowOUT


Or better yet, we know of a few divorces over the supportive, yet nagging spouse saying…
“No Honey, you can’t have that, but here’s a nice carrot stick.”

It all seems well and good.

And, remember, consult your physician because we just make sense of things from watching and learning over decades from experts, and our favorite educators… our customers! *(Scroll below for the legal disclaimer mumbo-jumbo.)

If you’re ready to make some sense of this LOW SODIUM and hair loss situation…
here we go.

Remember our blog about pinching off the blood flow to hair which slows hair loss?  (quick review about half way in this post Best Laser Cap for Hair Loss : Beware of WORST cap! (

By reviewing that, you now remember that anything that impedes or slows blood circulation to the papilla (hair building root area) is going to slow your hair growth.

So, how does sodium fit into this hair loss, hair growth picture?


low sodium and hair loss
Taste is VERY important. Make sure your follicles like what you are eating as well! GrowOUT

Sodium comes in abundance in prepared foods, typically referring to Sodium Chloride.

Sodium Chloride is typically what you find in the shaker, and it’s usually IODIZED (meaning it has had iodide added to reduce goiter problems… that’s a whole ‘nuther story for another article.)


Salt is the umbrella NAME that adds the confusion to the whole thing.


Sea Salt is pretty common these days. Mostly it’s a situation of branding rather than focus on the
actual benefits over Sodium and Salt.


low sodium and hair loss
Restaurant and Grocery Store Table Salt is mainly Sodium Chloride with a bit of Dextrose for flavor enhancement! Not the best for your follicles…. GrowOUT

Then there is Kosher Salt.

Then there is Ice Cream Salt.

Then there is Pool Salt.

Let’s back up, though and talk about the usual daily salt/sodium/sea salt issues and
how to capture as much benefit as possible!


  1. What is the effect of sodium that the doctor is trying to cure for  you?
    Sodium causes the constriction (making smaller) of blood vessels. When those vessels are smaller, the heart has to pump harder because the pressure of the blood system is raised.  So, rather than big blood pipes that have free and easy blood flow, those blood pipes are smaller, so it’s harder to push the blood through.
  2. What’s in table salt?
    Sodium Chloride, Silicone Dioxide, and Iodide and sometimes a bit of cornstarch, called dextrose to trick your taste buds.
  3. What’s in Sea Salt?
    low sodium and hair loss
    Naturally evaporated seawater makes Sea Salt.
    A combination of minerals. Follicles prefer it over table salt!

    The raw and full array of minerals from the sea, that INCLUDES sodium chloride, but is not the ONLY “salt.” Although the principal component is sodium Chloride, the remaining portion can be from 0.2 to 10% of other salts, like calcium, potassium, and magnesium salts of chloride and sulfate and a host of other trace minerals from that particular concentration of sea water from which it came!

So, with the above background, how does the Low Sodium and Hair Loss diet work?

Balance is the key.
It’s very intricate, but as we believe,
your body will tell you when you are getting it right… or wrong.

The key is to balance all the minerals by giving the body a bit of them all, and that’s why just eliminating sodium in the classic way of NO MORE SODIUM, is probably not going to do the trick.

By substituting SEA SALT with its full array of minerals, the body can use the other minerals to balance things out properly.  In fact, those salt substitutes are generally a big mix of Potassium Chloride to equalize the sodium.
This was a demand from doctors back in the 70’s and we might know the chemist who developed that for Morton’s No Salt!  (more about our Chief Formulator later!)

So, let’s wrap it up….

You need to balance sodium with
all the other minerals in the body, so just focusing on sodium is not
the only answer.

And, by the way, how do you know what is being used in the restaurants?  You don’t. But, if it
comes from restaurant supply companies,
it’s table salt with dextrose (flavor enhancer from corn).

It’s not as much about AVOIDANCE, as much as balancing with potassium, magnesium, selenium, boron, etc.

Unbalanced sodium constricts blood vessels.
This means impeded blood flow.

The finest capillaries are at the retina of the eye and your follicles! So constriction is not
a good thing!

So, Low Sodium and Hair Loss is NOT the whole story, right?

Lowering sodium is helpful, as your doctor will tell you.
If you want to increase your hair growth from here though, you might want to supplement your minerals, and reach for sea salt at the restaurant and home.

In fact, if you see Cheryl and me at a restaurant, you will see we always travel with our own Sea Salt!

So just in case you’re a person who loves salty snacks, be sure to do what you can to enjoy AND
take care of your precious follicles and hair growth.

We don’t want to see your follicles dry up  your falling hairs blowing away!

This makes sense, right? 

We are pretty sure that the reason you are at THIS page is because you are clear that details make the difference, right?

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Low Sodium and Hair Loss 



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Low Sodium and Hair Loss

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pH balance for hair growth, Low Sodium and Hair Loss


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