Hair Loss During Menopause

All women will experience menopause, a natural biological process, eventually in their lives. There are several physical changes that the body goes th…

Thin Hair After Menopause

Thin Hair After Menopause  What You Need to Know About Thin Hair After Menopause When you experience hair loss and other symptoms of menopause it’s largely due to hormonal changes. Your ovaries begin to decrease, the amount of estrogen and progesterone that is normally produced is less. As these hormone levels drop numerous physical changes […]

Secret Seaweed for Hair Growth

Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner

Seaweed for Hair Growth* Exposing Our Secret (for hair growth!)   Belegenza GrowOUT uses and features seaweed. Yes, seaweed for hair growth! Not just any but several from different parts of the world! Part of the magic is that we put things together that may have never happened in nature. Certain seaweeds would probably NEVER […]

Low Self Esteem, Slow Hair Growth: How Fast Does YOUR Hair Grow?

Menopause and hair loss, menopause hair loss, menopause and hair growth

Low Self Esteem – Slow Hair Growth: How Fast Does YOUR Hair Grow?* Bad Hair cut? Bad Hair color? Thinning hair? Chemo Hair Loss? Broken Hair from extensions? Massive Split Ends? Heat Damage? Burned? Frizz? It’s hard to feel awesome about yourself when your hair looks bad, right? Think of it in the opposite… Bad […]

Sweet Potato for Hair Growth : Foods for Hair Growth

sweet potato for hair growth, foods for hair growth

Sweet Potato for Hair Growth : Foods For Hair Growth AVOID sweet potato chips fried in SOY oil!   Who doesn’t love sweets? We’re sure there are a few out there that do not. But for most of us it is a necessity. Candy, cookies, cake, ice cream satisfy us but aren’t really good for […]

Are Eggs Good For Hair Growth : Best Foods for Hair Growth

best foods for hair growth, eggs good for hair growth

Are Eggs Good For Hair Growth : Best Foods for Hair Growth What’s first……. hair growth or the egg?   What’s the old riddle? What came first… The chicken or the egg? While others are debating that….. Let’s get to the truth about hair growth and the egg……and more! What you eat affects you. It’s […]