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Coarse hair comes in all types…curly, straight, wavy, and when it’s coming in grey, sometimes just wiry! (Keep in mind this package is super effective on medium textures.)

Whichever type of coarse–large diameter–hair you have, we’ve got answers and solutions to have you fall in love with your hair again!

Fine hair is usually quite attractive to the coarse haired person and coarse hair is often attractive to the fine haired person.  Either way, though, each has its challenges and special requirements.

We’ve looked, studied and figured out a very simple thing about fine and or coarse hair.  It’s all made of proteins, strung together by your hard working follicles.  When it comes down to all types and textures  and yes, even ethnicities of hair, it boils down to the proteins!   We know that all textures and types need moisture to keep those proteins in the best shape possible, and strengtheners, and we find and have shown time after time,  that certain food grade ingredients treats hair better than any synthetics on the market!  When hair is fed properly, it responds its absolute best!  We feed your hair!  Because we feed it the core building blocks that have it respond the best, your hair’s character and unique nuances shine beyond your expectations!   Your hair is no longer covered up with synthetics, so its subtle highlights emanate from each strand’s inner core.   Your hair shows off its genetic blueprint and self expression.

With coarse hair, there is another advantage.  Each hair’s surface is larger, due to its diameter.  Therefore, the shine factor is unique.  Where other products and heavy handed product junkies overload this texture we find that less is more in the case of coarse hair.  More product is not always better, and in the case of Belegenza products, the molecular weights actually customize themselves to the microscopic crevices and porosity for incredible results and styling performance.

Of course, your coarse hair may require more curl control, or more humidity control, so this package we present is the beginning package for your hair’s satisfaction.   Should you need more curl control, or have other needs due to coloring, tinting, or chemical services, visit our other products for those specific needs.

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To get started, now, you can use this package to begin your Belegenza experience, and then add more products later on to address other needs and refine your hair even more!

1 IlLustrious Shampoo & Cleanser   Gently removes synthetic cover ups and chemicals left over from conventional or natural products that are simply too heavy and cover your hair’s natural character.   Low lather balances and  will not strip your hair or scalp.  It also primes your hair for the premium moisturizing ingredients.

RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment   An intense blend of moisturizers and strengtheners that soothe the microscopic damage sites in the hair, thus creating a softness, yet suppleness to your hair depending on its needs each and every time you use it!

VirgINity Hair Repair  A revolutionary treatment that builds strength into your hair so effectively that it is only to be used once every 7 shampoos!  A must if your tint your hair.  This core treatment is sure to please and amaze.

PerForm Control Styling Gel    An UNconventional gel derived from seaweed proteins that are springy in nature.  Enjoy body and shine like never before without any stiffness.  Many customers remark that their hair actually feels cleaner when using this bodybuilding gel to tame their hair into their favorite hairstyles.

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