SpotLite Shine Serum

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You can stop looking.
You have found the best hair shine serum,

• Eliminates fly-aways
• Adds deep, illuminating shine
• Non-greasy, non-sticky, lightweight, alcohol free
• Great for all hair types

Add Shine & Protect Your Hair with the best hair shine serum.

SpotLite Shine allows your hair to shine from within.

Standard and high end serums rely on silicone bases with a splash of trendy argan or organic oil leaving an inferior glossy finish.

Rather than covering up, SpotLite Shine Serum the best hair shine serum enhances with premium extracts to add strength to hair while softening and protecting making it the best hair shine serum.

The serum is non-greasy, non-sticky, and alcohol free.

It eliminates flyaways, and finishes your hair styling after blowdrying and/or styling.

Just a few drops allows a perfect final touch, revealing the inner sparkle of your color (natural and tinted) and even makes extension hair appear more luxurious. It’s no wonder SpotLite Shine Serum is the best hair shine serum.

Lightweight and compatible, this elixir resists dirt, and keeps hair clean while adding luminescence and shine.



(We are not responsible for strangers who feel they must touch your hair).


NOTICE: New package CAUTION!   Due to the highly refined molecular nature of the core of SpotLite Shine Serum, the nozzle/dropper tip may release when the bottle is squeezed.   If the product needs a “squeeze” to come out of the bottle, only use very gentle pressure.*

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@Belegenza makes my hair TV ready! Love SpotLite Shine serum! Tune in tonight ~ @FoodNetwork @cutthroatkitche 10/9C

— Kate Von (@epicbykatevon) April 17, 2016


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This incredible food-grade blend is used as a styling aid, a finishing product, or as a specialized final conditioner to revive damaged hair, and as told by customers, it is the perfect scalp oil that lends itself for healthy hair growth.

Because of its coconut extract, the lightweight serum encourages scalp with the benefits organic coconut oil is known for, and when used regularly on the scalp, it gently encourages the benefits of one’s natural oils, all the while keeping hair style perfection. SpotLite Shine is the ultimate blend & exceeds expectations of those familiar with stimulating growth oils and moisturizing growth oils especially revered by ethnic communities.

Star ingredients:

Palm Kernel Extract

Coconut Extract

Castor Seed Extract

SpotLite Shine Serum is pure food grade perfection, unlike all other shine serums that use fake silicone derivatives with a splash of morrocan, argan, avocado, or fructi/exotic oils.

Notice their “exotic” ingredient is way down on the list, meaning they’ve used very little in a dimethicone, or cyclopentasiloxane cheap/fake synthetic base.

Don’t be fooled and ripped off over and over by clever marketing and packaging.

When you want protection from humidity, add a few drops of SpotLite Shine to Perform Control Styling Gel before styling to fill the hair imbrications (shingle-like gaps in the surface of the hair) thus eliminating excess humidity absorption and keeping styles better and longer. When you are ready for perfect hair, use SpotLite Shine Serum, now!

SpotLite Shine is also remarkably surprising  on the skin. Just a few drops penetrates, softens, and deeply adds moisture and enhances skins underlying natural pigments.  (Tat? Show off your inks like never before!)  Dry fingernail cuticles?  Not anymore!

When styling your hair with heat, SpotLite Shine will smoke if the temperature exceeds 420º F. This is simply a warning sign to reduce the heat for the hair’s safety. (Hair can burn when exposed to higher temperatures, and that is what happens when the flat iron plates come together.)  Belegenza protects your hair all the time, so that you can reach longer lengths and healthier, thicker hair with fantastic ends, too!

When you add to RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment (1 Tablespoon to 2 oz. RoMANce) packed on and used under a gentle heat cap for 30 minutes makes a supercharged hot oil treatment beyond expectations.


Fine hair?  Do the above with DraMatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner and SpotLite Shine Serum.

Super Damaged?  Simply drench the hair with SpotLite Shine, add gentle heat for 15 minutes, rinse, and shampoo lightly. Follow with RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment. Rinse. Apply VirgINity Hair Repair. Blow dry with gentle heat. Add a few drops of SpotLite Shine Serum as a final touch!


1 oz. concentrate



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Palm Kernel Extract, Coconut Extract, Castor Seed Oil, Patent-pending Proprietary Blend, Phthalate free natural fragrance.

*Final sale.  No returns on this item.

THE best hair shine serum. SpotLite Shine Serum.


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Additional information

Weight6 oz
Dimensions6 × 1 × 1 cm

10 reviews for SpotLite Shine Serum

  1. Brittany H

    I can get out of the shower and use just a few drops of SpotLite Shine and let my hair air dry. My hair has never been easier to style and it looks great too…also my hair loss has seemed to stop! My hair looks and feels young again.

  2. Brandi B

    SpotLite protects my hair more than anything! It also adds unbelievable shine. Its not greasy or sticky which I love, I have a hard time using products after I shower because of this texture- I love that SpotLite doesn’t have it.

  3. Y Rene, TX

    I always had naturally shiny blonde hair, until motherhood. I use the GrowOUT products, which has my hair longer than I ever had, even when I was teenager. Even though my hair is shinier, I use the Spotlite shine especially on my ends for super shine, cuz I like flashy sparkly clothes, shoes, and cars, so my hair has to match! LOL. I like it so much, and because it helps the moisture on my ends, I add it to my body lotion, and I can’t believe how great my skin is from it! Oh, I put about 7 pumps into a bottle of lotion, and it’s magic!

  4. Leslie F (verified owner)

    Love, love, love this product! I cannot go without this serum. My hair is naturally curly and I blow dry it straight sometimes. After the blow out, I put a few drops of this serum in my hair. It defrizzes my hair instantly! Non-greasy and gives my hair a nice shine.

  5. Leesa Fawcett

    Hi Alan and Cheryl! I wanted to let you know you guys passed the Italian mother test with flying colors. My mother came in from out of town for the wedding and she said my hair color is the best it has ever looked. I also styled my own hair the day of the wedding using Simply Smooth with one pump of Virginity repair spray and then finished the ends with Spotlight Shine. Despite the cold front with the wind, Houston humidity and rain, my hair stayed in place all
    day. What a testament to your product line!
    You guys alleviated so much stress you can’t even imagine thank you thank you thank you!

  6. Donna R.

    I discovered your product by researching hair products for salt-&-pepper very dry hair. After reading the rave reviews, I concluded they must be fabricated because they were so glowing. But, being desperate to find an effective product, I took a chance and ordered the travel size of the Illustrious 1 shampoo and Romance 2 conditioner. After only a couple of uses, my hair was transformed from it’s dull, dry, straw-like texture to it’s former bounce and shine. Truly amazing. I loved it so much I ordered the full sizes and added the SpotLite Shine. LOVED those so much, my next order was for the professional sizes plus the Virginity leave-in conditioner. At the risk of sounding like those other reviews that I thought were fake, I absolutely LOVE these products. Please consider this a thank you note for rescuing my hair!

  7. Rose

    I cannot say enough good things about your products. I love them all.  Romance is hands down THE best conditioner I have ever used. I also use Encore leave-in conditioner every time I wash my hair. It makes detangling a breeze and works well whether I air dry or blow dry. I also love that your products can be used in so many different ways and mixed together for even better results. For instance, I read one of your tips on the website and made a treatment by mixing Romance with Virginity Hair repair and the results were incredible. I’ve mixed Romance with the SpotLite Shine and my hair was so smooth and silky. I also used SpotLite by itself on an area that was very brittle and breaking and noticed a tremendous improvement after just leaving it on overnight. Thank you so much for making such high quality products! 

  8. Gina

    I have always had thin, blah hair. When I began my journey to keep my hair naturally gray (or platinum),I wanted to search for products that would strengthen and give my hair body and luster. 
    Found Belegenza products via internet. 
    Have been using Belegenza Grow Out Shampoo, draMatic Conditioner, perForm Styling Gel, Grow Out Energizing Spray and SpotLite Shine Serum EXCLUSIVELY for over a year now. 
    I even bring it to the hair salon. I LOVE that Belegenza products are helping my hair be stronger and look good. I LOVE that Belegenza products are vitamins for my hair. Thanks for a terrific product.

  9. Constance

    I have a lot of gray sparklers in my auburn hair and the Belegenza products (SpotLite Shine)have done wonders in just one week. My hair is soft, bouncy and shiny. I’m letting my hair grow out a little and I’m hoping it will help keep my hair thick and less frizzy. Time will tell. Thank you for wonderful products.

  10. Andrea Livoti

    Spotlite is the BEST hair oil/shine serum in existence! It’s so lightweight and doesn’t weigh down my hair at all and at the same time it’s so nourishing. My hair sparkles with health from Spotlite and the other Belegenza products I use. I love how Spotlite is made with palm, coconut and castor oil extracts so they actually absorb instead of just coating the surface like most hair oils and shine serums. It’s extremely hard to find a silicone free hair oil that doesn’t have nasties. The other silicone free oils I tried made my hair feel sticky and they can’t beat Spotlite. Spotlite feels so silky and soft. I use Spotlite on my ends and lengths on freshly washed hair and then I blow dry and use it again on my dry styled hair. I can use it daily and it never builds up or makes my hair greasy. It’s simply the best!!

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