Hair Growth is a HUGE issue. 

Especially when you notice your own hair migrating from your head to the drain hole in the shower and sink! 

While your hair is growing in normally, thick or even not thick but at least vibrantly, no worries. 

But the moment you realize that the hairline is scooching back, that your hair is thinning out in the crown, or the sides seem to be less, it’s a shock! 

So, it’s no surprise that the most popular hair growth treatments become VERY INTERESTING to you. 

But, that’s exactly what the hair growth companies want. 

To prey upon your fears. 

So, here are some things to consider before you plunk your money down on the latest and greatest (marketed) products promising locks like Samson or Rapunzel! 

Before we pop the bubble on that, let’s address functional medicine doctors’ comments about how to grow hair and what DOESN’T! 

They say… ‘ Hair is an inside job, like skin is. Both skin and hair grow from the inside out, not from the surface inward. So, what you use to GROW HAIR doesn’t work. It depends on what you consume to affect the hair and skin health and growth.’ 


That may very well be true.


So, let’s look at a garden for a second to make the case. 

To grow healthy plants, you need good soil, sun and water. 

Let’s assume that the proper nutrients are already in the soil, so we are not talking about fertilizing in this somewhat flawed example. 


The plants sprout. 

They grow up. 

But then along the growing season you decide to water them, and at the same time control the bugs that are now munching down on their leaves. 

As you BLAST the plants with one of those jars of insecticide (even organic ones) you attach to the hose, a certain amount of those chemicals drip into the soil and get all over the roots. 

As any insecticide or repellant will disclaim, you must use sparingly, lest you kill your plants.. 

Unfortunately, there are side effects from using chemicals and that’s a whole ‘nuther subject for another time. 

Back to hair. 

Scalp is the “soil.” 

Hairs are the plants. 

Shampoo and conditioners are the chemicals used to remove dirt, oils and hopefully not lice, too. 

Let’s say your scalp is getting plenty of the right nutrition

BUT, the hairs are disappearing. 

Maybe there is a correlation. 

What if you found out that the soaps are chemically burning your follicles and plants each time you shampoo? 

What if you found out that the conditioners, silicones, and plasticizers and preservatives are clogging your follicles from growth, and smothering your hair papillae? 

What if you found out that if you eliminated the culprits and empowered your nutrition, you could restore your hair growth to new levels


Would that make you happier? 


Of course. 


So, rather than argue about if hair really grows faster with things you put on your scalp or not, doesn’t it make sense to NOT put things that do harm hair growth? 

If you are tired of losing hair and trying all the potions with ONE promising ingredient embedded in a sea of chemicals that stagnate hair growth, keep reading. 

If you like the fun of trying new things at the expense of your hair, go ahead and keep trying conventional and popular products. 

If you are ready for a revolutionary approach to hair growth, we’ve got you. 

By keeping your scalp from chemicals, we’ve already won the game for you. 

By stimulating circulation, your follicles get better delivery of the hair building blocks you are consuming. 

By fine tuning your efforts with private and personal coaching from Alan & Cheryl, creators and founders of Belegenza, you will be delightfully surprised at your hair’s growth and performance for a lifetime! 

By using more than 17 trusted hair growth factors in a compatible base of nutrition, your odds for maximum hair growth is a no-brainer. 

So, even if the doctors are right in that hair only grows from inside out,  and hair growth treatments don’t work, you can show them that what you have been doing from the outside in makes a huge difference in their concept, but more importanly… 

….on your head! 

Better hair growth from approaching the BIG PICTURE! 


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Myths about Hair Growth Treatments from Doctors
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