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Major BRANDS know about thinning hair!

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Even if you get results with their products, they know you’ll start losing hair again, because you are likely to do most of these 12 Everyday Things that Slow Hair Growth!

Hold on for a hair-raising ride! 

THEY keep telling you that hair loss is YOUR fault.

Your hormones,

your genetics,

you are getting older,

you just have bad hair,

your parents started thinning at that age therefore so will you.

THEY promise you hair growth if you buy their miracle product with the latest magic ingredient!

(SECRET)–A company cannot make a claim about hair growth unless it contains a pharmaceutical drug chemical, obtained by paying for it through the F*D*A process.


And whether it works or not, with fancy advertising, you are led to believe it will work.

Currently only 2 are approved: 

  1. Propecia, which is Finesteride.
  2. Rogaine, which is Minoxidil.

By the way, if anything else really works, it is illegal to say so at this time. 

So, here’s how it goes….

THEY know that your EVERYDAY foods, practices & routines that are making your hair loss worse, so their job is to get you to be dependent on their drug-laced hair growth products as soon as possible.

And, by the way, have you ever noticed that all drugs come with “side effects” written in the tiniest print in the world? We won’t even go there, because our focus is  reducing your 12 Everyday Things that will improve your hair growth efforts!

What we are about to reveal is that
if you DID all the right things,
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Because half the battle of reducing hair loss is

by NOT blocking hair growth with the following

12 Everyday Things! 

Before you buy any more hair growth products, consider as many of these 12 Everyday Things as you can over the next month and
prove it to yourself! 

Here are just 12 EVERYDAY culprits

that are ganging-up to kill your hair growth, listed from BAD TO WORSE!

1.Mercury from Sushi, canned tuna, seafoods, fluorescent lights, & “silver” dental fillings:

These are all well documented, yet often overlooked as a possible source of thinning hair. If you are craving sushi, your hair is at serious risk!! How do you REALLY know your “raw fish” is mercury free? Do you ask the chef? They are NEVER going to fess up. They have their families to feed, so do you really think they will tell you the truth? NO WAY! Other major sources of mercury come in the form of silver dental fillings. THIS IS A SERIOUS problem that has been outlawed in many countries for MANY health reasons. Do your own research on this immediately. Not just your hair is at stake on this!
Also, broken fluorescent lighting splatters mercury into your home, office, hotels, stores, etc. Breathing in this toxic mineral is dastardly for many health reasons!


2. Soy:

From salad dressings, fried and stir-frys, baked goods, protein bars, tofu, etc. Soy oil used topically can be safe….but do consider the toxic solvents used to extract it. The health robbing effects of soy are all hushed by food suppliers & restaurants because soy is a cheap source of oil for fried & baked foods, sauces, dressings, “ice creams,” etc., and to stretch food costs. Soy has a ton of pseudonyms to fool consumers. Researchers are proving soy protein isolate may clog your follicles! Soy is cheap protein, too! Soy may help you lose weight, as it starves your body while trying to eliminate these unassimilable proteins. Unfortunately, you will watch your hair thin out, not only in the number of hairs, but also in the thin-ness or fine-ness of each individual hair. Aging gets the blame, so eliminate soy and defy hair aging!


3. Chlorine:

Shampooing requires water and chlorine (commonly known as bleach) is used to keep water supplies “safe.” Bleach releases chlorine gas that is extremely toxic to your hair. So, unless you have a water well, you are taking in chlorine from the tap while drinking, making tea, coffee, etc., and as your largest organ, the skin, absorbs that chlorine. Water softener? Doesn’t that use salt—sodium chloride? As it separates, isn’t that a sodium molecule (Na) and a chlorine (Cl) molecule? Bathrooms all use water, right? Is it de-chlorinated? Chlorine gasses releasing with chlorine bleach, right? The coffee? Is it made with de-chlorinated water? What did they use to clean my raw foods? De-chlorinated water? Did you think that the pool was your biggest concern? Next time you’re singing in the shower, sing a sorrowful song, like, “I’m Gonna Miss You..” as you rinse your healthy hair into a thinning death.


4. SLS: Sodium Lauryl and Laureth Sulfate

Not outed fully for follicle disruption. Is it a carcinogen, an endocrine disruptor and skin irritant? From here, let’s refer to Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and its even more evil twin, Sodium Laureth Sulfate as SLS. The Journal of the American College of Toxicology says: SLS has “a degenerative effect on the cell membranes because of its protein denaturing properties.” Scalp is skin. Irritate that scalp and you are disrupting your poor follicles. Did you know SLS is the same chemical they use in car washes? Making things a bit worse for your follicles, toxic Sodium Oxides and Sulfur Oxides are released when SLS is heated. Your hot shower with SLS shampoo is now a full blown hair killer! SLS is cheap and makes loads of lather. Unfortunately over time, it can wash away the health of each follicle–and each hair, day by day. Believing commercials, most Americans are blindly reaching out daily to unknowingly kill their hair. Fooled by the other 150 different names now used for the same SLS chemical? Like soy, it’s got so many names, it’s almost impossible to keep up with, especially since L’Oreal, Goldwell, Nioxin, etc., all know the game, and play it so well to keep you coming back for more….SLS under a new name and new commercials to sell it! Marketing geniuses!


5. Dimethicone: Silicone derivatives

These smother hair growth by leaving cosmetic residue on scalp and hair while shining & detangling. Ultimately this follicle clogging takes its toll on hair thickness & growth! Hushed by big business, these cheap derivatives touted as natural are derived from silica/sand! Making new versions all the time, these questionable versions, shinier versions, slicker versions, have no history collected to prove their dangers—YET! Don’t talk about it lodging into the follicles to smother your hair to death. Yet, because of silicone’s relatively new appearance on the scene, its long-term effects are still undocumented. Silicones are in their infancy in personal care, and should be considered dangerous until proven innocent in the long term. With researchers suspecting diseases linked to silicones, don’t wait til it’s too late? Why gamble on our delicate hair growth?


6. PVP: Poly-Vinyl-Acetate

PVP, abundant in most gels add body, BUT “wraps” the roots of your hair, thus slowing & ultimately STOPPING hair growth functions!
Think liquid plastic. Imagine a layer of plastic over your garden. Though it may hold moisture for a while, it can also end up killing your plants! When a layer of PVP/liquid plastic seals the lip of the follicle, you might get a few days of fuller LOOKING hair, but over time, as that follicle is sealed off, it’s just a matter of time before that hair falls out permanently! So, like seedlings trying to grow through a layer of plastic wrap over the soil, they simply wilt and die. So, the next time you are slathering gel on to make it look fuller, realize that you may be smothering the few follicles that might still be growing hair!


7. Circulation of nutrition:

The blood supply to the follicles is the delivery system of building blocks for hair. Slow circulation means slow delivery. Think of a house being built. You have to have the materials to build the house. Log cabins need logs, and brick houses need bricks. For follicles to grow hair, you need the right proteins (not soy), vitamins and many elements (by the way, biotin is NOT what you think)!  Optimum circulation delivers these materials faster, thus faster growing hair!   BUT, as you are metabolizing the wrong foods, your follicles are robbed of materials needed to grow healthy hair. Insufficient hair materials lead to thin hair and eventually no hair. Dieters beware. Eat follicle-feeding foods for your hair and avoid the wrong foods heralded as balanced foods.


8. Corn Syrup:

Food groups need nutrients to process. If nutrients used to build hair are being robbed by the needs of this metabolic process, what is left for the follicles to use? NOTHING. Honey, sugar and other sweeteners? Empty calories, which lead to empty follicles—no hair! When your body is searching for enough vitamins and minerals to metabolize the corn syrup, your hair suffers. Corn syrup can only make one thing skinny even in small amounts–your hair!


9. pH imbalance:

Healthy skin pH is 4.5 to 5.5. Once disrupted the scalp’s duty is to restore this balance. Often, the scalp overcompensates with excess oils or ultimately throws off the hair. When the pH of hair is adjusted one way or the other, it can either get stronger, or weaker and can eventually break off! The wisdom of pH has been lost, which is a tragedy. Most companies avoid this and just say it’s pH balanced. At what level? That is the key. Not knowing pH values will lead you to needing their drug-based hair growth formulas eventually!


10. Caps, hats, wigs and extensions:

How tight is your cap, hat, wig or extensions? Are they cutting off the circulation? Even if they are loose, the circulation is hindered, which is not good. Consider gravity as well. As the heart pumps blood to all parts of the body, the highest part of your body is the top of your head. It only takes a bit of this pressure to impede circulation to those follicles. With even slight pressure of the cap, wig or extensions pushing and pulling the scalp around, delivery is impeded. It’s no wonder those who start extensions become dependent on them! No worries, though, when you have no hair to attach the extensions, they make some really good looking full-blown wigs! At that point, it won’t really matter if you have any circulation up there or not.


11. Sodium imbalance:

Sodium comes in abundance in prepared foods. Sea Salt for example is a full spectrum of minerals that has a salty “flavour”. Sodium Chloride (table salt) constricts capillaries, which equals less nutrition to hair. You need balance with all the other minerals in the body, so just focusing on sodium is not going to do the trick. How can you know what is being used in the restaurant? It’s not about avoidance as much as balance with potassium, magnesium, selenium, etc. This unbalanced sodium constricts blood vessels. That means impeded blood flow. The finest capillaries (blood vessels) are at the retina of the eye and follicles! So just in case you’re a person who loves salty snacks, make sure you enjoy those sodium imbalanced foods as you watch your follicles shrink up, dry up and give up!


12. Potassium and Magnesium:

Once these are disrupted (which is common in most Americans) by misguided “sodium” teachings and practices replenishing potassium and magnesium is complicated, yet crucial to hair growth. Due to its slow absorption, mineral rebalance can take 6 months or more of consistent attention, and there’s very little guidance in this matter. As this imbalance continues, your sweaty workouts push more sodium onto the skin and scalp, follicles shrink, and ‘dry-up’ from the salt left on the scalp. Athletes, you know that salt ring that happens on your workout clothing from a sweaty work out? That’s happening on your scalp, too! Hidden and powerfully negative to your follicles and hair growth.

Don’t you want to stay young and vibrant and have thicker hair?

Clearly, the above 12 problems need to be attended to immediately!

Here’s a wrap up nightmare that happens day in and day out for trusting people, like you, who think they are doing the right things:

Wake up and throw a cap on your head, and get a good workout sweating out some salt onto your scalp. In case you have time, shampoo in the chlorinated bathroom shower with some SLS to strip away the salt, and punish your follicles with oxides released by the heat of the shower, slather some silicone and PVP gel on your scalp to seal it shut and have the few hairs left with a bit of plasticized volume. Then, run to coffee shop, and have some chlorinated specialty drink with some soy creamer and corn syrup flavorings. Grab an organic soy protein shake for insufficient protein chains. Reach up and scratch around the extensions but not so much to break off more of the hairs, and plan dinner. How about some fantastic mercury laden sushi, with some soy sauce. And, because you were so good to yourself today, have a bit of corn-based dessert. After all, you did all the right things today. Oh, and always wake up before the bright sunlight so you can’t really see how many hairs fell out on the pillow overnight when it’s still dark.

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