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Kirkland hair growth costco
What do you mean there is no difference in the anatomical structure of hair in men & women?!

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A common question that savvy shoppers ask us…

How does your product work with products at Costco?

(and realize Kirkland Hair Growth Costco® products own the copyright to their products.*)

Costco® Shoppers KNOW that they have excellent buyers who select products they sell at their warehouses and online.

The quick answer is….  Belegenza is completely compatible.

The real question though is:

Is it good for men or women?

How could it be great for BOTH? 

It’s a matter of physiology.

And here’s a bridge for the discussion!


The struggle for equality between men and women has been going on for a while.

Do any of us think that struggle will ever end?

We are different and we are the same.

One way in which we are alike is our hair.

The anatomical structure of men’s and women’s hair is identical.


How we are different is in the way we treat our hair. (And maybe the real difference occurs in the scalp with hormonal influences which is for another blog post … later!)


Men tend to be more conservative when it comes to taking care of and styling their hair and hairdos, which is why their hair tends to stay

Kirkland hair growth costco
Celebrate and love your hair similarities.

denser and healthier.

Women, as we all know,  love  styling, dyeing, and experimenting with their hair.
These may be causes women’s hair to get thinner. It has also been argued that
the stimulation, from all those chemicals,
keeps the follicles growing longer.
That’s a blanket-statement that
can easily be taken out of
context, so beware!


Allow yourself to have great hair no matter your gender
by choosing Belegenza Natural Hair Care.

If you want products that are chemical free look no further. And remember, that even if
you must stay with your current Kirkland Hair Regrowth Costco formula,
Belegenza’s specialty is to “clear the way” for your follicles
to accept the benefits even better!

Either way.

With Belegenza you get food-grade fusion which leads to fantastic hair!


Be certain to encourage harmony for your follicles. Satisfied follicles produce your best hair possible–man, woman & non-binary.  Supreme moisturizing and hair strength for perfecting your hair!
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Belegenza’s food grade fusion products are there to help all hair types from blondes to brunettes to redheads. If you’re blonde be sure to get your products and experience “thick, blonde hair” like never before—and for EVERYONE… experience
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