Afraid of losing more hair due to menopause?

Relax…… we’ve done this thousand of times!

First…. the TRUTH about what’s really going on.

Then, we’ll show you how to drop “natural” chemical products made for the masses…

AND, get your upgrade by using a new world of non-chemical products…

All you have to do is switch to these food extract products, and enjoy hair that looks and feels decades younger! 

You want the solution, now, right?

 We’ve got 3 main things to cover:

1. Eliminate ingredients smothering your hair growth

2. Introduce a new world of products made of food rather than chemicals.

3. Address your texture and hairstyling needs ( fine, oily, dry or whatever).

We’d love to say: 
Every woman should buy “THIS PACKAGE.”
Oh, come on…
 One size does not fit all! 

So, if you have generally medium texture, mediumwave, and average moisture level, congratulations… you can skip to the package page and get started with your 4 products immediately by clicking here!

Otherwise, we’re going to customize things for you…  We will REVEAL the cover-up that has been going on…   We’ll show you that it isn’t all of what “they” say about menopause hair loss:

  1. You just have to accept it.
  2. It’s hormonal and there’s nothing else that you can do about it.
  3. Your mom had it so it’s genetic.
  4. Just get the best you can find that’s “natural”
  5. Blah, blah, blah…

After that, we will tell you why women are losing more hair today than generations of women before (thanks, “natural” chemicals). Then we will tell you what products will not only STOP the “natural” chemical thinning, we will tell you which products are perfect for YOUR hair type (frizzy, wiry, fine, limp, grey, tinted, dry, brittle, curly, etc.)  Also, while we explain the logic of this approach, you will understand why Belegenza Hair Care has thousands of satisfied customers just like you. And, though you may still be hesitant to trust us at first, you will be certain in your first 30 days of use that by using these products, that you have found the solution you’ve been looking for. 


Yes.. together we’ve got this!

As if menopause is not complicated enough! And, then, they tell you and sell you “natural” stuff (wait ’til you hear what is considered natural!)  or worse yet, tell you it’s just what happens.

It’s common for women to experience hair thinning, hair loss and sometimes, texture changes during menopause!

Different for every woman, there is really no “guide” that can be right about the complete process.  We may not be able to affect your physical process, yet we know for sure, we can help you nurture your hair so that you feel great about yourself and your hair!

Did you know that dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, and host of other ingredients like these are in “natural” and “organic” products?  We’re sorry to bust their shampoo bubble, but in our world, these are silicone derivatives.  Like fine dust, they pollute your follicles.  So…. how can a toxic follicle already bombarded by menopause changes grow hair fast or even grow hair at all?  (Free list of so-called “natural” silicones)

It’s starting to make sense, right?  While so many things are medical, you wouldn’t want to complicate your hair’s chances by using so-called “natural” and even salon products, right?  In fact, we know for a fact that the brand you are buying from the salon or store is made of the essential same ingredients.. Biggest differences? Packaging, price and where you bought it from!

Now, you know that it’s time to switch from “natural.”   To what?  ….Isn’t now the time to switch to food ingredients that are refined so perfectly by Belegenza,  that chemicals are a thing of the past?!

As you continue to learn the extraordinary benefits of Belengenza Hair Care products, keep in mind that each ingredient is carefully and specifically chosen for your hair’s health and performance.  When you are ready to click through to learn about each product, you will find their scientific names, such as Pyrus Malus, which is the specific name for…apple extract!

Let’s move on to what type of hair you might have.  Be sure to jot down the names of the ones that sound perfect for your texture and needs!

Whether your hair is its natural color, greying, thinning, falling, looking dull, changing textures, whatever combination you’ve got going, we can help!  By listening and answering our customers’ needs, Belegenza has become the most popular choice because we don’t just promise results…we deliver!

As you continue, keep in mind that no matter which products you select, we guarantee you will see improvements. …Starting with your first time!  Also, by switching to Belegenza, we have packages that contain everything you need to prove to yourself that it works!   Plus, packages save 20-32% off individual prices making it yet another great reason to switch now.  You will find in most packages:  a #1 Shampoo, #2 Conditioner, #3 Treatment, & #4 Styling Aid.  Ultimately, when your hair responds, you will know which products you want to re-order, and also, you may want to add more of our other products to take your hair to the next level!   Always remember, you can always ask us questions by clicking on the QUESTIONS tab to the right, now, or emailing us at

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Have been using now for over a year, my hairdresser commented last week on all the new hairs around my temple!!!
I am “62” years old so having this product for my hair at post Menopause is important!!!

Mary Jo Wallo
Founder / Blue Thong Society

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Anchor hairs and reverse shrinking

As aging hairs get smaller and start greying, it’s harder to see the hair, especially at the roots, making hair look even thinner!  Saving each hair by anchoring each hair longer with Belegenza’s exclusive ingredients helps your hair look and feel thicker!  (Proven ingredient research shows 27% increase.)

Imagine cleaning your hair and scalp of the cosmetic residue by prepping your hair for super strength and luxurious shine in one simple step!

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Grey Hair

Hair goes gray when cells stop producing pigment. By losing pigment, grey hair’s texture is a bit different than naturally colored hair.
• Some hair goes fine and thin
• Others go coarse & wiry
• Yet some go to a mixed curl or wiry combination
• When colored, grey hair still can look wiry and obviously “colored!”  ….Until NOW!

Belegenza’s shine ingredients work to spark the shine from the inside out.

Hair that Looks Decades Younger Immediately

We add a youthful silkiness to the hair, which emulates the feel and appearance of natural, young hair! Menopause can zap moisture and rob shine to thinning hair. By replenishing the inner core with these advanced oil extracts, shine emanates as you see in children’s hair!
Rather than a fake gloss on the surface like those other silicone-based products provide, your hair shines like it’s young again, even if it’s tinted!

We all have seen colored hair that just looks fake.   This is when color molecules are glossed.  When Belegenza’s patent-pending shine molecules enter, the subtle tones sparkle, by virtue of this powerful difference!

Belegenza helps hair regain vibrant, healthy-looking grey and/or authentic and luxurious looking colored hair by nourishing with natural extracts, rather than chemical silicones.

After the first use, you will begin to see the difference that the most high-level colorists, models, actresses and wealthy people know.  High definition details, like Belegenza produces in your hair,  clearly make the difference.

Soon you will realize whether you color your hair or not, Belegenza will provide the results you desire.
Your hair will look vibrant and youthful, with your newly found sparkle and shine in your tinted or naturally grey/white/silver hair!

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Oil glands can change and even shrink over time. They do not produce oil as efficiently.

When younger, natural oils travel down each hair strand, and naturally conditioning the hair. This is nature’s absolutely best conditioner.  After tireless research, we found the most similar extracts, making your hair look it’s absolute best, without the side effects of natural sebum.

Now, with Belegenza’s food-grade extracts you can now restore healthy, youthful, and flexible textures!

As menopause progresses, many changes can take place including the amount and composition of the sebaceous follicles’ oils. Not only complicating hair loss, but this could also lead to drier hair and/or texture changes.

This also explains the wiry dryness associated with grey.

Ready for smoother, softer, touchable hair again?  You certainly want to restore natural oils and balance your scalp to youthful levels, right?  By using Belegenza, in just one month, you will learn what thousands of very particular Belegenza customers have learned…and enjoy! 

ALL Belegenza is Balanced for Best Growth

All Belegenza products are designed to balance your scalp and follicles for the best hair and growth possible.   By now, simply begin with Belegenza’s IlLustrious Shampoo & Cleanser and RoMANce Deep Conditioner, and enjoy the perfect foundation for your hair and scalp to do what it does best…grow perfect hair!


With age, hair can lose elasticity and flexibility, which means brittle, breaking hair! However dry, brittle hair can also be related to those other standard basic ingredients in both inexpensive and “famous” salon brand products.  By now, you’ve probably noticed that silicone cover-ups lead to brittle hair over time.

Hair that undergoes repetitive chemical treatments, for example shampoo with sulfates, silicone derivatives, bleaches, straighteners, or dyes removes flexibility of your hair.  Though you’ve tried just about everything, using those other conventional products still doesn’t handle brittleness, growth, shine and results in stiffness, inner dryness or breakage!  Though buying one more product seems useless, what if you could now stop looking for new products, because you have found the answer with Belegenza?

Apply RoMance Deep Conditioning Treatment once a week for a month.  That’s all it will take to make a believer out of you.  Of course, many ask if they can use it every time!   Certainly!  That’s fine!  Because it absorbs where you need it  the most and the excess rinses away, your hair feels fantastic and YOU FEEL GOOD realizing Belegenza is the right choice!  

As Belegenza revives your hair and returns it to a youthful and  “pliable” softness, your hair looks and feels great.  It will be irresistible to others, so be aware as “they” reach out to touch your hair!

Wiry, Coarse, Mixed Textures

Whether you keep your hair grey, or color it, wiry, mixed textures can sometimes seem less than refined. Grey hair tends to shine less due to the lack of reflective color pigments, and coupled with an uneven texture. With less natural oils, too,  it may appear dull or matte.  Along with menopause and hair loss, which may seem like too much–by now using these products, this could be hair that gets compliments left and right!

By now you realize that Belegenza products are the perfect choice for having your hair look and feel like never before! 

As you now know with simply using Belegenza shampoos and conditioners to set the stage, you can also now realize that it makes perfect sense to continue the refining effects by using Belegenza’s Styling Aids made with compatible food-grade ingredients.   Like preparing a gourmet meal, you wouldn’t make it with fast food ingredients!  Using pure, organic non-GMO foods makes sense for all the dishes.   So, while you are nourishing your hair with gentle cleansing and conditioning, it makes perfect sense to continue to treat your hair with Belegenza’s compatible perfect styling products.   In the case of wiry hair that is in need of softness and style-ability, consider adding Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker .  This is heralded as a miracle on wiry and frizzy textures!

By now you realize Belegenza products are the right choice for you.  We recommend you do yourself a favour.  Order a package that replaces all the products you currently use.  If you use a gel, be sure to replace that gel with one of Belegenza’s styling gels.   So many times, first time buyers order just a few products to find that they really are extraordinary, and then have to immediately make another order to get the additional products they need to become exclusive Belegenza users!   

Review the packages and save an additional percentage and even FREE shipping in most cases!

Questions????    Click on the Questions tab on the right of this page and we’ll help you right away so that you buy exactly what you need for your perfect hair! 

Click here to view Belegenza’s complete package for hair through menopause

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Or select any of the following recommended products:


GrowOut Shampoo & Strengthener
Our GrowOut Shampoo actually contains proven ingredients clinically shown to stimulate hair follicles to grow more hair. The molecules that anchor the hair should be nourished, and that is one of the many benefits of GrowOut Shampoo & Strengthener.


DraMatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner ○ great for reducing dryness and adding bounce, body and volume, especially on fine hair.

RoMANce Deep Conditioning ○ a weekly nourishing deep treatment that moisturizes and softens wiry textures for a youthful look and hair that feels young again.

Styling Aids

As a styling treatment, use Simply  Smooth Humidity Blocker as your styling aid to soften the texture on a progressive basis. Target the problem areas first and over time, use small amounts to refine the texture and deepen the shine of your grey hair. This product is your best hair secret to help tinted hair appear young again.

If you want more shine, add a few drops of SpotLite Shine Serum after styling for superior hair refinement.

GrowOut Scalp Nutrient Spray contains the key ingredients from our GrowOut Shampoo & Strengthener.  When you apply a burst of this concentrated nutrition, your hair and scalp will be nourished all day.

What to expect in your first 30 days &  How To’s for maximum results, click here.

Can’t decide which products to start with? Click here NOW for a package that is right for you!

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