Grey Hair Can Be GREAT hair!

But come on… I don’t feel old enough for this!

How could this be happening?

I guess I better do something about it or get okay with it!

AND, why is it okay for men, and not so much for women??

Whether you color or not… it’s now time to learn the real truth about grey hair, right?

AND if you came to this page because you WANT grey hair, and are using the NEW colors, you probably want to keep the GREY toner as long as possible, right? Also, you want it as evenly gray as possible as well, right?  If either is true for you… click here for “HOW TO KEEP GRAY LONGER!” 

Hair goes grey when cells stop producing pigment.

Grey hair normally changes texture as well:
• some hair becomes fine and thin
• others change to coarse and wiry
• while some become a mixture of textures

As greying continues, the hair frequently looks wiry, lacks a youthful, silky texture and vibrant shine. Grey color in almost any form tends to absorb light and show up as dull, flat, or matte. Therefore, to vitalize grey hair, you want to understand its basic characteristics so as to show off its natural beauty .
Grey hair that is tinted often gives itself away, due to off-tones, and generally dry-looking and/or looks matte. Improper inner core conditions make these tinted colors look flat, unnatural, and give away that it’s not really natural pigments!

(More on how to reverse this aged look in a moment!)

Honey, Someone Shrunk my Hair Follicles!

Hair follicles get smaller as we age, and with smaller follicles come smaller individual hairs!
These smaller hairs, have a more transparent appearance from the lack of pigment.
This makes hair look thinner–but, now, this doesn’t have to happen to you!

The same number of hairs are actually present. But the transparent grey/white, allowing the light to shine through, creates the appearance of baldness, especially in direct lighting.
Another issue is that each hair may be weaker, and may break more easily.  What pigments are remaining must be enhanced properly, and the core must remain flexible and strong!

You must use a chemical-free shampoo with a food-grade conditioner that attends to your inner core
You should only blot your hair dry, rather than rubbing or roughing it with a towel. This alone will improve the condition and minimize breakage and damage. Rubbing roughens the cuticle edge, thus absorbing even more shine.

This will set the stage for your best chances of enhanced hair growth and fuller looking hair!

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Sebaceous oil glands lose their power over time. They do not produce oil as efficiently, which in the case of grey, is good….or bad?

When younger, you produce natural oil travels down each hair strand. This naturally soothes and coats the hair with, believe it or not, a healing fatty acid. By assisting your scalp to produce more of this natural healing fatty acid, you can help the moisture level, flexibility and the core strength of your hair.

By using falsely named UN-natural silicones (must see silicone avoid list!)  as in almost every well-known brand along with SLS (harsh sulfates), this natural process gets completely disrupted. Now, this creates a bigger problem.  Those other brands force you to believe in their artificial and synthetic conditioners, so as to drain your follicles AND your money.  It’s sort of a catch-22, until now… now that you are learning the truth.

The best solution is to assist this natural oil production. Like any healer knows, give your body what it needs and it harnesses the power to heal itself.  Isn’t it time to balance your grey hair needs with natures miracles?
By staying in alignment and now feeding your sebaceous glands, follicles and scalp properly, it’s obvious this is the right thing to do!

Eliminate SLS – mostly known as high-lather shampoos!

These products clean well. But a little known fact is that the main soap (Sodium Laurel Sulfate-SLS) is the same soap as in car washes, laundry detergents and household cleaners!

Then, there are “No-lather” versions that leave a coating on the scalp & hair. By now, you’ve heard of those involved in the class action lawsuits, right?  Hopefully you were not fooled by the infomercials–a perfect example of covering up the truth, both about ingredients and covering up how they coat the hair.

Pretty bottles are designed to sell.  This is especially the mission of major brands to cover up the cheap ingredients. It does not mean it’s not HARSH.  Just because it’s made by that well-known brand and it’s in all the beauty departments like Wa!Mart and Targ#t and even the beauty supply store does not mean it is now good for you.  It’s obvious that you should say “NO” to SLS and No-lather, right?


As you get older, hair loses elasticity, causing brittleness–a loss of flexibility in the hair.

Dry, brittle hair could also be related to the hair products we use, especially with the new generation of silicones (see avoid list by clicking here) in most well-known and now especially popular brands, and less to aging. Hair that undergoes repetitive chemical treatments, for example shampoo with silicones, sulfates, bleaches, straighteners, or dyes has an impact.  By focusing on flexibility, which is a new concept, can now be THE most important element  you now want for caring for your grey hair.

Chemical-based hair products & brands consistently make hair stiffer and dryer, especially those claiming they are “volumizing” products.  Based on synthetics that cause fine hairs to be more rigid, it is certain they will cause your hair more dullness, unruliness and breakage–older looking hair.  You already know this, though and that is why you are here–to gain better advantages for your hair!

Wiry, Coarse, Mixed Texture

Whether you keep your hair grey, or color it, wiry/mixed textures can sometimes seem less than refined.

Grey hair can get dull from a lack of reflective color pigments. As smooth surfaces can appear shinier, rough surfaces can appear dull. Grey hair with a “ruffled” cuticle, coupled with an uneven texture, makes your hair look unhealthy and often times older.  Smoothing the texture, fortifying the core and softening the cuticle makes an immediate visual impact that appears as younger hair!

Aren’t you ready to find out how to have great grey hair?

Clearly, that you have read this far, it is obvious you want to gain the advantages we offer.

Obviously, we recommend Belegenza products, and have assembled several packages – perfect for what you want for your hair!

As you will see, each product has a number.
• 1 is shampoos
• 2 are conditioners
• 3 are treatments
• 4 are styling/finishing!

If this is your first time, go all the way in with a combination of  1,2,3 & 4, which is (Grey Hair Perfection Package). This will insure that everything is working in your favor for your trial run!  Don’t believe us.  Prove it to yourself.  By now using all 4 products, you will not be using anything that might undermine the results you now want!

We are certain you will love the results. From then on, just order individual replacements. ( Customers typically re-order in 9 weeks, because they last 3 times longer! )

If you are still skeptical we understand!  Simply get started with ONE product for now! Let the luxurious experience romance you into investing in a full package from then on.

1. Shampoo

GrowOut Shampoo & Strengthener

GrowOut Shampoo actually contains clinically proven ingredients.  Rather than relying on one hopeful ingredient, GrowOUT is stacked with extracts from many ingredients respected by many cultures worldwide believed to now enhance growth, fullness and thickness!

The molecules that anchor the hair should be nourished.  67% of volunteers had an increase in proportion of anagen hair (new hair formation.)

GrowOut satisfies your follicles. You need and want this for healthy growth. You now get more than expected, every time!


IlLustrious Shampoo & Cleanser

IlLustrious is the original silicone-free luxurious, natural shampoo that became the model for the BREAKTHROUGH GrowOUT Shampoo!

IlLustrious remains in its original rich, low-lather aloe based formula by enriching and priming the hair.  In this enhanced state, your hair now is able to accept the over 17 unique conditioning agents in our conditioners and treatments. If healthier growth, shine and style response are important to you, IlLustrious is a must because there is no better shampoo anywhere!

Either product is a great choice, and many of our loyal customers, like we expect you will be,  end up alternating these on a regular basis!

2. Conditioner

DraMatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner
This is the daily answer for reducing dryness, adding flexibility and bounce.

Based on a rare seaweed, springy by nature, this protein extract wraps itself into damage sites, along with a microscopic coconut extract, brings forth shine that now seems to come from the inside of the hair, rather than just a reflective surface gloss.

Dramatic truly enhances grey hair characteristics.

Your hair will command compliments, as you enjoy your grey hair like never before!

RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment
Even on coarse hair, matte, or dull hair, RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment certainly satisfies!

Due to a lack of words to describe properly, your grey hair feels like young hair,  again!

By applying weekly for nourishment, or daily for any texture, hair now feels luxurious and shines from the inner core.

3. Treatment

Virginity Hair Repair Treatment
A spray-in, leave-in treatment that is remarkable, and a “must have” by the ultra picky stylists of high-end salons and studios!

This gluten-free, animal protein-free masterpiece softens hair almost too much. (Fine hair, stay away, unless you follow our “off-the-label” instructions, or ask us on the Questions tab to your right).

By applying only once every 7 shampoos, grey hair feels more like natural-colored hair again!

This is an absolute must to make tinted hair appear authentic, rather than matte, dull, or subtly off tone, especially remarkable on ash-tones.

GrowOut Scalp Nutrient Spray
A targeting “nozzle” applicator focuses this concentrated potent array of nutrition and proven ingredients exactly where you need it most!

By extracting the active ingredients from GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener, it contains the key ingredients proven for growth!  This, being left on the scalp to supercharge your scalp’s main function 24/7 leads to …… hair that grows faster, longer & stronger.

Apply a light mist of the spray to now keep your scalp ultra nourished all day.

EnCore Leave-In Conditioner
EnCore is a command performance!  For years, RoMANce Deep Conditioner lovers begged us to make a leave-in version.  The told us they couldn’t do without RoMANce in their hair all day, every day!   By equalizing the porosity from root to tip this leaves the hair more refined than ever!  With its amazing potency, all textures gain enormous benefit that everyone can see and feel!  Discovered by “curly heads,” it is a miracle that refines curls and deepens their patterns.  Many of those who swore off curls are now returning with delight to their never-before-so-wonderful curls!

Providing heat protection & an all-day soft finish, your hair is tame, soft, and flowing to that “just right” level.

4. Styling/Finishing

SpotLite Shine Serum
When more shine is desired, add just a few drops after styling for superior hair refinement.

Spotline Shine Serum uses a small microscopic extract that sparks the inner natural core of your hair. Unlike Moroccan, or argan oils that are in silicone bases, there is no reflective gloss coating.

The authentic shine of SpotLite shows off your hair true characteristic glow.  

Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker
Curls or texture or frizz out of control?

This cream contains a Vitamin C complex. It gently softens curl patterns and places a layer of emollients between the inner core and your atmosphere’s humidity!

Hair stays the way you like it, and ignores humidity.

Target problem areas first. Use small amounts to refine the texture and deepen grey hair’s shine. One of the best hair secrets to give wiry hair that “young look,” again, you will see the difference more and more as you continue to use it!

Taffy Styling Cream
Twist it, spike it, mold it, move it!

Rub a bit in your palms, and pull apart to see why we call it Taffy!

Apply to piece-out the ends, move your hair the way you want to see it, and know that it can be moved again – the way you want it!

No crunch, no hardness.  Pliable, flexible.

For those who want the perfect bouncy blowout, add a bit before blowing dry!  It’s addictive!

PerForm Control Styling Gel
This is a springy seaweed protein based, water soluble gel that shows you as it practically JUMPS out of the tube, that there is nothing like it!

As it lands in your palm, it bounces like “Jell-O!”  Trap it between your palms, press and smear your hands together to keep it from escaping.

Apply to your wet hair, and now enjoy the body, refinement, and the bounce that is innate to these unique protein styling agents!

All of the styling products resist humidity and support every styling technique from blow-drying, to flat-ironing, to wand-curling, drying naturally or setting!    In case you have really unruly or “you-don’t-know-my-hair-is-weird” kind of hair, the above products can  be used together by applying one after the other, or mixing them up first and then applying to your hair like a perfect “hair cocktail!”

Aren’t you ready for your PERFECT finish?!

(We can’t make claims, but we hear this all the time…“My hair styles last days longer than with other products, and it stays clean, too!)

Too much to choose from?

Let’s make it easy to start!

Get started with this Grey Hair Package now.

Bookmark this page now, and come back to re-order and choose all the other products that are perfect for your hair! 

So, now you realize that grey hair has unique needs.

By now, you see that Belegenza has really paid attention to the utmost detail that comes with grey hair.

And, if you are like others who love grey hair and believe it should be it’s very best.

You now know that it is time to get started with this Grey Hair Package! Click here now! 

Ingredient lists of each product can be easily found on its individual product page, near the bottom.

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