(20 customer reviews)

• Smooth Curls & Frizz Control
• Block humidity’s evil ways
• Vitamin-C based, ALWAYS formaldehyde-free
• Safe for chemically treated hair 

“Maybe tomorrow when the weather is better,” is a thing of the past!
• Good for all hair types, especially multi-textured curl patterns


Soften and Smooth Curly and Frizzy Hair – Naturally

Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker is a unique, natural, formula that softens and smooths curls and frizz for a long-lasting finish!

Humidity Blocking styling cream fills core with rare emollients that repel humidity– Boost your confidence even on rainy days!

What if you could put off your relaxer just 2 more weeks?

What if you can’t decide if you want to go to the cost of a keratin treatment?

What if you can’t tolerate the hours getting a Japanese straightening?

What if your hair just has an annoying amount of curl or disarray?

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Sojourner McBride shares her interpretation of the countless ways to use Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker/formerly named Simply Straight!

You can email, chat or talk directly with her by visiting!

Simply Smooth is a blowdry/styling cream that leaves your hair smoother and in control longer.

No need for the harsh chemicals used in relaxers and straighteners or keratins on the market. Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker is made from food grade ingredients, that gradually soften your curl patterns and/or frizz: Sugar cane extract, coconut oil, Hawaiian Algae, Red Mapleweed, Gulfweed Algae, Castor seed oil, berry extract, rubber tree derivatives.

The combination gives your hair a natural base to block out humidity and nourish your hair while you style.

Rather than jumping into expensive treatments, you have the freedom to ease into your next hairstyle and your next level of control.

This gentle formulation works over time.

“I was using Simply Smooth humidity blocker, for a year and it is wonderful, then I took a break from Simply Smooth and used Keratin treatments for three months, which made my hair look thin.

I have stopped using the Keratin treatments and went back to lye relaxer every six months and using Simply Smooth in between and on my new growth.

I have noticed a difference in my hair already!

My hair looks like celebrity hair when I use Simply Smooth, even though I am not a celebrity!  Kudos for great products!”~~Theresa H., OH

It’s a styling cream, giving you complete control over how often to use it and to target the hair that needs it most. The more you use it, the more control you’ll get over your hair. Whether it just has an annoying puffiness to it, or it’s fighting back from last month’s relaxer, or your keratin is overdue, you will get more control over your hair!

An excellent  solution for controlling multi-textured curl patterns, you will realize it is the perfect solution as you make up your mind about your new style.  Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker gives you the freedom to know that your hair will be in better condition, and you can go longer between relaxers if you wish.

According to Wikipedia, a relaxer (sodium hydroxide and other similar chemicals) is applied to the base of the hair shaft and remains in place for a “cooking” interval, during which it alters the hair’s texture by a process of controlled damage to the protein structure. The hair can be significantly weakened by the physical overlap of excessive applications or by a single excessive one, leading to brittleness, breakage, or even widespread alopecia.

If you’ve had relaxers, you realize that this is very nicely said. It makes no mention of the burns, expense, or incompatiblity with haircolor that can permanently damage hair’s ability to grow quickly.

With Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker, your hair gets a powerful feeding of nutrition. Your hair is in better condition for longer times and longer healthier hair! It’s safe to use on hair that is natural, relaxed, tinted, keratin-ed, japanese-d hair and even gentle enough to introduce curl softening on children’s hair (yes, it’s made of a Vitamin C complex and food ingredients)!  Take advantage of your child’s next braid or ponytail.  While wet, apply Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker, pull into tail or braid and leave it in until the next shampoo time.   You’ll love the smoother effects when you take it down, shampoo and restyle!

By now you realize there are so many ways to use Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker.  Keep reading until you discover the way that is best for your hair type and texture, or click on the questions tab to the right of the screen and ask us!

A Gentle Smoother. Each curl’s structure is smoothed with a gentle softening process. Since this is an effective but not strong process, you will do up to 30 applications to obtain the full results. No chemicals means very gentle results.  New hair growth continues to grow out. Once the desired smoothing has been achieved,  you will apply Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker only to new growth and problem areas, and you will use it every time you style for unbeatable protection against humidity, as it gently softens the curl

For excessively curly long hair, use Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker as a dressing when braiding. After several uses, you will see softness and control without any harsh chemicals. Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker is safe for all hair types, and can be used on children. It is fully compatible with relaxers and keratin treatments.

Our Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker is lye-free and contains no silicone, sodium, calcium hydroxide, mineral oil, or formaldehyde. Containing fruits of the earth and sea combined with silk proteins, you will gain the benefits and compliments immediately.   Target  stubborn curl/frizz/or new growth by applying more heavily to those areas first. Rather than humidity controlling you, you will control  your hair from humidity and enjoy a healthy bounce in your hair. It’s also completely safe for transitioning from lye to natural, even if hair has been broken by relaxers.  It’s pH is low, therefore helps to strengthen hair that has had alkaline related damage and dryness.

 By now, you realize that there are many ways to use Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker.  Here are the general HOW TO use directions:  (Get it right the first time by doing a test section:  After shampooing and conditioning, apply to one section only  according to the below directions.  Blow it dry, to feel if you have used enough or to see if you need more!  Rinse if it was too much, and then adjust the amount as you add to each section!)


After shampooing and conditioning, apply 1 pump of  cream into hand. Rub into palms and onto fingers and distribute onto hair until hands feel clean.  Continue with 1 pump at a time ( average is 4 pumps per head shoulder length hair)  until distributed throughout hair ( as if you are using a gel, or regular blowdry lotion/cream ).   Style as you normally do, whether it’s a blowdry, wrap, or set.  Finish with curling iron, flat iron or round brush.  It’s that simple!  If you really want to get the most out of it, take a look at these customers as they’ve discovered other ways to use it!

“Good morning, I have a question about the Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker, which I absolutely LOVE by the way! wonderful product!  I have been using it weekly for a couple of weeks.  If I skip or week Simply Straight Progressive Straightener Nancy La Loca Watson Before and After Belegenzaor so, will my hair revert back to the way it was, or will it hold the straightening that is has?



Dear Theresa,
Thank you for your awesome review!    If you skip, you will not have any reversion, as the Vitamin C complex is as close to permanent as it can get.  Nevertheless, you may notice the humidity getting its way again, so that can be considered a reversion of sorts.  If you are needing to slow down the effects of it, you can alternate into Taffy Styling Cream as the styling product and/or EnCore Leave In Conditioner.   (Backstory)Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker was actually developed FROM the Taffy Styling Cream when many top end stylists in our testing salons started using it as a blowdry cream!   We saw the amazing results, and then added the Vitamin C complex for the straightening and smoothing!  Voile! Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker!
Alan & Cheryl


Watch a video by a Belegenza customer on how she gets her favorite results with Simply Smooth.

3.3 oz concentrate


 Special note from Alan & Cheryl:

“We realize that this product may sound confusing.  We developed it from our styling cream, called Taffy!   When a top test salon in NYC began using Taffy as a blowdrying cream, we were astonished!  The softness and bounce in the hair, even on 4 b &c, and 3 b &c, was so unbelievable.  That next week, we went back to the drawing board, and started studying how to soften curls without chemicals.  When we remembered how Vitamin C derivatives react with proteins, we knew we were on to something!  There had been other products by other companies that made promises, but a lot of people got “burned” on those ( long legal stories… so sad).  As you know by now, we stick to our principles, and we stuck to using safe good-for-you food based ingredients.

Now, as much as we love helping others, we still have a streak of self interest, and that’s what had us so obsessed with this product.  I, Alan,  have naturally curly hair, and Cheryl has a an annoying amount of disarrayed waviness, and what most don’t know, is that bleached hair is VERY weak and can break just from the bleach.  We could NOT afford to use another chemical on our hair to make it straighter, and actually have to fortify our hair to simply blowdry it without breaking it off!  Therefore, we found the perfect and perfectly gentle answer to smoothing hair.  We added a very specialized Vit-C complex to the Taffy base, and adjusted a few things to make what is now, Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker!   As we shared this and explained how to use it, we were delighted by the creative ways that stylists and customers started using this product.   We know that it is super gentle, and because of that, people have figured out ways to make it give better results with absolutely no risk of breakage and in each case, healthy, flexible, bouncy, touchable hair!  When you get yours, we invite you to check out some more videos on YouTube to see others  using it “their way!”  We can hardly wait to see how you use it! “

Question from Belegenza user:

“I have inconsistently curly hair; it’s straighter towards the front and curlier underneath and in the back. I did a Brazilian Blowout treatment 5 years ago and immediately began losing hair and still am. I’ve used the Grow Out shampoo and Romance conditioner and although it didn’t completely fix the fall out problem, it is the best shampoo and conditioner I’ve found. I’d like to try Simply Smooth but am slightly nervous to put any treatment on my hair due to my bad experience with the Brazillian blowout. I’m looking for something to control my frizz and soften my hair more than completely straighten the curl. Also, if you stop using this product, how long does it take for the hair to return to its natural state?”

Awesome report AND questions!
That you are looking for “something to control my frizz and soften my hair more than completely straighten the curl,you’ve found the perfect product! This cream works with a Vitamin C complex that softens the curl patterns, without any formaldehyde or silicone which is the foundation of treatments you’ve mentioned. Of course, as you already know, we use food grade nutrition. It will take more applications and more usage on the curliest or unruly portions, and less on the straighter parts. Once you see the progress of the curl softening, you will be more able to balance your hair texture from the front to the back. Overall, you will also have greater style longevity, as your hair will resist humidity and keep your style efforts longer! As far as permanent results, you will more than likely always add a touch at the root area as your curls grow in. To return to your completely natural state, will require growing it out, as the softening effects last long term! So, as you see that your small curl turns to medium curl, it will stay in a medium curl pattern from then on. Of course, you will see small curls again coming in at the roots if you stop using it! Isn’t that great that you can tailor it just the way you want it!?



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Scientific Names of Natural Ingredients:

Purified Water, Glycolic Acid.(Sugar Cane Extract), Glycerin, Butylene Glycol: humectant/moisturizing carrier, mold preventor, Cetearyl Alcohol: coconut oil derivative, not isopropyl alcohol, non-drying, Hawaiian Algae, Red Mapleweed, Gulfweed Algae, Ricinus communis: Castor seed oil, Sorbitol: sugar/berry extract, Glyceryl Stearate: coconut oil derivative, Peg-100 Stearate: fatty acid ester, Polyquaternium-4/Hydroxypropyl starch copolymer: thickener/binder, Poly Complex of Palmitate Hydro-Carbons: Proprietary vegetable oil complex, Sodium Polystyrene Sulfonate: cellulose fiber resin, Polyvinylpyrrolidone : rubber tree derivative, Peg-90M: Wax Tree extract, Phenoxyethanol: Sugar based fungal preventor, Fragrance: phthalate-free natural, , Yellow-10 & Blue-1: FD& C approved safe food coloring, Castor Oil Extract.


20 reviews for Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker (formaldehyde-free)

  1. Karen B

    Oh no! Cheryl Honc and Alan G Eschenburg hurry home from the red carpet!! I was desperate and had to pry open the Simply Smooth humidity fighting, smoothing product from the line up!! I’m completely out!!

  2. Pam

    Thank you both so much for the lovely surprise shampoo and conditioner. I used Simply Smooth for the first time today and I love it. I am going to take it with me to my salon on Thursday. You guys rock!

  3. Margaret Polino (verified owner)

    This product is FANTASTIC!!! I have been using the Belegenza Simply Smooth for a while and it never disappoints! My dry, thick and wavy hair becomes smooth, straight and frizz free from wash to wash. Belegenza, please do NOT stop making this product!!!

  4. April B.

    AWESOME!!! Does what it claims!
    I was skeptical of this product! How can something relax your hair without DAMAGING it??? Well, I still don’t know how – but this does it! My naturally curly red hair was tamed, frizz free and LIKE SILK! I couldn’t stop touching my hair and all my teaachr co-workers want to know what I used! THIS IS IT!!

  5. Theresa H., OH

    “I was using Simply Smooth humidity blocker, for a year and it is wonderful, then I took a break from Simply Smooth and used Keratin treatments for three months, which made my hair look thin.

    I have stopped using the Keratin treatments and went back to lye relaxer every six months and using Simply Smooth in between and on my new growth.

    I have noticed a difference in my hair already!
    My hair looks like celebrity hair when I use Simply Smooth, even though I am not a celebrity! Kudos for great products!”

  6. Deborah F., NYC

    This summer with this package, my hair is growing superfly fast! My daughters and I are so happy given my health challenges in the past, when I had lost so much hair, compared to now. GrowOUT is amazing, and the softness of my texture has never been so great. My regrowth from my perm is so long, but with the Simply Smooth, I can keep going without a touchup which makes me very happy.

  7. Kim Gloger

    I tried EVERY product and DIY treatment I could find but with no success. When I finally found Belegenza by a miracle chance meeting…it was like I was an ugly caterpillar who quickly blossomed into (and I mean in one magical month’s time) to a beautiful and free flying butterfly! People stopped me all day to tell me I looked amazing which was so needed after years of embarrassment and low self esteem. I no longer have the breakage from the keratins on top of my highlighted and lowlighted hair. Before these, I would go to the salon in fear of them overlapping the colors and the keratins, and now, my hair is strong, shiny and I feel fantastic again! My hair just keeps getting better and better. I’m obsessed with Belegenza! Maybe this is your miracle chance meeting to bring Belegenza in your life!! Start a magical month with using ONLY the right Belegenza products for you. Belegenza’s Alan and Cheryl will help you personally choose what your specific hair needs.

  8. Pam M., TX

    I have this curly/frizzy patch on the side of my head that showed up after a surgery I had a few years ago. I use this on that patch and it makes it so much easier to style.

  9. Alan Eschenburg (verified owner)

    Oh, Margaret! Thank you! Did you try the VirgINity Hair Repair with it, like our celebrity stylists have discovered for maximum hold and humidity protection? Keep us updated!

  10. Margaret Polino (verified owner)

    Love this stuff!!! For me, I use two pumps on clean, wet hair and blow dry with a large, round brush. My hair stays silky and straight for three to four days, which is a first for me. I also noticed that, after a month, my hair is less frizzy and wavy in general.

  11. Leesa Fawcett

    Hi Alan and Cheryl! I wanted to let you know you guys passed the Italian mother test with flying colors. My mother came in from out of town for the wedding and she said my hair color is the best it has ever looked. I also styled my own hair the day of the wedding using Simply Smooth with one pump of Virginity repair spray and then finished the ends with Spotlight Shine. Despite the cold front with the wind, Houston humidity and rain, my hair stayed in place all
    day. What a testament to your product line!
    You guys alleviated so much stress you can’t even imagine thank you thank you thank you!

  12. Savannah Jayde, Actress (verified owner)

    @Belegenza I finally made it through my bottle of Simply Smooth & I am OBSESSED. Simplysmooth & VirgINity are my go to & I have to get more!!

  13. Nancy Watson (verified owner)

    I started using simply straight over 5 years ago when I lived in Puerto Rico. My hair is very curly and dry. I wore an afro. I still wear an afro by the way. Let me tell you Simply Straight is the truth. It straightens my hair. No frizz at all. I use there conditioner to go co wash my hair once a month. I love love there product!

  14. Alan Eschenburg (verified owner)

    Nina, thanks for teaching us the combination of those two products! We’re sharing with everyone how it makes the hair that much softer and manageable!

  15. Nina, Hollywood

    I use this product on my actors’ hair that is coarse and unmanageable. it is amazing. I especially love it when I am doing flat iron work, and mix a bit of encore into the recipe as well. incredible!

  16. Holly D., Manhattan

    It’s amazing…luxuriously rich and delicious in my hair–even in the rain…. it feels amazing in my hair…i am a definite fan.

    by the way, what does your product line name mean? (if anything) it’s very cool.

  17. N.M., California

    I tried the Simply Straight Progressive Straightener before blow drying and flat ironing. Well, keep in my
    I applied it when my hair was already slightly blow dried. I applied it, blow dried the hair a bit and flat ironed the hair.
    My hair styled out straight and soft. I did this Monday. Yesterday, it was raining. I had raindrop falling
    on the section where I applied Simply straight. I got home tonight and my hair was still straight and smooth.
    The hair does not feel dry at all!!!

  18. Keira S., CA

    I wash and flat iron her (my teen-aged daughter’s) hair every two weeks, and this time we used the Simply Straight
    progressive straightener before we blow dried. I concentrated on the back of her head, where the curls are the
    kinkiest. We braided her hair into six sections before we blow-dried, and by the time we were finished, I’d never
    had such an easy time straightening out her hair. It was practically completely straight after blow-drying with a
    brush. And once I flat ironed, I only had to pass twice: once to “polish” the strands and
    once to bump the ends.

  19. Saranda

    With the CHI hair straightener, my hair is very smooth and looks like a natural straight one. It takes only about 15 minutes for me to finish doing my hair. It stays like it is all day long. It may be a bit expensive but it is worth it definitely.

  20. Mary G., Chicago

    My hair had gotten so frizzy over the years. Now, it’s back to being soft and hold so nice. It’s silver with some black. I felt so good when the people I had been knowing for so long were running their fingers through my hair saying, “Oh, such beautiful hair!” I love it!

  21. Nancy W

    I have never had such gorgeous frizz free hair. My hair stays straight for a week and the product smells great too. My hair is naturally curly and now thanks to Belegenza, I have frizz free, shiny, drop dead gorgeous locks

  22. Wendy J

    I love Simply Straight for my clients who are dealing with new coarse grey hair, mixed in with their natural texture! The temporary transition as we age and grey, can cause those coarser hairs to “pop up” and make the hair look fuzzy even when it’s perfectly healthy.

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