Curly Hair – from loose curls that smooth easily to the very tightest curls that simply need control and softness

Curly hair has one common feature:   it has a porous nature that allows humidity to play with it.
This can be good and this can be bad, depending on the day’s humidity and the style you wish.

Belegenza will help you to show off the curls by refining and deepening the curl patterns, enhance the condition of the curls to prepare them for drying, or even protect your curls as you heat them into smooth and straight positions that look as if your hair is naturally straight and perfect!

We’ve made it very simple.  We have approached hair solutions with the “architecture” of hair in mind.

In other words, we have examined and now understand that hair is made of proteins in your follicles with your genetic DNA blueprint in mind.  With this common protein building block of all hair types, we address the protein material.

If it’s hair, it’s protein. Our ingredients feed your hair with elements that moisturize and strengthen these protein structures unique to YOUR hair! So, whether your hair proteins are smooth, rough, fine, coarse, wiry, curly, or straight, your hair responds to the perfection of these food grades compatible ingredients–every time!

Once your hair has been properly fed and filled, you no longer have to be at the effect of humidity, either.   Because our conditioning agents are compatible with hair and feed and fill it healthy nutrients, it will accept as much as needed.

After hair strands have been saturated and satisfied, the hair no longer will pull humidity from the air (which is what leads to curling reversion or frizz!)

No longer is your job trying to “seal” out the humidity with chemicals, thermal protectants, silicones, and sprays and gels that toxify your hair and body.  Your hair is fortified with elements that are naturally filling the damage sites and cuticle irregularities for a perfect finish that lasts and lasts, giving you more confidence as you get on with living your life!

Said another way: naturally curly hair has microscopic openings. These act like a sponge, attracting moisture from the air. You can seal those openings off with sprays, gels, silicones and chemicals, but the moment your hair bends from touching or brushing or natural movements, that seal is broken and the hollow pockets of the inner core suck the moisture from humidity and wreck your style.  Another bad hair day as the curls react to this as the day goes on. Tired of taking chances with the other products?

Doesn’t it make sense to rely on what nature has provided to keep your hair in perfect shape? When the microscopic openings are filled with our patent pending nourishment, your hair has a supple feel, shine, and control. Once your hair is styled, and all openings satisfied, and no room for inappropriate humidity to enter,  your hair stays touchable, moveable, and looks great day after day!

For your convenience, click here to get a specialized 4-part package for your Curly Hair with savings and free shipping within the contiguous U.S.

Or purchase, a la carte, any of the following recommended products:


GrowOut Shampoo  or Illustrious Shampoo  or  Transfix Color Lock Shampoo


RoMANce Deep Conditioning

Leave-in Conditioner/Treatment

Encore Leave-in Conditioner  or  VirglINity Hair Repair Treatment

Styling Aids

Spotlite Shine Serum,  PerForm Control Styling Gel,  Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker,  or  Taffy Styling Cream

 Special note to our Multi-Cultural clients and customers–With respect and all political correctness, we realize from phone calls and emails that it seems we haven’t addressed what is referred to as African American or Black Hair.   The most common question is:

“I’ve got Black hair. Do these work on my hair?”


In fact, these are the most highly refined products that feed the hair and scalp better than any classicly marketed products for this category of brands on the market.  Most products are based either on mineral oil, coconut oil, and in the past decade shea butter mixed with silicone…. all of which “sit” on the surface of the hair, and are generally too heavy and clog the follicles as well.  Hair gets dirty faster, fine hair can’t perform under the weight of these oils, and the scalp’s follicles have a hard time growing hair through these cheap ingredients.

Quite honestly, we are appalled at how cheaply these products continue to be, but that is the magic of celebrities and bottles, boxes, and slick marketing to fool people into paying good money for junk. (There. We said it.)   When you feel Belegenza ingredients IN your hair, you will experience a whole new world of satisfaction and beauty.  Yes, we use coconut.  We use a seriously lightweight version of it that fills the hair–not coat it with the gloppy cheap versions.   All of the ingredients we use are very refined so that they work WITH your hair by filling the microscopic damage sites.   If that’s not enough, we use NO silicone derivatives, so that your follicles are safe!  Silicones are the new cover-up!  Cover the damage, cover the hair, cover the scalp.

We address real issues.  We feed the hair.  Your scalp which is part of your skin, a living organ, is nourished, not covered!  It’s no wonder countless customers shout in glee about their hair growth.   It may look on the surface that our products are unknown, expensive, and just another natural product that contains coconut, and few fancy common natural ingredients.  These products are highly refined extracts of each ingredient, blended to perfection to address the very core of all textures of hair, especially those most in need, like fragile relaxed and tinted hair that is susceptible to breakage and damage.  With this attention to detail, it’s no wonder that Belegenza is the product of choice in the Hollywood and finest salon circles.

Why don’t you hear about us more?  Because people with big names have big contracts with big lawyers who pay big money for them to lie to you about the cheap products in beautiful packages in the big stores and big commercials.     Who is in their hair, though?  Who is in the hair and makeup trailers?  Who is in the supply houses to Hollywood?  Who’s ON the red carpet at the awards shows?  BELEGENZA.   When you are ready for excellence and the truth about what the finest stylists are reaching for, you will reach for Belegenza, just like they do!

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