Faster Hair Growth?
How’s Your Little Belegenza GrowOUT Company Going?

What’s your next BIG EVENT? Belegenza prepares beautiful celebrities & YOU for “red carpet events, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.”

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When we created GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener, we got a whole new slew of questions…. with a extra heaping helping of condescending attitude….

How’s your little shampoo company doing?

Great. We released GrowOUT!

What’s that? (big sneer included)

Products that nourish for those focused on faster hair growth!

Who’d want shampoo to grow hair? That’s stupid.

Ah… people with thinning hair….

You need to get branded.  No one is going to buy that.  You need better branding.


We’d never carry that in our stores/salons.

Ah….. Nice talking to you.

And, if you’re ever going to make it, you need to get some new direction and make something innovative that people would want.

Ah…. Thanks for your suggestions…..???


By the way, this came out of the mouths of buyers who worked for HUGE drugstores, like those 3 letter kinds, department stores known for their over-marked-up merchandise, and beauty supply stores!

The only ones who really got our concept and wanted to run with it, were thieves who represent VERY famous celebrities. They wanted it badly. But rather than partnering with us, these thieves are famous for squeezing people out of deals. (A lesson we learned after the fact.)

They did their best to copy our proprietary ingredient/process….We thought with their reputation, they’d pull if off….. (Another lesson–our proprietary process is over the top fabulous, and they just can’t do it like we do!)
They closed that down after a year because it was a disaster, even with her name on it.  (Whole other drama for later!)

As you can tell, we didn’t listen to them.

We definitely got our feelings hurt, though…. and ate way more cheesecake than we should have…..

We also learned many lessons. (Another HUGE lesson–Keep going no matter what!)

We still believed we had created something that people want.
It was simply a matter of finding those people and having them find us.

So, as we cut back on the cheesecakes and dropped some pounds, we gained some momentum.

Our parents taught us from early on, to have integrity and stick to our principles, and here’s where the rubber was meeting the road.

We’d still get the rude questions, but we’d just smile and know that it was mostly their way of feeling like they were better than us.

As time went on though, something happened.

Sales just started happening.

Referrals started gaining speed.

More demand for the our products kept happening.

We noticed that there was this simultaneous “thing” was happening.

Like the chicken and the egg question goes…

Which happened first…. did we stop being affected by rude comments and they stopped, or did the rude people stop saying rude things to us?

Now, we still have a few folks we haven’t been in touch with for a long time, and once in a while they’ll ask “how’s your little company?” and we just smile sooooo big almost to laughter, and say..  Oh… just fine.

Then, we often hear…. I know!  I see Belegenza everywhere, now.  I even saw it on that show in the background, and a friend of mine told me about it the other day!

So, in one way, it’s a bit of a lie.  It’s way better than fine. We try to play it down, because our parents also told us not to be braggadocios!

So, we just say…

Oh, just fine…. thanks for asking. How are you?

The truth is that our customers are obsessed with Belegenza, and it makes up for all that earlier condescension.

In fact, some of those naysayers have become obsessed with Belegenza. It’s kind of weird.. We have come to realize that they must not have realized how rude they were.  We know they’re not stupid. They are our customers!

Well, we’re still learning lessons, like how to keep up with the growing business.

We love talking with out customers, and reading all the great emails and comments about how they love their hair and Belegenza.

Growing up in Smalltown, USA, we never imagined we’d need to understand how to grow business like this. Fortunately, we seem to find the right people and right things at the right time.  We are certainly finding ways to keep up with demands, dealing with backorders, making products fast enough, meeting deadlines, more storage, more space, more this and that!

As you can tell, we’ve grown a lot.

GrowOUT was a BRILLIANT idea, even if we say so ourselves.

It’s our obsessed Belegenza customers, who’ve said so, too!

We are thrilled for them.

We are thrilled for you.

Whether you’ve become an obsessed customer by now or not, it’s possible for you to have your best possible hair.

We kept going in the face of all that naysaying and cheesecake-eating-licking our wounds moments.

The odds were that Belegenza would have folded long ago.

We’re still going and growing.

When it’s time for you to get started as an obsessed Belegenza customer,

We’re ready for you!

Whether you’ve got great hair, thin hair, post chemo hair, or just out to impress… we can get you to the next level!

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OR, you might be afraid to see one of our pages, because we are so compelling you will definitely buy now, and you promised you wouldn’t put anything else on your credit card….

Keep going on this page, and print out the Silicone Derivative AVOID list and the 12 Everyday Things Thinning Hair – Thinning Reversed

Here’s the sad part about today’s hair loss dilemma. 

Science is wonderful until it gets out of hand, and that’s why we exited the silicone world and created the world’s finest silicone and nasties free beauty products.

If you are in a hurry, make sure to print out the Silicone AVOID list and the 12 Everyday Things Thinning Hair- Thinning Reversed

Silicones are in their infancy in personal care, and should be considered dangerous until proven innocent in the long term. Even when they try to market themselves OUT of silicone, they simply re-name it and hide it in plain sight. So BEWARE! 

In the meantime, we’ll keep on making products that you will remember as the original silicone free hair saving brand.
We’ll be here once you’ve had enough of the silicone and chemical world.

But don’t wait too long… for the sake of your hair and follicles!

Each follicle has cycles of rest, falling, and hopefully growth again.
Don’t wait until your follicles give up for the last time, and your hair thins too much….or completely!

With researchers suspecting diseases linked to silicones, don’t wait til it’s too late?

Do you really want to take a chance of losing your precious hair growth?

Don’t you think it’s time to trade in the cost of  a cup of coffee once in a while and invest that money into the longevity of your hair?

Of course, it’s time.

If it were free, wouldn’t you get started now?

Of course.


Always go Silicone Free.

Always Silicone Free–Belegenza.

By the way, we know the products seem expensive, and
we understand how you feel.
We wish we could gather our pristine ingredients for cheaper, too.
It is a large commitment.
Other than the size of the commitment, is there any other reason why you wouldn’t
take action now?

If you are not ready to take action, now, bookmark this page, now for when you’ve got to have results!

By getting started now, you’ll feel better knowing you have done the right thing for your follicles, and …..
have better hair growth, too!

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which means, they all have form (beautiful styling results)  and function (nourishment for scalp & follicles).

This is why we have packages for everyone who is serious about having their very best hair possible.

silicone free
Insure your best hair possible.
Like the first time, every time….

This is why people always come back to Belegenza…. because

Life is Easier with Awesome Hair…. Belegenza!

We’ll give you more than 17 trusted extracts celebrated by the world’s finest experts. Not one magic “argan,” or “growth herb, or “roga*ne” medicine…sold for top dollar….we call those “One-hit-wonder-products.”

So if you are ready for  MORE than 17 trusted extracts in a masterfully potent system, we’ve got you!

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4 Part Fast Start Hair Growth System for Men & Women 

Chemo Premium Hair Care Immediate Recovery 

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Faster Hair Growth?
How’s Your Little Belegenza GrowOUT Company Going?

Satisfied follicles produce your best hair possible–man, woman & non-binary.  Supreme moisturizing and hair strength for perfecting your hair!
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Be sure the scalp is CLEAR of the thinning agents that compromise hair growth!  (Silicone Avoid List FREE info)

Be sure to discover at all things affecting your hair growth on a 24/7 basis ( 12 Everyday Things Affecting Hair Thinning/ Hair Growth FREE info) 

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Belegenza’s food grade fusion products are there to help all hair types from blondes to brunettes to redheads. If you’re blonde be sure to get your products and experience “thick, blonde hair” like never before—and for EVERYONE… experience
YOUR best hair with Belegenza.
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~~~It’s all good, right?

Are you losing more hair than you’d like?
Do you just want to grow your BEST HAIR EVER?
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accidentally losing hair
from any of  these 12
Shocking  Every Day Things!
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12 Everyday Things Slowing Hair Growth! Hair Thinning Reversed! – Belegenza

Do you want our personal opinion of how to insure your best moisture and hair growth elements?

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Brother/Sister duo on the set of Rizzoli & Isles.
GrowOUT Shampoo

Your Favorite Brother & Sister World’s Creators of Silicone Free Hair Products,

Alan & Cheryl

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Hair Growth after Chemo
Hair Growth & Water Intake
How to grow thicker hair

The Best Laser Cap for Hair Loss



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Always Silicone Free Hair Growth

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Life is Easier with Awesome Hair!


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