Coconut oil has been celebrated by cultures for centuries.  Indian women use it daily on the scalp, and we all have admired their long luxurious hair. Caribbean cultures agree with this powerful oil, and have gone so far to mix differing palm oils into the nut’s magic liquid to enhance its benefits.

Without having to break the bank, you can begin your daily ritual for perfect hair, and feel great about yourself as you take some “ME TIME.”

All you do is buy Raw Coconut oil.  Raw is important, as it is pure and holds all the biological activity.  This oil is hard and white in the jar at lower temperatures, and will be liquid at higher room temperatures. It will easily melt, if hard, from your body temperature, so don’t heat it up on the stove or anything.

The raw oil of natural coconut is the base of a do it yourself hair growth treatment
The raw oil of natural coconut is the base of a do it yourself hair growth treatment

Each evening, dip your fingertips of one hand into the oil (if hard, simply rub it until a little bit melts onto your fingertips).  Lightly scrape your fingertips on the lip of the jar so as to remove the excess that might drip from your fingertips.  Then, touch your other hand’s fingertips to achieve a light layer of coconut oil on all 8 fingertips.

You will then push your fingertips from the hairline into the scalp, gently massaging this nourishing oil into each section of your scalp.  You can start at the front hairline or back hairline.  Dip your fingertips into the oil about 10 times, so that you get a good amount at the scalp only.  Pay attention to cover the complete scalp with the coconut oil.

Once you’ve massaged it all in, using a soft bristled brush, preferably a boar bristle brush, part your hair off and brush the scalp well to stimulate the circulation, and drag the brush down each section of hair so as to pull the oil down each strand.

Though this treatment is very invigorating, it is also very relaxing, knowing you are doing the best do it yourself hair growth treatment.  Sleep well.

In the morning you will notice that the oils have dissipated.  Some people can actually go on with their day, but those with fine hair especially will want to shampoo.  Because the natural coconut oil emulsifies the natural oils of the scalp, some can simply rinse the hair with warm water very well, and that’s enough for a great hair day!   If you must, though, simply shampoo, but try to only shampoo once, rather than twice.  It probably won’t lather much, because it will be lifting the coconut oil from the hair, thus “eating” the lather.

If you find that this oil treatment is just too heavy for your hair, you can use SpotLite Shine Serum in the same way, because the coconut oil is a refined version of coconut oil that is very small molecularly, allowing for deeper and better penetration, which is better for the core of each hair and follicle!

This treatment can be done daily, but even if you only do it once or twice a week, you will find  stronger hair and healthier scalp in a matter of months!

Slow but sure, this DIY hair growth treatment is a proven winner by cultures for centuries, and all it takes is a little dedication and consistency on your part.  Plus, you deserve a little TLC daily!


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