Can Hair Grow Back After Chemo?*


can hair grow back after chemo
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Wouldn’t it be great if we could keep all the hairs on our head – always?

Can Hair Grow Back After Chemo?*” is a question we get more often than we ever expected.

It’s startling  to realize how many people have had to take that route and
we always applaud those who have the
courage to stand for their health like this.

There seems to be two main questions about hair growing back after hair thinning & hair loss,  whether chemo related or not…

So, stick with us as we weave the answer together.

Most who’ve had chemo know that hair loss
during the process is
pretty likely.

can hair grow back after chemo
Illness is serious. Wondering about your hair is ok.  Let it empower you to know that it is possible that hair can grow back after chemo.

Those who are thinning for other reasons
wish they could keep all the hairs on
their heads, too.

Hint: Your scalp has the same number of follicles your whole lifetime!

The real question, which is good news, is “how do I keep all my follicles growing hair!?”

How wonderful would that be?

………All hairs growing at the same time!

Before we tell you about how we focus on “waking up” follicles as quickly as possible, let’s dive into a bit of human hair anatomy!

The simple truth is that is that our bodies have some amazing “built in” miracles.

You see it all the time.

Like when you nick your skin while shaving.
It bleeds, and then with very little
it heals!

AMAZING, right?

Another “built in” miracle is how each follicle grows hair, releases it, and then replaces it with a new hair!

With little attention, this has been happening your whole life.

BUT, what about when you lose more than you are growing? (including when chemo clears your follicles all at the same time)

Everyone loses hair everyday. It’s typically between 80-200 hairs.
(Remember there are 80,000-200,000 follicles depending on your haircolor type! )

As if losing 80-200 hairs a day wasn’t enough, usually people have two times each year where you will lose even more hair for a short time.

can hair grow back after chemo
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But, don’t stress out about this and lose more hairs as you read…. excellent news is coming…..

Natural hair loss cycles are just that.  Cycles. This is all a part of the human body’s process.

This  2 times a year hair loss usually occurs in spring and fall when our hair will go into the telogen or resting phase.

During this time our hair is not growing and is just sitting on our heads.

So, shortly after that resting phase, if you find more hair falling than usual, it’s your body signaling you that something is off.

Hair loss in large amounts, like when you are on chemo, is because the follicles’ papilla (growth center of the roots) is being attacked by chemicals that are out to kill the cancer cells.  Because of the delicate and perfect nature of the follicles they are victims of the chemo’s true work.

So, all that to say, that if we pay attention to the signals of hair loss increasing at ANY time in life, it’s time to look at all the very details that are in play around hair growth and follicles.

What are you providing nutritionally for your hair follicles?  (12 Everday things slowing hair growth)

What are you doing for your circulation ( the transportation system for nutritional deliveries to your hair growth centers)?

What are you applying to the scalp that might be clogging the follicles?  (Silicone Derivatives: Hair product ingredient AVOID list)

Reversing the hair thinning hair antagonists one at a time will be rewarded.

So, for those who’ve already completed chemo (pretty severe hair thinning stuff, right…)

Your hair begins to grow back from those emptied follicles.

From here, each thing you do to NOT STOP or hinder hair growth, your follicles will be more than happy to grow better hair.

So, the point here is that each thing you do to encourage hair growth, your follicles will reward you with better and better and better hair it can!

So, if you never had chemo, and are noticing some thinning, don’t just blame it on age.

It might be the “caulk-like” silicone derivative in your hair gel

It might be the SLS in your expensive shampoo.

It might be the soy, corn, wheat or hard to digest proteins that aren’t getting to your follicles properly.

It might be a multitude of things that each take a small punch at your hair growth odds.

Each one may not that big or hurtful, but day
by day, punch by punch, those perfect, delicate follicles just give up.

So, you can now see how each little thing adds up to hair loss.

It isn’t ONE thing that did it necessarily (except in the chemo situation maybe…)

It’s a bunch of things.

So, let’s reverse it.

Start with EASY things that you can do right now… at home…for FREE. In fact even save yourself a ton of money while saving your hair. ( 12 Everyday )

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So, you wonder…

can hair grow back after chemo? 

As far as we’ve seen….



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Can Hair Grow Back After Chemo?


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