Dry - Brittle hair occurs when hair does not receive sufficient moisture

The sheen is reduced and hair can appear frizzy, dull, and lifeless.
Brittle hair breaks, or just feels awful at the ends.
This can occur with straight, curly, coarse, or fine hair.

Dry/brittle hair screams for flexibility. "Moisture" helps but it's not the complete answer.

We need to feed the hair so it can move again, rather than be rigid and broken.
Before you reach for hair products - start with right after the shower
Do NOT TOWEL the hair too much.
Blot your hair with a towel. Leave the moisture on the hair.

Then grab Belegenza's Encore, PerForm, SpotLite, Taffy, or Simply Straight and work them in.
All hair will be uniformly moist. Each strand will grab the same formula concentration. Later on in the day, everything will remain consistent with the appearance you desired.

Belegenza created several healthy products that balance the hair as it grows. Your hair is restored. New hair is protected.
Your hair will grow and flow into its best luscious length and shape.

Belegenza offers a specialized bundle of products for Dry & Brittle Hair

Or purchase any of the following recommended products

GrowOut Shampoo  or  Transfix Color Lock Shampoo

DraMatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner  or  RoMANce  Deep Conditioning

Leave-in Conditioners
Encore Leave-in Conditioner  or  VirglNity Hair Repair Treatment

Styling Aids
GrowOut Scalp Nutrient Spray, PerForm Control Styling Gel, Spotlite Shine Serum, Simply Straight Progressive Straightener, or Taffy Style Cream