Dry - Brittle hair occurs when hair does not receive sufficient moisture and lacks flexibility!

Dry brittle hair is a calling card which tells quite a story.  "They" don't know the real story of how you got there, but they only see bad hair and judge.  If you've ever walked around with dry brittle hair, you know how terrible this feels, and it's hard to buy enough stuff to feel better!  Of course, trying everything on the store shelves at the beauty supply or drug stores, or even of the late night infomercials or shopping networks might help for a moment, until you see that your hair is only being masked by conventional chemical cover-ups.  Sure, they are supposed to be natural, but even many of the celebrity brands are simply chemical mixes with maybe a 1 % dash of a natural "oil" from some remote part of the world made to appear as the miracle of the century!  Thank goodness for their gorgeous packaging, slick salespeople and paid celebrities!

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We've watched those companies!  We've tested them, too!  AND, we love those companies!  We get loads of business, once you've found out the truth.  The old saying, "If I had a nickel for every time...."  is in our favor every day.  Every time someone buys and tries those extremely well marketed products, they call us and come running back to Belegenza!  You, too, will find this true.  This is why we don't worry about the competition.  We know that the curiosity gets the best of you sometimes, and it seals the deal for us when you realize that Belegenza's natural ingredients and approach delivers powerful, powerful, powerful results.  When you use Belegenza, you feel like it's the first time, every time.  Your hair responds. Your hair loves it.  Your hair feels and looks fantastic, and every day becomes a day of compliments, and high self esteem.

For years, as stylists, we'd do amazing colors, cuts and styles, but we still knew there was more we could have done, if only we had better hair to work with!  Even though we, too, were using the most expensive and famous name brands, it was like using crayons on a masterpiece.  This is why we took it upon ourselves to find ingredients that would make hair masterpiece quality. (Stylists, you will move up several notches on the scale when you use our products, because the hair quality increases to remarkable luxury level, and your reputation will soar!)

Yes, we understand.  You want to start, now!

Keep reading, though, for a full understanding of what benefits you can have with your hair, and soon, we will direct you to which package is best for your hair.

If your hair is  frizzy, dull, and lifeless, or simply not elegant, we will show you how to restore the missing pieces in your hair's core.
Brittle hair breaks (especially fine hair that has been abused with volumizing products), or just feels awful at the ends (like those who have been flat ironed to death).
This can occur with straight, curly, coarse, or fine hair, tinted, bleached, relaxed and even natural hair that is growing in from a relaxer!  Some curl patterns are so tight that hair breaks simply from trying to comb it out.

 This is a flexibility/moisture imbalance!

Dry/brittle hair screams for flexibility. "Moisture" helps but it's not the complete answer. (Keep reading!)

You  need to feed the hair so it can move again, rather than be rigid and broken.  We feed your hair, your hair loves it, and you love your hair, more than ever!  (We expect that you're getting very excited about your hair and want them now.  By ordering now, you will have your products in a few business days in most cases).

Why are we so sure your hair will be better?

Your hair will improve for many reasons.  We've got an incredible combination of ingredients that have never been assembled like this...ever!  Rather than talk about ALL of them, we'll just highlight the seaweed collection which balances the moisture/flexibility balance for your hair!

If you've ever seen seaweed moving in the water, whether you went scuba diving in a beautiful ocean bay, or seen an underwater scene of mermaids and such, you will see the gentle swaying movement of this extraordinary plant in crystal clear sea water.   As magical as this sounds, it really is!  What most don't realize is that plants don't live if you water them with sea water...it's salty!  Salt water is bad for plants, UNLESS that plant knows how to filter the water from the salt.  These plants actually grow IN salt water! These seaweed plants are most remarkable. They understand water and salt exchange and balance it so perfectly that they thrive in seawater!  Knowing this extraordinary quality, we examined their properties as applied to hair. We found that certain seaweeds when applied to hair, naturally know how to balance moisture AND keep flexibility present! This alone begins your dry hair's transformation immediately!   With 4 exotic and unique seaweed types we've chosen for you, your hair begins its journey to being moisture balanced and flexible.  Flexible hair has movement and bounce.  It looks natural, again, and your hair grows out staying moisture/flexibility balanced all the time!

It sounds like a lot of work.  We've done all the work  for you.  All you have to do is use the products as a system, and eliminate barriers that might get in the way of their ability to penetrate your hair.  Use these products exclusively, go easy on the heat, and watch your hair transform starting the very first time.  When you look back after 60 days, you will be glad you made the right choice by using Belegenza.  Be sure to do a selfie, now, so that you can show your transformation!

Before we tell you how to get your package right away, a little trick that is little known to help dry brittle hair is now appropriate to share.   Brittle hair almost always has a ruffled cuticle layer.  This is the top layer of the hair that under the microscope looks like shingles of a roof.  Brittle hair has shingles that are torn, ripped, ragged and jagged, as if a bad storm had ripped them from the roof!  There are many things that can cause this.  One of the most unknown is done with your towel!   Rubbing your hair with a towel has each strand grinding against the others, shingle against shingle, popping and roughing up the very surface of each strand, like a hurricane blowing trees, roof shingles and debris  around.  Solution?  BLOT!  Gently wrap in a towel, and press gently and slowly, allowing the towel to wick away the excess water. To be even safer, before you begin to detangle (GENTLY, with a wide toothed comb), apply a very small amount of EnCore Leave In Conditioner, or VirgINity Hair Repair to help minimize pulling and to smooth those cuticle layers down as you prepare your hair for styling! ( Curly hair?  Don't pull too much water with the towel....it is better to apply products to very wet hair to insure even distribution and better curl formation,  and then blot off the excess...more in curly hair product pages! )

By now, you realize that Belegenza is full of great information that will fine tune your look to celebrity status.  Details make the difference.  For those of you who are ready to order now,

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For those of you who like to make your own choices, you can click on each product below and explore.  When you do this, add each product that seems perfect for your hair into your shopping cart.  Once you've decided you are ready to buy, you can adjust your shopping cart so that you have all of what you want and need to have fantastic hair.


Shampoo choices

GrowOut Shampoo & Strengthener  Fortified with powerful growth factors

Transfix Color Lock Shampoo  Neutralizes chemical  from haircolor & relaxers

IlLustrious Shampoo & Cleanser  Luxurious fresh start, amplifies conditioning

Conditioner choices

DraMatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner  Major source of moisture/flexibility

RoMANce Deep Conditioning Deep inner moisture, smooths cuticle/split-ends

Leave-in Conditioner choices

Encore Leave-in Conditioner   Tame fly-aways, increases moisture balance

VirgINity Hair Repair Treatment   Intense repair that lasts up to 7 shampoos

***Leave-in Scalp Nutrient***

GrowOut Scalp Energizing Spray  Concentrated growth factors for follicles

Styling choices

PerForm Control Styling Gel  Versatile styling gel fortifies flexibility

Spotlite Shine Serum  High definition shine for core and split end repair

Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker  Style cream for progressive smoothing

Taffy Style Cream Versatile soft hold, molding cream for creative finishing


When quality and value are your most important principles, Belegenza is your choice every time.  We know that from time to time, bad hair happens.  Maybe you tried a new stylist or colorist.  Maybe your iron overheated and you burned your hair with it as you were rushing to get out of the door that day.  Maybe the sun just wasn't nice to your hair on that vacation.  Maybe that box of color wasn't quite what it said on the box.   Maybe you mixed up the 8 glasses of water a day with 8 glasses of wine that evening with your friends, and you shouldn't have done each other's hair.  Whatever happened, we are here for you.  If you need more info, click on the Questions tab to the right, now, and tap us an email.  We're here to help.  If you just can't decide what to order now, we can tell you what's best.  If you don't want to order online, you can even call us at 760-518-8823, and we'll get your order done by phone, now!