The sun is fuel for life
We need it to grow food, to stay warm.
It simply makes us happy. 
Sunlight may give us more than we realize! 
It just happens to be a fantastic source of vitamin D.
All you have to do is step outdoors and spend some time.


It’s that simple. 

There are also foods that can give your body this vitamin.
Such foods are fatty fish, cod liver oil, cheese, and mushrooms.
While figuring out your best way for this valuable vitamin be sure to note that excessive hair loss might be related to vitamin D deficiency. 
It turns out deficiency of this vitamin has been associated with the hair loss issue known as alopecia. 
So, if you are having quite a bit of hair loss, consider increasing your dose of vitamin D.
Studies have shown this vitamin helps create new follicles or tiny pores in the scalp where new hair can grow.
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