When your hair looks and feels amazing, who needs coffee?

You know that feeling when you KNOW you look good…

Your outfit is great.

You have on your favorite shoes.

The weather is crystal clear.

The birds are singing.

Your hair is awesome.

And, then, someone walks up and hands you a fresh cup of your favorite coffee from your favorite coffee shop….

hair growth
I brought you a cup of your favorite coffee….
By the way, your hair looks awesome!


“Just wanted to show you a little TLC. I bought your favorite coffee for you… enjoy!….”

Did you ever notice it’s like a snowball effect.

It starts good, and keeps getting better?





Of course, on those days when it’s starts wrong … it just goes down hill to the gutter…

Outfit has a stain.

Your shoes are killing your feet.  ( I remember now why I never wear these shoes..)

The birds pooped on your windshield.

Traffic sucks.

And, then the line at your favorite coffee shop is too long,
AND they  mess up your order……

How do you get MORE AWESOME days? 


Sure, Awesome hair is great on those days everything is wonderful.

It’s always fantastic to feel like a celebrity with the adoring fans taking pictures and complimenting you…..

Free coffee from someone that day is an added bonus you don’t even NEED.

But on those days, with your stained outfit,

painful shoes, ‘

stuck in traffic,

waiting in line for the wrong coffee order,

running late for everything…..

You look up in a mirror or see your reflection in a window glass as you walk

Hair growth
Life is easier with Awesome hair!

by and see your AWESOME hair…. a slight smirk of

“damn, my hair looks awesome” comes over your face.

And, then,  the person you see next says,

“Your hair is AMAZING.  Have a nice day!”

With a generous smile you lock eyes with that person, and say,

“Thank you….”

And in your mind, that voice says…

“Thank you, Belegenza….
Life is easier with awesome hair.”

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Cheryl and I have said to our customers for years….

We can’t solve your problems in life, but we

definitely can make you look AWESOME while you deal with things and

become a bigger winner!”


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