“I recently let my natural gray grow out  and quit coloring my hair about  9 months ago.
I have been searching for a product developed specifically for gray hair.
Something to enhance it, but I can find nothing specifically for gray hair treatment.
I use a gentle shampoo and conditioner, with occasional leave in conditioner, as needed.
I want it to look more embellished and alive and would consider a tint to make it “special”.
Can you help me with some recommendations?
~D.G., Mars, PA

Thank you for asking and we are happy you’ve found Belegenza! Gray Hair

We find that most love any of our products, due to the infusion of shine elements that seem to get INTO the hair, and create an inner shine.  This really shows off the hair, and especially with gray (our special recommendations for gray hair page) , which is sometimes dry looking.  It really takes about a month to get the full penetration as it removes the cosmetic barriers and silicones,and/ or synthetics.  To really get a head start, the SpotLite Shine Serum is marvelous, so that you can drench it during the first few times to really saturate the core of the hair.  If you drench it (putting so much that it looks oily and greasy for a few minutes and maybe even wrapping it in cap or sit in the sun for a few minutes to heat it) and then shampooing it all out, it really gives a boost that is very welcome.
As far as a bit of tint, I would wait a bit.  Try out the products for  a month as recommended on the site, and then see if you don’t just love it natural and feeling “younger looking” hair.  Then, if you wish, you could maybe do some lowlights or hilites to accentuate your natural patterns of whites, grays or slate colors!   If you’d like to send a pic of your current self, I maybe can point you in a direction you might love!