Hair loss after chemo and radiation

How to Deal with Hair Loss

Hair loss after chemo and radiation may not be life-threatening, yet many patients describe it as the most traumatic side effect of chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy. It’s a constant reminder of cancer and its treatment. Hair loss after chemo and radiation can make you self-conscious and worry about how your altered appearance will be perceived by others. With hair loss, you will notice increased shedding of hair, your scalp may be more sensitive, and you may have issues maintaining body heat, especially at night.

Each person will respond differently to their therapy treatment designed specifically for them. It’s important to realize that hair loss is likely, so you can prepare for and start with preventing it from happening. It’s very important to consult with your physician to discuss the likelihood and location of hair loss.

What Can I Do If Hair Loss Is Expected with Treatment?

There is a world of emotions you can feel learning that you may experience hair loss during your chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy. If you expect to lose the hair on your head, it’s important to do what you are comfortable with and what feels right for you. Here are some tips that may be helpful:

1. To help decrease the impact of hair loss, cut your hair shorter if your hair is long.

2. Some have found it easier to deal with hair loss by shaving their heads before their hair loss begins.

3. Protect your scalp with a hat, scarf, or wig. This is especially important for men who are not likely to wear a wig. Gently massage and moisturize your scalp with a gentle, natural moisturizer. A perfect moisturizer is SpotLite Shine Serum.​

4. Use a soft-bristle brush to brush your hair.

5. Use a gentle, natural, and nourishing shampoo & conditioner. Belegenza Natural Hair Care has taken the guesswork out of which products are best for your hair. Check out Chemo Feel Better Look Better Package to address all of your hair and scalp care needs.

6. Limit the use of hairdryers, flat irons, hot rollers, and curling irons. They can be damaging to your hair and increase breakage and hair loss. It’s better to let your hair dry naturally or use a cool setting on your dryer.

7. Don’t perform chemical treatments on your hair (bleaching, coloring, keratin straightening treatments, perms). They can make your hair brittle.

8. Use a satin or silk pillowcase to decrease friction.

Will My Hair Grow Back After Chemotherapy?

Hair loss during chemotherapy is usually temporary. Some only lose some of their hair and others experience total hair loss. Hair loss may even continue after your treatments for a few weeks. For those that only experience dry, weak, and brittle hair with no hair loss, it’s very important to manage your hair care routine to reduce follicle damage. Rarely, after high doses of chemotherapy, all of your hair may not grow back, so as most believe, keeping a positive attitude during this most difficult process may be of benefit in the long term.

Some follicles may not make new replacement hair as they just might be at their final efforts. So, it is important to eliminate as much “insult” to the follicles as possible, before, during and after! Ultimately, it’s important to consult with your physician to discuss what to expect with your treatments and then decide for yourself what is best!

Will My Hair Grow Back After Radiation Therapy?

Hair loss with radiation therapy may be temporary or permanent. It usually causes hair loss to the area of your body that is being treated. For example, if your leg is being treated, you may lose hair on your leg, but the hair on your scalp may not be affected at all. The treatment area has the greatest hair loss effect, but may also occur in the area where the radiation beam exits the body.

With lower doses of radiation, hair loss is usually temporary, but with higher doses, it can be permanent. Every person’s situation is unique and it’s important to discuss with your physician what you should expect from your treatment regime.


While you may be dealing with a probable future of hair loss after chemo and radiation therapy, Belegenza Natural Hair Care’s ingredients do all they can do, naturally, to keep your hair in its optimum growing condition for a lifetime.

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Hair loss after chemo and radiation