Yams vs Sweet Potato for Hair Growth : What to AVOID!


In attempting to make it a simple blog, I realized there is a ton of information to sift through, first.

Until I get all that done and simplified, here’s the most important things to avoid when eating either of these.

By the way, Yams, the orange things typically in the grocery, are a version of sweetpotato (which is how it was originally written.)

So, here’s the catch.

The things USED in preparation can void a lot of the benefits.

For example, at Thanksgiving and holiday times, many recipes call for sugar, brown sugar and marshmallows.

Just those 3 items are going to deplete your B-vitamins just to process them through your body and disrupt your calcium and more importantly your magnesium levels.

Substitute stevia to add the sweetness you love so much, and cut back on the sugar… almost completely.  Personally, I use just a bit of brown sugar on the top, so as to create that creme brulee-like topping of crystallized sugar.  If you can skip the marshmallows all together, that’s a good idea, too.

If you just MUST have a regular sugar, then molasses is the other trick we love.  In fact, it is the concentrated version of the nutritious part of the sugar cane as it is refined.  So, you are going to get an extra boost of nutrition in relation to carbs, which is great to help restore your magnesium and chromium in a natural way!


Here’s the problem with Sweet Potato fries.

  1. Usually fried in soy oil, canola oil, cottonseed oil… called vegetable oil.   This is dangerous.  Soy oil is now being exposed as a brain toxicity matter!  Canola oil comes from a noxious weed, and cottonseed oil is just what it sounds like…. A fabulous cotton blouse is one thing, but the oil from those seeds should be used as car fuel or something.   I don’t think any one eats cotton for any reason, so why eat the cotton (seed) oil?
  2. Usually they batter them to make sure they crisp up nicely.  BUT… they do that with cornstarch or as they hide it….modified food starch. Either way, it’s corn based and wreaks havoc on blood sugar levels, tricks the brain into thinking it is NOT satisfied, causing overeating and general dissatisfaction, and then there is a whole world of bacterial flora in the gut that feeds on corn.  These bacteria are NOT the good bacteria you hear about on those yogurt commercials and such.  In fact, there may very well be a link between these NOT good corn-loving bacteria and brain disorders. Think Alzheimer’s while you still can!  Not making a claim about that link.  Yet. But remember, we are suggesting some attention about this now!
  3. Salty on sweet is always a treat, but be wary 0f plain salt.  Sea Salt is a full array of minerals, but don’t get too comfortable just because the package says it’s sea salt.  It’s probably just a watered down version with more sodium chloride.  Remember, foods are made as cheaply as possible with lots of flavor enhancers and clever marketing to make you think you are doing good.

Best bets?

Buy regular sweet potatoes and peel, cut and fry them yourself.  I personally love them in Olive Oil. Use gentle heat, and a few sprigs of fresh rosemary while frying!!!  You’ll think you are in Italy or France at a villa or chateau!

I don’t know if Cheryl will agree, but she does a dynamite sweet potato dish that doubles as a dessert at Thanksgiving and Holiday time. I don’t care about the turkey, trimmings or pies. I just NEED that sweet potato dish!   If you want the recipe, let us know and we might publish it or send it to you!

As far as hair growth…. Sweet potatoes are a plus, so long as they are done right.

They are always the better choice above french fries these days, if you have the option.

If you can lean towards the ideas above, you are that much closer to awesome hair growth!

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Yams vs Sweet Potato for Hair Growth : What to AVOID!



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