Relax & Straighten Hair without Chemicals (Lye)*


Relaxing hair is a necessity for some.

Unfortunately, the key ingredient for relaxers is lye or sodium hydroxide.

Used with experience and caution, the main function of the sodium hydroxide is to break the cysteine (curl) bonds inside the core of the hair.

Anyone who’s had a relaxer has experienced the “burn” on the scalp.

It’s not a stinging feeling, but a unique deep feeling burn that is not easily described.

The good thing about it, is that it happens in a short time frame forcing a person to beg to rinse it off.  It’s almost a fail-safe that this chemical has built in to MAKE you remove the chemical before the hair completely melts and breaks.

A common complaint that clients who get relaxers have is that they don’t get their hair straight enough, due to the burn forcing the rinsing.

Base creams have been made to assist this, but even those are typically just Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) and even that is not enough to extend the time very much.

If you want a base cream that really extends the time, our discovery of a special ingredient blocks for an indefinite time.  You MUST set a timer and also check often as the burn will NOT be a signal anymore. CAUTION:  Watch the hair and rinse when it’s ready. There will not be a burn signal that you can judge anymore.  More about that at Protect Base Cream and & Stain Resistor!

Here’s the real deal for those who desire:

No More Broken Hair

No More Burns

No More Blisters

No More Dry Hair

No More Curl Reversion

No more dry ends breaking, thus stealing your length!


Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker is a revolutionary alternative that

supplements relaxed hair, and also

can be used to extend relaxer results,

and can be used to smooth out the strand with NO lye!

Unlike lye which works in a few minutes to melt the cysteine bonds,

Simply Smooth is VERY slow, taking up to 30 applications to achieve depending on your hair texture and condition.

Simply Smooth also can be left in as a styling product ( for added humidity protection ).

Also, this is a miracle for children given its Vitamin C complex that gently softens the curl patterns while allowing it to dry in a pony tail or even braids!

If you have hair, like Alan’s, that is known for exploding “out of bounds” from humidity throughout the day, then Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker is the key and miracle!

Depending on where you are with your curl, wave, condition and circumstances, you can customize your hair to perfection with this miracle product, Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker.


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Once you’ve gotten your product, then feel free to contact us to help you tailor your usage for your best results ever!

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