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Loose anagen & short anagen syndromes are mysterious and misunderstood situations.

Causes and reasons for this hair loss and/or short growth problem are not well addressed……. except by those afflicted, and many find helpful input from groups on Facebook: Short Anagen & Loose Anagen Syndromes (SAS & LAS) – Hair Disorders and other sites, such as, Dr. Robert A Shwartz on Medscape (LAS), and DermNetNZ (SAS).

Our experience is that chemicals including silicones, which is becoming “epidemic,” (see derivates avoid list by clicking here) may be a major contributing factor attacking young, delicate hair follicles, and must be removed immediately in all cases–including all medical treatments.

Hair loss can happen at any age. But when it happens in children or teens, it can be particularly upsetting for them, and their self esteem. By not exhausting all possibilities, this could end up being a tense situation for the whole family. That you are here, now, you are clearly seeking answers that work!

In a nut shell, we discovered and made available a few things that seemed to give positive results to all scalps and textures of hair.

1.  Remove any chemicals that may hinder the natural processes.

2.  Use tried and true food-grade ingredients that are shown to nourish healthy bodies.

3.  Go to science to find proven extracts & the potent part of the food that might encourage healthier conditions.

4.  Go to chemistry to find how to craft into a leading shampoo and/or product, like a great recipe.

5.  Share with people and listen to their feedback!

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Now, given that this is considered a medical issue, it is always recommended that you turn to your doctor for advice and guidance.  You may have already done this and, yet here you are researching even more.  One of the things to consider is that even the shampoos and conditioners that your doctor may recommend are also part of the chemical paradigm.  IF they have a medical recommendation, doesn’t it make sense to “clear the way” with pure food extracts so that the medical treatment has a better chance?

What if those young delicate follicles are simply being thwarted by mass market, salon and infomercial brand chemistry?   Wouldn’t it now make sense to use your intuition and realize that natural is always better &  to create a soothing environment for those struggling follicles?

Time is of the essence.  Once hairs are in this circular pattern, here is how it goes.  The two loss phases are “Telogen” (RELEASING PHASE) of growth & the next is “catagen” (SLEEPING PHASE).  Wouldn’t it make sense to nourish this phase and do all you know to do to encourage the next phase, by feeding the ANAGEN (GROWTH PHASE) as soon as possible?  Once CATAGEN has set in, you don’t want it to be the last time those follicles go to sleep and never wake up again!  You don’t want to take your child’s chances, do you?

What makes any art form, gourmet dish, or performance excellent is the attention to the tiniest of details.  This is what we have done, and as you will agree, your child’s formative years deserve as much attention to detail as possible.  By waiting, you only prolong the unknown, wondering “does this really work,” and yet insures what you now already know… “My child is still losing hair with what we’ve already tried!”

What if this is the last thing you try, because it really works?

What if this only slows the hair loss process?

What if  this only gives back 20% more hairs?

What if it fills in and adds more hairs throughout the thinning areas and relieves all the anxiety she AND YOU are suffering?

What if it makes no difference at all and you now know you’ve eliminated yet one more option to getting the results you want?

The loose/short anagen package we now offer allows a comprehensive start to creating the environment for healthier hair growth.

1. GrowOut Shampoo & Strengthener– can be used daily, to remove buildup and chemicals that may be inhibiting growth, making way for any and all treatments to work more effectively.  By nourishing the follicle primarily, anagen phase is encouraged (growth).  With chemical residue now removed, hair strands are now able to accept the body building and strengthening molecules needed for better hair styling response.

2. DraMatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner– can be used daily.  Detangles, repairs damage covered up with previous synthetic conditioners, and also adds body and natural bounce back to limp hair. Because brittle hair tends to break, flexibility is the answer. Proteins from 3 rare extracts, springy in nature, wrap into the core–adding flexibility noticeable on your very first use!  By using often, results increase over a 4 week period as the full removal of chemicals completes, and the patent-pending ingredients now penetrate fully!

3.  GrowOut Scalp Energizing Spray– Should be used 1-2 times daily by spritzing directly 0n the scalp, especially on non-shampoo days! By using this  concentrated treatment of the key ingredients hair now gets the incredible benefits every day–all day!

4. PerForm Control Styling Gel– To give hair more body and control, this is to be used as a styling aid on the days you shampoo, condition and treat the hair.  This encourages more body in the hair and adds another layer of protection to the scalp with food-grade seaweeds. (DO NOT USE products with acrylates, carbomers, plastics, polymers which generally block the effects of any treatments).  In the event you feel it necessary to use other gels or sprays for styling (which can impede the full results), this PerForm Gel acts a “primer” to keep the chemicals of those products from getting back onto the scalp during your hair growth support phase.

All the items within the package totals $154.00

That’s not what you’ll pay!

Now, you can get this complete package for  $116.00, saving you over $38 AND FREE SHIPPING! (within contiguous US)

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  • In case you don’t already know, these are all free of  Acrylates (plastics), polymers (plastics), SLS, parabens, salt, gluten, sulfates, mineral oil, phthalates, PABA, petrolatum and more!   
  • There is no other product that can match what is NOT in these products, and even more…
  • Belegenza is the industry authority of this extraordinary blend of  premium ingredients believed to be the most effective in the world!

By doing the above, we now get reviews and testimonials from non-LAS/SAS victims, and just recently more LAS/SAS victims who are finding positive results.  Some are getting better anchoring in the follicle, and it seems most everyone is thrilled with the overall condition, shine and body the hair has by using only a few of the products.


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Though not affiliated with any medical, pharmaceutical, or health care situations or organizations* and due to the nature of our natural formulations, we are bound by law to not make any medical claims whether or not our customers get resultsBelegenza is dedicated to providing answers for you and the root of your hair needs.   Due to our attention to what is  healthy hair, a healthy scalp, a healthy mind and body, we’ve always started with the basics, which sets the foundation for extraordinary results. What has to be present in the body– (proper foods & water) so that the scalp can do what it does best, which is, GROW HAIR!

We’re not in the food business. We are in the shampoo and conditioning and styling product business. AND, if our side effects, including healthy hair growth happens, by law, we cannot claim credit for it.  By following our intuition and the comments of our satisfied customers, we began our studies to see if we could transdermally feed the hair follicles with our products. When we did that, we realized we are on to something!


If you have a LAS/SAS coupon code from one of the above mentioned organizations, you may use it at checkout for an additional savings.

We recommend the above program, yet we understand that you may want to try only a few products so as to reduce your financial risk.

We feel that IF you are to get any results from these products, doing it the way it is intended is the best option, meaning get the full package and use it without any interference from chemical salon, mass market, or infomercial products.   …..Nevertheless, if you wish to try a few before you invest in this certain package, you can now start with these 2 products: the MOST IMPORTANT  2 Hair Growth Essentials (click here).

We value your trust and look forward to helping with products that can improve conditions, give hope and make hair look its best.  We also appreciate your questions, concerns, feedback and input.  By hearing from you, we can further assist in providing more solutions that will help everyone who may have fallen victim to this problem.  You can now contact us at and we invite you to participate in the Ask Alan Blog which is growing continuously with more information about hair growth and LAS/SAS concerns.  Join our newsletter, as it highlights key ingredients and keeps you informed of the latest breaking news in hair growth and beauty.

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“This morning my daughter wanted her hair tied up for school (it was a struggle with her not having much hair)! I noticed quite a few hairs on the top of her scalp.”  Here’s her picture– below. 

Loved the results and we are almost out of our 2nd shipment. We are going to use until December and then decide if it will be a permanent change!”
“I think overall the products are good. We will continue to use the products.
“I wish it wasn’t so expensive.”
“I really thought the grow out spray was good, and her scalp looked in better condition.”
Love the hair products.  I realize nothing is magical…I wish the spray bottle was larger as we love using that on her but it ran out fast.”
“(I) Agree that the products are beneficial for sas sufferers…”
Isn’t this clearly the best choice?

As with all Belegenza products:


Only FDA approved ingredients used and manufacture in ISO5000 FDA approved facilities.

**PETA Approved  Never tested on animals all Belegenza products are People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Approved!


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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

Ingredient lists of each product can be easily found on its individual product page near the bottom,  by clicking on the name.

GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener

DraMatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner

GrowOUT Scalp Energizing Spray 

PerFORM Control Styling Gel



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