If you’ve ever been burglarized, you probably considered a security system immediately

In fact, you may have paid any price to feel safe again

The question you may have asked yourself…after the fact is: 

Why didn’t I get that security system BEFORE? 


This is human nature. 

Prevention is BORING. 

Prevention is an expense of time and money. 

Prevention is for others. 

Nothing’s gonna happen (to me). 


Of course, if you are on one of those apps that tell you about crime and such in your area, you probably know that there is something happening daily. It’s the sign that bad stuff happens. 

Yet, preventing loss b installing that security system is not convenient—right now

But after the fact, it’s THE THING THAT HAS TO BE DONE NOW

Where are we going with this “downer” conversation? 

Hair thinning. 

You see it in your family…pattern baldness and thinning. 

You see it in your menopausal friends.

You see it in your gym-buddies. 

You see it in your friends with extensions. 

You see it in senior citizens. 

You see it in crash-dieters. 

You even start to see extra hairs in your shower and sink drains. 

BUT….prevention is BORING. 

It’s only when you look in the mirror one day and realize that genetics, diet, stress, hormones, junk food, extension tension & breakage have taken over. 

THEN, you start gathering evidence of it on your pillow, your shoulders when you take your black coat off, your brushes, your sink drain, the shower drain. 

You even blame the weather for your flat hair. 

You blame your haircutter for a bad haircut that doesn’t have any body anymore. 

You start wearing caps. 

You add more root boosters. 

You even sit up at attention when a hair loss commercial pops up on TV or tiktok. 

By this time it’s too late to PREVENT it. 

It’s already happening. 


So, the sad thing is— that it gets worse. 

UNLESS you intervene with logic and sensibility

That’s our specialty. 

  1. Stop what’s speeding the hair loss along
  2. Remove silicones and nasties that are prevalent in practically all hair products and especially hair growth products
  3. Add not just ONE magic ingredient heralded by hair growth brands, but
    17 trusted hair growth factors proven across the world to your scalp and hair

Do the above AND more before your follicles completely shut down for life! 

If you like drama, we understand. 

Keep pretending that hair thinning is not happening. 

You will have a lot of drama & work to find the BEST hair growth regimens (which if you keep going will lead you right back to us….we just hope your follicles will last that long!) 


Check out what we’ve dedicated our lives to:

We help people keep their hair as long as possible before all the odds lead to the death of your follicles and hair growth! 

We maximize what is there with the purest 17 hair growth factors the world knows in a nasties free base! 

We work with you personally to get to the sources of what is speeding your hair loss along and guide you like Sherlock Holmes to find the hair loss triggers in YOUR LIFE. 

Prevention may seem boring, but we make it fun, satisfying and up your esteem in all kinds of ways! 

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Alan & Cheryl 


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Preventing Hair Loss: Hair Growth Success Intervention 
Hair Growth Success

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