Good hair is a goal.
Yes, good product is important.
But more importantly is what you put in your body.
For ladies, good hair is a direct result of good estrogen and protein levels in the body along with the presence of B complex and zinc levels. You can promote this by eating certain food products and veggies. Let’s call them superfoods.
One such superfood is chickpeas.
(Although, as you further your quest into the best building blocks for YOUR body type, some will find that chickpeas are NOT the thing. Consult your functional medicine doctor and investigate foods for your blood type!) 
Lucy Hale, star of the series “Pretty Little Liars,” told US Weekly ” that she is a hummus connoisseur.” And in a Harpers Bazaar #Stay Home Interview, she shared she eats lots of different kinds of hummus.
So what does Lucy know?
Chickpeas are high in folate which helps in the renewal of hair growth. They are also rich in zinc, protein and fiber.

All good reasons to eat this superfood.
Good hair is just a bite away.
 GrowOut Shampoo & Strengther by Belegenza also aids in hair growth renewal with its 17 premium extracts. And, because of the enormous array of trusted hair growth factors, it’s VERY likely for ALL hair types to work!
There are no nasties such as sls, paba, glutens, or silicones.
Just food grade extracts that will supercharge your hair.

Of course, the advertisers want you to think that “their” magic is the one thing that will bump hair growth.  
BUT, do you really have time to try 17 different products to find the right one? 

You probably have time to use ONE product line that provides over 17 ingredients in them and get results now
Take me to the GrowOUT Package NOW
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What other company does all this for you and your hair
Only Belegenza, Alan & Cheryl! 
Your Trusted Brother and Sister Hair Growth Experts, 
Alan & Cheryl
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“Pretty Little Liars’ Star Loves Hummus: Hair Growth Foods
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