If you’ve ever had a platinum blonde bleach application, you’ll really know the pain I’m in.

If you haven’t had bleach job, here’s the problem.

Bleach is caustic and burns!

As it munches at your hair pigments, it is also munching on your scalp and follicles.

This partly explains why there a not a ton of bleach blonds or blondes!

(Blonds are male, Blondes are female and the LGBT(alphabet) gang has not updated us yet on their spelling, so we await your comments.)

Bleach is harsh.

Bleaching is expensive.

Bleach applications are labor intensive.

Bleaching and achieving long lengths takes mastery.

There’s even more, but here’s what I, Alan, did to sabottage Cheryl’s bleaching of my hair!

It ended up that she BURNED my scalp in a spot on the left side of my head!

This hasn’t happened in more than 10 years!


Well, because we have a routine.

While she is mixing up my bleach, I PROTECT my scalp with a product developed purely for our own personal use, given I am allergic to just about everything in the salon, besides our own products!

It’s called ProTect Base Cream and Stain Resistor.

It is something we developed inspired by baking cakes.

You know when you put the oil on the pan and then the flour? Then you add the batter to the pan and if you do it right, the cake comes out of the cake really nicely, right?

If you’ve ever missed a spot, that part of the cake stays in the pan, and you have to rely on the icing to fill the holes, which can be delicious…if you like a lot of icing on your cake!

Well, you probably have figured it out already.

But, when we were developing products, we needed to find a way to keep the bleach from attacking my scalp!

So, we looked for ingredients that would act like flour and oil in the cake situation.

If we could find those kinds of things and apply them to the scalp, then the bleach would have to eat its way through that before it would make its way to munching on the scalp!

We did it!


The application had to be on all parts of the scalp.

It had to be in the way of the bleach EVERYWHERE!

Well that is easy.
Part the hair, add it to the scalp, push it onto the scalp, allow the body heat to melt it perfectly to aid its spreadability!


What we learned back then is that it would work.

We also learned that if you didn’t get every spot, the bleach would tell you.


A burn.

A blister.

Sometimes even bleeding!

And for days afterwards, itching and scabbing and crusty lymph buggers.

Once we learned that, it became obvious to just take the time to do it right, and relax.

Well, yesterday, when I was preparing MY OWN hair and scalp for
Cheryl’s impeccable bleach application, I missed a spot.

I remember finalizing my application, and in retrospect, remember NOT double checking the hairline on the left! ( I’m right handed, so I know myself enough to know that I should always check the left side more carefully!)

Well, that spot burned.

Today, I have some scabs, it’s a bit red, and a few lymph buggers.

I suppose tomorrow it will be itchy.

I also bet you I’ll be more careful in 21 days when
it’s time to bleach again!

I will not undermine Cheryl’s impeccable bleach application again!

By the way, this ProTect is what we use on those who are allergic to hair color or stain easily from colors and even on relaxer applications for NO burn!

If you find yourself itchy after color or are downright allergic,
ProTect is DEFINITELY worth it!

Though we are not supposed to make medical claims, and if you are afraid of the toxic chemicals in haircolors, ProTect is a must!

By the way, with your purchase, you will also receive Alan and Cheryl’s private cell/text so that you can ask questions that are
important to you! 

Now, what other company does all this for you and your hair

Only Belegenza, Alan & Cheryl! 

Your Trusted Brother and Sister SAFE Hair Growth Experts

Alan & Cheryl 


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My Blistered Scalp: Sores from Bleach Accident! Back to Hair Growth….
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