ProTect Base Cream & Stain Resistor

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What if you can now protect yourself and your scalp from:

~ Relaxer burn.

~ Scalp staining when tinting and coloring.

~ Allergic reactions to colors, tints or chemical treatments.

Have you gotten super sensitive due to Chemo or other meds?*

BREAKTHROUGH layer of protection against harsh chemicals in colors, relaxers & bleaches! Obviously the best chances of safety during chemical services in the salon or at home!

Afraid of the chemicals hidden in haircolor? You should be! (Organic haircolor is organic gasoline?)

We are–and have created a BREAKTHROUGH product called ProTect Base Cream & Stain Resistor!

~ Perfect color coverage, without stains** and less allergic sensitivity than ever!

~ No more relaxer burn–now, you can leave your relaxer on for maximum straightening! (CAUTION: SET A TIMER, because relying on the burn of a relaxer to tell you when to rinse it off will no longer work!  RELAX in COMFORT!

~ Longer bleach times are now possible without bleeding/blistering!

The most advanced protection available on the market.

Protect Base Cream and Stain Resistor: when applied correctly offers a barrier that keeps color and harsh chemicals from fully contacting the scalp, and allows for perfect hair-color coverage on the hair and perfect relaxer straightening.  In one simple step, you can avoid the burn, the stains and feel protected from the hazards of chemicals. Originally developed to stop the burn associated with relaxers, we found that it stopped color stains on the skin as well, and was developed for Alan & Cheryl’s personal use!

The scalp, being susceptible to chemicals, can now be protected during services.  Color, relax, or bleach in comfort, with the results you want and need. ProTect Base Cream & Stain Resistor’s  effectiveness is noticed immediately.  Just because one is not obviously sensitive, we believe that you should “ProTect” yourself before all chemical services, given the ever-expanding variety of new and questionable chemicals in beauty products.

Until we can develop completely safe coloring, we offer you a possible solution that may offer an effective measure of safety, while allowing fashion to continue its expression!” Alan G. Eschenburg, Founder.

ProTect is a must for anyone and everyone who colors, tints, bleaches, relaxes, or does any chemical treatment to their hair.  We realize that though colors seem harmless for the most part, we suggest taking as many precautions as possible, and this particular product is at the heart of our belief as the single most important product if you wish to do chemical treatments.   Developed for Alan and Cheryl and their loved ones, this product, has assisted them in protection from staining, sensitivities, and introduced peace of mind while dealing with hidden hazards.

I used to itch for 4 days after having my color touchup. Now, with Protect base, I get perfect color coverage, and no more itching! This is a miracle, because I cannot go gray and have to have my color at least every 4 weeks. Thanks!”~Nancy L., Esquire

If it were a choice between ProTect Base Cream & Stain Resistor or gloves during a haircolor, ProTect Base Cream & Stain Resistor wins every time!  …. Don’t wait until it’s too late.  Use this now in hopes of long term safety & benefits!” ~Alan & Cheryl, Belegenza

4 oz. concentrate

Alan discusses why EVERYONE doing relaxers and colors should use ProTect Base Cream & Stain Resistor–stop long-term thinning of hair and scalp damage!

Sodium Hydroxide relaxer scalp damage YOU MUST PROTECT ! 

How to:

Simply, apply to scalp exposed skin using the nozzle on the bottle and before application of any oxidizing color, bleach or relaxer creams, by parting hair into 1/8 inch sections, and spreading ProTect with thumb to the scalp. Once distributed, apply color or relaxer as usual! Processing times are according to manufacturer’s directions. After processing, rinse well, shampoo with TransFix Color Lock Shampoo according to instructions.

As an added protection, stylists may apply a small amount to hands before applying gloves for added safety.

Inna Topiler M.S., C.N.S. ( Master of Science, Clinical Nurse Specialist)

A question that I am asked though is what constitutes a toxic chemical and is it safe to color my hair? Because let’s get real, who wants to mess up that beautiful pregnancy glow with those pesky greys! My answer to this question is: that depends on what color you’re using, what salon you are attending and what precautions you are taking. Most commercial  colors are filled with ammonia and hundreds of toxic chemicals, and even chemicals that aren’t fully evaluated as long-term-safe, that are known to penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream. The same bloodstream that then goes to the placenta and the baby.

I always advise clients on using hair color that is low in ammonia and has the least amount of chemicals …Alan feel free to change this to something more specific if you like…and visiting a salon that is well ventilated but even with these I never felt super confident that it’s completely safe… until now!  Because now we can actually minimize the absorption of chemicals through the scalp.  Alan & Cheryl of Belegenza created a potent cream that is based on the concept used when baking cakes.   They realized that oil and flour dusted onto the pan created a barrier to keep the cake from adhering to the pan, and yet allows for a perfectly baked cake.  With a few creative tricks, they found a way to do the same concept with haircoloring and even relaxer creams which may have questionable or dangerous chemicals in them. ……The beauty of this treatment is that it prevents the chemicals from seeping through however it does not block the hair from absorbing the color. How cool is that! It’s a win-win for sure. So next time you go for your color ask the hairstylist to cover the scalp with color protect and sit back and enjoy a great color with less toxicity. Using color protect and pregnancy significantly reduces the amount of chemicals absorbed through the scalp and in addition to using a low chemical color, the combination will make it safe for pregnancy. But of course it’s not just for pregnancy,  anyone can use it at any time to help prevent excess toxins from entering through the skin. Now you can enjoy beautiful hair without the dangers the chemicals can bring.Inna Topiler M.S., C.N.S* ( Master of Science, Clinical Nurse Specialist)

If you know you are allergic, sensitive or otherwise adversely affected by chemicals, we do not endorse your usage of those colors, tints, bleaches, relaxers, keratins, etc. , and assume that you are taking full responsibility for your results and are 100% liable for your actions, reactions and results. Your purchase and usage is your free choice and we assume no liability, with the assumption that you are going beyond reasonable measures by using Belegenza products to prevent or reduce your risks.  By purchasing, you hold harmless all entities associated with Belegenza. LLC.
Scientifically named ingredients: (This product contains inert medical grade ingredients to create a strong enough barrier against harsh and hidden coloring ingredients)
Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, Polymerized Hydro-Carbons, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Gaultheria Procumbens (Wintergreen) Oil, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Propylparaben, Silica.
**Levels 1.2 & 3 of major brands may require added layer to resist stains fully.


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6 reviews for ProTect Base Cream & Stain Resistor

  1. Deb, N.J.

    I don’t feel the burn anymore, so I have to set a timer. And, now, I can go longer for better straightening.

  2. Nancy L., Esquire

    I used to itch for 4 days after having my color touchup. Now, with Protect base, I get perfect color coverage, and no more itching! This is a miracle, because I cannot go gray and have to have my color at least every 4 weeks. Thanks!

  3. Richard R.

    As a public speaker, I was self conscious about the staining on my scalp after coloring. Also, thinning was becoming an issue, and I realized that the color seemed to be exacerbating the thinning. I’m thrilled to have found Protect, as I no longer have staining, so I can go on stage immediately with confidence and my hair is in great shape, thanks to Protect and the Growout products, too.

  4. Maria D.

    I never forget to use this, now. The stains in my part were the worst, especially because of my fine hair, and you could see through it. It would look nasty for a few days, itch and then get little bumps. I thought I’d have to stop coloring, but all is well! No itch and no stains. This is great stuff!

  5. Natania L

    I never had allergies. At least I thought. Because I didn’t like the stains from my red-brown hair color in my part, I had my colorist apply Protect to that area before coloring. It worked GREAT… at that point though, I noticed that my scalp didn’t itch in that area for the few days after coloring. I ALWAYS had itched, and never thought anything about it. I thought everyone did….. So, the next time, I asked him to put it all over before the color, and what do you know? NO itching at all! What a relief! I always thought that beauty had its price…color equals itchiness. NO more! Thanks for keeping me stain free and safer from allergens–plus my color seems to last longer, too.

  6. Robert S.

    This works! I don’t worry about my colleagues seeing stains ever since I took it to my colorist. He was hesitant at first, and I just told him I’d be responsible if the color didn’t take right. Even he was impressed when his color was great and no stains. I like, too, that my scalp isn’t tight anymore after the color, which I always felt was not good for my hair growth. Now, it’s all great.

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