Intro to Hair Loss Chemotherapy Regrowth

It takes time for the chemotherapy drugs to be detoxified from your body once you have received your last chemo treatment.

Some will begin seeing some thin, fuzzy hair several weeks after their last treatment.
How quickly your hair grows back varies from person to person.

Before we tell you about the Critical 68-day Window
for saving as many hair follicles as possible, here is a great timeline of
hair regrowth. 

Generally, this is what most can expect to see after chemo treatments are complete:

3-4 weeks: Soft fuzzy hair forms

4-6 weeks: Real hair begins to grow

2-3 months: About an inch of hair growth

3-6 months: About 2-3 inches of hair growth

12 months: About 4-6 inches of hair growth

Hair Loss Chemotherapy Regrowth

Your hair may be a different color, texture, and thickness after
it grows back after chemotherapy. Once
your hair starts growing back, it’s a thin fuzz that can be difficult to style because it may stick straight up and be very fine.
Also, some hair follicles may
enter the growth period before others causing the length of hairs on your head to vary which may make your hair look patchy.
Eventually, your hair should settle into a
more regular growth pattern.

You may have heard the term “chemo curls”, which is when you are experiencing hair that is curlier, more brittle, and less manageable than you originally had.
For some, this new texture can be very difficult to manage. There’s no way to determine if your hair will change texture after chemotherapy or if it will be permanent.
As your hair is regrowing, it may be fragile and susceptible to breaking. 

Conclusion to Hair Loss Chemotherapy Regrowth

Please be patient as your new hair begins regrowing. It’s common for it not to grow as quickly as it did pre-chemotherapy.
Here are some hair care tips post-chemotherapy:

1. Use a soft-bristle brush to brush your hair.

2. Use a gentle, natural, and nourishing shampoo & conditioner.
Belegenza Natural Hair Care has taken the guesswork out of which
products are best for your hair. Check out Chemo Feel Better Look Better Now package or the Chemo-Premium Care Now package to address all of your hair and scalp care needs.

3. Limit the use of hairdryers, flat irons, hot rollers, and curling irons. They can be damaging to your hair and increase breakage and hair loss.
It’s better to let your hair dry naturally or use a cool setting on your dryer.

4. Don’t perform chemical treatments on your hair (bleaching, coloring, keratin straightening treatments, perms). They can make your hair brittle.

5. Use a satin or silk pillowcase to decrease friction.

6. Protect your scalp with a hat, scarf, or wig. This is
especially important for men who are not likely to wear a wig. Gently massage and moisturize your scalp with a gentle, natural moisturizer. A perfect moisturizer is SpotLite Shine Serum.​

Given the challenges that chemotherapy has
given your follicles and hair, here’s what we’ve put together
for you to catapult you & your hair in the right direction…easily! 

It’s imperative that you use gentle, natural, and nourishing hair care products. Make sure they are SLS (sodium laurel sulfate) free and chemical-free and nasties free as in products by Belegenza.

Belegenza Natural Hair Care has taken the guesswork out of which hair care products are right for you. Continuously research by Belegenza gives you more than 17 ingredients to provide you with the best and safest results possible.

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To ensure the best results, your hair will experience hair care FREE of silicones.
Your hair and scalp will be nourished

by certain unique ingredients typically too expensive to be used in conventional products.
As your hair grows in,
even the shine will be distinctly healthier looking! 
These certain unique natural ingredients will allow

a prismatic reflection of light, making
your hair seem as if the lights are on INSIDE your hair!

Talk about confidence when your hair looks THIS extraordinary!

But that’s not all!

What you will find is that Belegenza proudly provides you with not just one or two popular hair growth ingredients but
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