Go Beyond Meat and Hair Growth? Or Hair Loss!*

You are what you eat!

Healthy eating leads to feeling better and looking better.

As cliché as it sounds–

you ARE what you eat.

How we know this is how our hair reacts when we aren’t eating as well. Thinning hair and dieting go together.

When you want your best hair possible,
it pays to be conscious of what you are putting in your body.

If your hair is looking a bit lackluster it’s possible you are missing something.
For most, healthy means fruits and vegetables.
Yes, they are wonders for our body and hair.

But just as important is protein. YET, not all
protein sources are appropriate.

You’ve probably noticed more people are allergic to peanut,  which is full of protein.  For some it can be a deadly– anaphylactic shock.

( Anaphylaxis: per Bing: Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction of rapid onset affecting many body systems. It is due to the release of inflammatory mediators and cytokines from mast cells and basophils, typically due to an immunologic reaction but sometimes non-immunologic mechanism. )

Anaphylaxis is now being seen with the new pea protein introduction.

Though not at pandemic levels, yet, those who show no symptoms are not necessarily
free and clear.

Here’s our reasoning about foods:

IF some bodies are reacting, one might say, it’s because they are too sensitive.

IF some bodies are NOT reacting, one might say, it’s because they are tough.

IF that food has a tendency to cause a REACTION, one might say, it’s not completely harmonious for human bodies.

So, with all of the controversy about meat replacements,
due to the LONG TERM use of meat as food,
we know MORE about meat,
which has been studied for decades, and
eaten for centuries!

So, sure, the fat, the hormones, the pesticides and such might be in meats.
But, now,  there are organic choices, and cooking techniques to eliminate those problems.

Here’s the REALLY good news about real meat and hair growth.

Especially RED meat and hair growth specifically.

Ferritin is a abundant in meats.

Ferritin is a stored iron that helps the body produce hair cell protein!

A deficiency of ferritin leads to weak hair and eventually hair loss.

Now, we are not telling anyone to pig out on meats.
We have plenty of evidence that vegan, vegetarian, and all those other meatless approaches can be
fine for those using them.

BUT, just yesterday, I got another call from a vegan, who
confessed to eating a real meat burger after having craved it for a while!

So, maybe that was her follicles signaling her “appetite” and that burger did the trick for a while.

It’s the same as those on the high-protein diets who crave a real green salad once in a while!

Trust your body.

Listen to your body.

Watch your hair growth!

DON’T, however, trust that voice that tells you another bowl of ice cream day after day is telling you the truth, though.

The cells of your hair and follicles need a balance of all nutrients.

Soon, I’ll write about what your body might be saying when it CRAVES a certain food, like chocolate! It just may be a signal to increase a certain mineral!  It’s no accident chocolate makers are #1 in snack categories!

In the meantime, there are certain things that
work for hair growth.

Once in a while, meat and
hair growth just work.

Like the daily bowls of ice cream, meat and
hair growth may not be your daily thing.

But, a little meat might just be the thing to
take your hair growth to its next level of crowning glory!

Lastly, here’s something we have proof of from our obsessed Belegenza users.

When it comes to feeding the hair what it
needs for hair growth, there are tons of choices.

Each one has a special ingredient that works for many.

GrowOUT by Belegenza, though, adds OVER 17 trusted hair growth focused ingredients.

Not only the 17 heralded by the hair growth experts worldwide, but in a clean and pure base of food extracts!

GrowOUT clears the way on your scalp to give you the opportunity to TRY 17 things at once!

So, instead of trying 17 different products for 90 days at a time which would take over 4 years to do….

Get GrowOUT & in 90 days let it prove itself to you and your hair follicles!

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Go Beyond Meat and Hair Growth? Or Hair Loss!*



Go Beyond Meat and Hair Growth? Or Hair Loss!, Meat and hair loss, meat and hair growth