Bacteria feed off of stagnant situations. 

Dry shampoos have their place, but no without consequences. 

Dirty scalps are a dirty mix even without products. 

The sebaceous glands are your natural oil producers, 


Dermal flaking (your skins natural sloughing process)

even without gels, sprays, creams, styling products make a 

buffet for bacteria to feed on! 

Slow the natural cleaning process with a dry shampoo, and you’re set up for a bacterial scalp catastrophe! 

AND, we’re not even going to talk about the aluminum base in most dry shampoos until another blog, so hold onto your follicles! 

According to, even dermatologists say: 

“Dermatologists told Insider overusing the product can cause hair loss. Dry shampoo buildup on the scalp can trap bacteria, causing hair follicle inflammation in the form of pimples or cysts. The cysts dry out and become scabs, disrupting hair follicles and leading to hair loss, dermatologists said.” 

But it doesn’t stop there. 

It gets worse for hair loss! 

Typically, a dry shampoo user has already got other products in their hair and this chemical soup is already blocking natural hair growth. 

With the already chemical filth, you then spray another layer of follicle choking slurry called dry shampoo! 

Here’s what else the above dermatologists had to say in the Insider article: 

Dry shampoo that contains alcohol can also dry out the hair shaft, which causes hair to stick together, dermatologist Marnie Nussbaum told Glamour. Nussbaum said hair that sticks together falls out in a greater quantity through natural shedding and brushing compared to healthy hair.

So, the joke is on the user! (Big manufacturers don’t care because they look forward to you buying their joke collection of hair growth products eventually!  Another horrible story for another time! Want a head start to what’s going on, check out the info on page 59  of “Menopause and Hair Growth Exposed: Lose the Fear of Hair Loss!” 

Trying to look like you have more hair, using the so-called hair helping solution dry shampoo, you are killing off even more growth, losing more hair than the law allows, and drying out the few strands that are left! 

ALSO, we are not even talking about the long-term damage to your follicles from the bacterial infection that occurs. Especially if you don’t even know that’s what’s really going on, and it gets way out of hand! 

If you’re not scared yet, you should be. 

If you think that dry shampoo is good, you’ll either have to check back with us about the other layers of problems (as mentioned earlier) or just bookmark this page for when you start losing hair at alarming rates and NEED our emergency help!  Hopefully it won’t be too late for you.

So for now, stop using dry shampoo. 

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Dry Shampoos if you want Hair Loss or Bacterial Scalp Infection: Dermatologists Blow Whistle Finally!
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