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Here’s what we’re going to uncover and discover about menopause hair loss:

(Belegenza is not responsible for hair lost while reading this book of infuriating information!)

  •  What are the 7 misconceptions of hair care leading to hair loss?
  •  How does menopause affect my hair?
  •  5 secrets the big shampoo companies don’t want you to know.
  •  5 questions to ask any shampoo manufacturer.
  •  7 ways to stop hair loss during menopause.
  •  The worst things you can put in your hair.
  •  Key natural ingredients all hair growth oils must have.
  •  Why popping pills doesn’t work.
  •  Words from Certified Experts.


Dedicated to awesome hair for everyone!

Alan & Cheryl pull back the curtain on the manufacturers that already hate them.

The best news is that you’ll fall in love with Alan & Cheryl  for exposing the truth about how the market is rigged to keep you losing just enough hair, and to be dependent on their trickery.

You will be shocked and even disgusted while reading, but
thrilled that you will never be tricked again! 

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“Dear Alan and Cheryl, 

         I’m writing to congratulate you on your most informative new book: “Menopause and Hair Growth Exposed!”. What a concise and very easy to understand compilation of all that anyone would need to know in order to begin or continue in a journey to more and healthy hair. I’m a molecular biologist, and obviously found your book practically a Bible of information that would convince anyone to use your safe/healthy products to enhance her hair! Of course, this book was written for women, but surely men would also be aided by your products and I am happy to see that you are writing another book specific to the male audience. A tip of the hat, wait, no need to think about wearing a hat, with Belegenza awesome hair products. 
Thank you for your allegiance to all of us, 
Sheila Johnstone”
Sheila Johnstone-Molecular Biologist

The best part is that you will come to understand and celebrate fully in
Alan’s & Cheryl’s belief that:

Life is Easier with Awesome Hair. 

Don’t lose another hair before you order your copy now.

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Definitive Guide Before, During & After Menopause Hair Loss & Hair Growth




Menopause and Hair Growth EXPOSED
Lose the Fear of Hair Loss by Alan Eschenburg & Cheryl Wright






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“This book is a definite bombshell on the whole hair and food industries amongst others.  It is such a wealth of information.  After reading the first chapter, I bought another 8 books & had them sent to loved ones.  

While reading the book, I had to keep in mind the wonderful saying, “Don’t get mad at the game, just learn how to play.”  The information that is revealed was maddening at times, since I felt bamboozled; at the same time, I recognized I was educating myself so that would no longer happen, thanks to Belegenza!   You are producing products that have us looking and feeling great; and now we have the education to back it.

You guys are awesome!”–Grace Ratto, RN: Founder of NitFlix Lice Prevention Products







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Menopause and Hair Loss EXPOSED by Alan Eschenburg & Cheryl Wright , Menopause and Hair Growth, menopause and hair loss, menopause hair loss

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