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How to Grow Thicker Hair : The Natural Key

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Do Blondes have more fun?
Do Blondes have more hair?

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We’ve heard all the dumb blonde jokes.

Hmmm…  Maybe we have to face it– blondes have gotten a bad rap.

Yet a lot of people at one time or another have wanted to be blonde or
at least wonder if its what they say
it is!


Did you know that females with natural blonde hair feel they have less hair that brunettes or redheads?

How one feels about something is one thing,

AND, as you know the facts are something else!

Scientists have discovered blondes actually have more hair (which means more follicles)  than brunettes or redheads.


Blondes have approximately 120,000-147,000 hairs on their heads
compared to their darker-haired friends,
who have 100,000-120,000.

It just appears thinner giving the illusion of less hair, due to the
perception of the light vs. dark color molecules

Think of clear filament, like fishing line.
Because fishing line is typically clear, it’s harder to see than brown or black twine of the same size.

AND then there are those fiery reds.

It turns out redheads typically have the least amount of hair/follicles…. but red’s typically are the largest individual hairs and the strongest.

That is why redheads
have such a healthy look.

——So the real question is—–

How to Grow Thicker Hair vs. How to Grow Healthier Hair

Healthier hair of any color is the best and most desired hair.  It also
has the most options. So, NOTHING is going to
increase the number of follicles on the head….ever.  (Even transplanted follicles come from the total amount of follicles you are born with… removed from the back of the head and transplanted on the top of the head) .

how to grow thicker hair
Dark hair appears thicker.
Is it really thicker??

~~~So, the real keys to hair growth and how to grow thicker hair are:

Be sure that EACH and every follicle is producing at max levels

Be sure your follicles have the best building blocks being fed by your food and water intake.

Be sure your follicles are in the “awake & growing” phase

Be sure the scalp is CLEAR of the thinning agents!  (Silicone Avoid List FREE info)

Be sure you look at all things affecting your hair growth on a 24/7 basis ( 12 Everyday Things Affecting Hair Thinning/ Hair Growth FREE info) 

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~~~It’s all good, right?

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