Having survived, you are now on a new path: hair growth after chemo!


Before, during & after, we nurture you and your hair every step of the way. Whether it’s doing all you can before treatments, being as kind and gentle to your hair during treatment, or starting your new lease on life with your new hair and growth, we’re here.  All you have to do is use these food extracts, guaranteed to be perfect at all phases of your progress!  Let us make life a little easier while you deal with your health and well being.  We’re here and we’re an email or phone call away…

What’s the solution?

Before chemo:  Eliminate as many chemicals, especially chemical silicones, as possible.

During chemo: Whether hair is lost or not, treat your scalp and follicles so that they are primed and ready to grow once all treatments are complete.

After chemo: While detoxing from treatments, welcome your new (and sometimes different) hair to a new world FREE of chemicals forever!


Natural formulations without harsh chemicals

As Chemo has been eradicating cancer cells, it takes its toll on your sensitive hair follicles–this may be why Chemo is almost synonymous with “hair loss.”

Fighting cancer is more than enough to deal with–so it makes sense to alleviate any more chemicals, like hair products, that don’t add “insult to injury.”

Sulfates, silicones, parabens, acrylates, dimethicone, paba, polymers, and even gluten gets left behind and embedded.  These left-behind ingredients burden your already taxed follicles, and after long, can permanently damage your chances of fully recovering your hair. Don’t worry though, when we show you how to prepare properly, your hair will have the best chances for a full recovery and maybe even grow back the best hair you’ve ever had!  Don’t you have enough to stress out about?  Let us take care of your hair, as we have for thousands and thousands….and relax about this department!

With all the fallout that goes along with managing a life threatening situation, you deserve kind and gentle care along the way, right?

Now you can satisfy your hair and follicles’ needs like never before.  (Doctors pay most attention to the “medicine” aspect and rightfully so!  Their focus is not so much in making people FEEL and LOOK good along the way and that’s where we focus to help you keep a positive attitude while they get their jobs done for you.)

Natural ingredients, refined by new technology that have been proven to work, in a base that is gentle and effective.
When you want safety and results, Belegenza gives you:

  • Safe, premium shampoos & conditioners made from natural food ingredients
  • Gentle Food-based Products that bring out the best of your new hair
  • Specialty products that help you deal with your new texture & growth
  • Support as you nurture your hair throughout the changes
  • Builds your confidence as your hair looks & feels awesome
  • A new world of nourishment for your new hair and new life!

The 5 Key products designed for results you now want:

GrowOut Shampoo

A never-before-done shampoo made from natural ingredients that provide hair follicles powerful nutrition. Anagen phase (growth phase) enhanced via anchoring molecules responsible for holding hairs in follicle long-term.  Encourages maximum growth & strength without side-effects. Free of SLS, Salt, Parabens, PABA, Gluten, Silicones, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Sulfates, Phthalates and more!

DraMatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner  and weekly RoMANce Deep Conditioning
These conditioners are made from natural ingredients from pristine sea extracts and moisture “attractors” (humectants)  provide maximum strength, moisture balance and body, especially in fine hair.

DraMatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner:  by using each shampoo day for ongoing delivery of nutrition to each strand, and to insure flexibility of hair (battles brittleness) and superior body, your hair can now grow longer rather than breaking off in your growing phase!

RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment is a weekly conditioning treatment that provides more moisture and core structure to your hair for long term length, shine and strength, virtually eliminating split ends as you grow out!

GrowOut Scalp Energizing Spray  provides your follicles powerful growing ingredients at all times. By using this daily, whether you shampoo with GrowOUT Shampoo or not, apply directly to the areas where you desire more growth.  The “Nozzler” applicator directs concentrated “stack of growth factors” to the scalp and follicles.  Also refreshes hair on non-shampoo days!

PerForm Control Styling Gel gives all textures of hair a refined finish without acrylates, plasticizers, or silicone derivatives which may clog follicles over time. Eliminating a layer of chemical residue on your scalp and follicles allows these rare seaweed protein extracts from pristine remote oceans to wrap into the hair to provide body, moisture and shine. Maintain style control even as your texture changes while it grows in.  Fine hair? This is certainly great on fine hair, as it gives new body and style-ability!

When you see your hair looking great, growing in beautifully, you will be glad you trusted Belegenza and will keep coming back!

“I just wanted to let you know kind of a testimony that during the phases of Chemo and detox afterwards. I never had any problems with my skin especially drying out.  I usually do not use lotion and haven’t needed to. Since I’ve started using Illustrious years ago it has kept my hair & skin in balance and as balanced as balance can be during the experience of the ovarian cancer and chemo treatments.         Knowing that our skin is our biggest detox organ, the ability of Illustrious to assist my skin in keeping up with that process of clearing the chemo (especially for me, having people constantly working energetically on me) had to come out of every pore of my body.  Thanks for all the research, time and energy that you’ve put into your products, I totally appreciate and am very grateful.”       ~~ J.E.,  Kensington, CT

Of course, with all you’ve had to deal with during your chemo and healing process, this can be a bit overwhelming.  But, don’t worry.  We’ll take care of you and your hair.  First, though, let us make it easy for you!

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