Best Humidity Blocker for Hair : NOT silicone or oil

The secret to the best humidity blocker for hair is moisture in the right places. 


It’s NOT oil. 

It’s NOT silicone. 

It’s NOT shea butter. 

It’s NOT coconut oil. 

And  it certainly is NOT excessive heat! 

It’s a balance of moisture which is water IN the hair. 

Not enough to keep it wet, but just enough to keep the hair interior flexible.

Once that is done perfectly, the inner core, where the curl bonds (cysteine) are no longer suck the water from the air (humidity.)

Then the biggest secret we know that Belegenza shows so well, is that it must have a permeable seal.

What’s a permeable seal? 

A covering that is water proof from one side ( the outside) and moisture loving on the inside.

We learned this lesson from natural plants that know how to keep their moisture, no matter how hot, yet still flexible.

It was AND IS a miracle that only Belegenza is able to do because it’s just too expensive for them to use.

We don’t spare the cost of perfection, which gives you the advantage of perfect hair 24/7.

If you like being nervous when it rains, keep using other products.

If you demand perfection and confidence, Belegenza is for you! 

How many times have you wished you had the best humidity blocker for hair?

Confidence is priceless, if you ask us.

What about YOU? 

Take me to the Hair Growth after Chemo Package


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Belegenza products satisfy and balance hair’s inner moisture levels making them the best humidity blockers for hair. 
Humidity is no longer an issue.
For extreme humidity, use Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker, and/or Taffy as your styling cream.

I can’t tell you how much embarrassment I suffered in South Texas humidity and heat.  I may have been an awesome musician and performer, but back then, when I’d finally see myself in the mirror, it was just humiliating to see the bush of hair on my head!

Remember, to fill the hair properly FIRST….

Be sure to use RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment fill the inner core of your hair. When that part is “empty,” it naturally pulls moisture from the air, and that’s the main problem that it solves.

Top products?

These all work together to give you confidence you’ve always wished for!

Taffy Styling Cream
SpotLite Shine Serum
PerForm Control Styling Gel
Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker
RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment

And, if you tint or relax or perm…. YOU MUST HAVE the ultimate

VirgINity Hair Repair. 

It’s beyond a conditioner, and you’ll see when you supercharge your hair after a chemical treatment for even BETTER hair than natural hair!


VirgINity Hair Repair Treatment Intense Leave In Conditioner


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Best Humidity Blocker for Hair : NOT silicone or oil

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