Dr. Peter Osborne in our books is one of the best functional doctors on the planet.

Cheryl and I know, thanks to hearing about him “in the beauty shop!”  As you know, we always know that everything you need to know you’ll find out in the beauty shop and this one is absolute proof of it!

So, let’s jump in!
Here’s a bunch of facts collected from him, that are short, sweet and super accurate, pointing to the methodology and logic in his approach.
From an email, this expert approach leads you from a few symptoms to a logical place to focus. 

Dr. Osborne, “Because Vitamin C is linked to several functions within the body, a lack of it in the diet can cause major issues.
With a close relationship with collagen, a deficiency may cause bleeding gums, varicose veins, muscle reduction, muscle, tendon, and ligament issues, slow healing, and easy bruising.
With its link to immunity and neurotransmitters, a deficiency can also cause recurring infections and depression.

Furthermore, a lack of this nutrient can lead to:

  • High blood pressure
  • Gallbladder problems
  • Inability to burn fat for fuel properly
  • Inability to metabolize adrenaline leading to hyper anxiety
  • Estrogen dominance in women leading a thyroid problem

It’s worth noting that these symptoms typically develop over a period of weeks to months when there is a prolonged lack of vitamin C in the diet. If you suspect you have a vitamin C deficiency, you can confirm it through Intracellular Nutritional Testing.

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What’s fascinating is that in the salon, it’s very common for someone to mention they are having difficulty losing weight, or hormonal imbalances, menopausal symptoms and all.  Most of those lead to hair thinning, but that shows up when it’s just a little too late! 

So, with Dr. Osborne’s approach and testing, you can zero-in on the root cause, and do something about it NOW rather than suffering along with hair thinning that gets worse and worse. 
We’ve been the proud recipients of his lectures, testing and expertise and highly recommended his approach! 

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