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• When you want thicker, fuller looking hair
• Nourish your scalp & maximize hair condition as it grows
• Add strength & shine that commands compliments
• Safe for chemically treated hair

“I’ve tried so much, I think if I could just try a few products at first, I would be happier.”

Absolutely!  We get it!

A great way to experience Belegenza. Unlike all the others you find in stores, salons, and even beauty supply houses, Belegenza is clearly in a category of its own!  We warn you now, though…. you will become obsessed with Belegenza as your hair responds better and better every time you use it!

Until you fall in love with the results produced by Belegenza GrowOUT, you can now invest in your hair growth with these rich products at a very economical price.

Belegenza’s essential hair growth starter set includes:

• GrowOut Shampoo & Strengthener
• DraMatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner

Win Free Products by Subscribing to Newsletter1. GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener
This naturally derived gentle shampoo cleanses cosmetic & chemical residue. By removing salon and popular common products (conditioners/gels/hairsprays), it is now possible for your scalp to “breathe” and do what it does best….grow hair! It’s the obvious choice!

Free of synthetic chemicals, GrowOUT clearly leaves your hair fresher–longer. By using regularly, your scalp now balances—follicles are satisfied, and get a super serving of many ingredients, masterfully crafted to satisfy.  Other companies may use effective ingredients, but cannot deliver due to the conventional, cheap base (silicone) they put it in.  GrowOUT definitely delivers due to its food-grade purity, compatible with all genetic types of scalp, follicles and hair.  By using exclusively for  30 days, your hair responds to food grade goodness, and becomes obvious. Now, you can start your day happily looking in the mirror! Find your new growth by looking for short new “pointed” hairs at the scalp & hairline! No more counting hairs in the drain because….

There’s nothing like the excitement you will feel when you see your new hairs awakening!  

2. Dramatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner
By including exotic seaweed extracts to strengthen each individual hair strand, your scalp is moisturized, pH balanced, while adding “springy” body to each strand of hair. Unbelievably fine hair can now be conditioned restoring flexibility & style support due to inner strength, rather than an oily/silicone coverup. For all other textures you will now have the perfect balance of daily conditioning, detangling and shine, while still allowing the power of GrowOUT’s nutrition to be delivered to each and every follicle! And, of course, it’s not just color safe, it’s shows your color off, too!

Experience hair like you’ve never felt before by using this unique combination of ingredients.
By focusing on the core of your hair, your hair will now feel and look fuller.
Day by day, you will notice more & better results, and now join thousands of satisfied Belegenza GrowOUT customers!

“Hi Alan & Cheryl,I just want to let you know how much I love your products.  I don’t know if you knew that I was diagnosed with Valley Fever and had a rough two years.  I was on such heavy duty medications that my hair was falling out in big patches.  It was so bad that I had to wear a bandana to cover it.  After using your products for the past year and a half,  I am happy to say my hair has grown in beautifully and no need for bandanas!  My girlfriend commented on how thick my hair is now and asked what I was using.  I think she will now start using Belegenza also.  Just wanted you to know how much I love your product and glad you are doing so well.

Love, Jenna”
By ordering these now get you started quickly and easily, towards thicker, fuller hair.
Grow your hair


– with detangling and light conditioning (especially useful for fine hair) , with this easy-to-use shampoo & conditioner.

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Thinning hair doesn’t rest.  Day by day, it can get worse. So, thinking about it or waiting is simply choosing to continue to have thinner hair.  Then, there is trying new products.  It’s always a bit of a gamble as well.  Here’s the deal.   Clearly you are interested in doing what you can for your hair, and for your peace and wellbeing.   Obviously, we’ve made something that no other company can offer the way we do.  Certainly, you want results.   It’s time to take a chance and get started with this incredible deal, and find out for yourself.

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7 reviews for Hair~Growth Starter Set*

  1. L. Smith

    I have been using this along with the entire grow out system on my 6yr old daughter for 1.5 years. She has SAS and her hair has gone from fragile scarce wisps to thick curls. I am a believer!

  2. Rachel, Hollywood

    Well, these two got me hooked, even though at first, my hair was tangling a lot. It combed out easily, but immediately it seemed worse, until I would blowdry it. After about a week because I have to shampoo daily, or otherwise my hair is flat, it started to tangle less and less. I always had some tangles, as a kid and young adult, but now, I barely tangle at all. Now I use these and the gel, and wish I had discovered these sooner! Plus, I do think my hair is growing faster.

  3. Nicholle, AL

    I always use this now. I’ve always had fine hair and it had started thinning during college. My mom stuffed my stocking with this last year, and my hair is fuller, thicker and grows better than ever. I now wear it to my middle back and love it! Thanks, Mom and Belegenza!

  4. M.L.B., Austin

    I tried another brand that had no sulfates, no silicones, and no this and that, but I’m back to GrowOUT and Belegenza and I like it! Though the other made me feel clean, it never left my hair feeling quite right. Now, I use Belegenza, and my hair feels and looks great, and not only that, it has lasted me 3 months already. I’m just now running out, and getting my next set of products. Awesome hair, and awesome value!

  5. M.T., Miami Beach

    Thanks for all your assistance. Belegenza was a “Show stopper” at the event today. The guest were intrigue with your products and promised to visit the web site and tell others of this amazing break through in hair care.

    My hair loves being pampered. I must purchase more products!

    Alan and Cheryl congrats on this award winning product.

    BELEGENZA your the best!!!

  6. Kaylee

    I really like it! I think it is making my hair stronger and getting a little longer but nothing huge. My natural curls are definitely coming back when I get out of the shower, which I haven’t had for a long time!

  7. Cheryl P

    As a cancer survivor, who had no hair at all for over a year and a half while in treatment, you can imagine the hope that I had that would someday have hair again… I have hair and instead of coming in thicker than before, it is thin. I prefer natural products and so was attracted to your ad that I saw when checking my Facebook account. I have just now started using the products (Hair Growth Starter Set) and can already feel a difference in hair texture. Thanks for making a product that I feel safe using. 

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