Pool Time with Olivia Wilde

With summer behind us that means the end to beach and pool time. Did you have fun in the sun? Just know that both can do damage to your hair but let’s concentrate on pool fun and how to get back your gorgeous locks. If you’ve suffered from dry, brittle hair from too much chlorine […]

Vitamin A and Chemotherapy Hair Loss

Chemotherapy certainly kills cancer. It destroys rapidly dividing cells which include both cancer cells and healthy cells.

Some of the fastest-growin…

Critical 68-Day Window After Chemotherapy Hair Loss

If your scalp is being bombarded by certain common chemicals & chemotherapy drugs you may be inadvertently signaling to the follicles that there’s no hope. Of course, with the chemotherapy attacking the rapidly dividing cells (cells that divide in 12-72 hours which are cancers and hair cells), you want to make sure you are not […]