Ready for a hilarious rollercoaster through the twisted world of restaurant secrets!?

Picture this: A teenage me, Alan, slinging pancakes at the local pancake house known as The Village Inn. A corporate franchise in our little town, it was a place of culinary chaos and fast-paced gastric drama!hair growth, hair loss, faster hair growth,

Our boss, Bill Voltz, chain-smoker,  was a hoot!

His battle cry: “FOOD COSTS!”

This guy’s strategy was serving portions so tiny they made atoms look massive.

He’d then have us camouflage the plate with enough (sometimes fresh) parsley sprigs to feed a rabbit army.

Behind the food window, between the service and cooking sides, I’d watch the cooks spray non-stick “oils” like they were preparing for an Olympic ice hockey match.

These oils were supposed to replace the ones with dreaded chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) oil sprays harming the ozone layer.

But boy, were they up to something sneakier than a raccoon in a cookie jar. 

Enter silicone, the secret nemesis.

Silicone wasn’t even in hair products YET…. it was making its debut in your favorite restaurant meals!

And, don’t think the silicone industry is all innocent.

It all came about as fast as lightening….. one day silicone was a food service spray, and the next minute we were introducing it as the magic elixxir for mass market hair care! 

The clever suppliers of silicone hooked not just the beauty industry but also every restaurant and food joint in the world on their slick products. 

Still skeptical?

Let me recount a story from last year: Cheryl, her hubby, Larry, and I stayed at a hotel with a “self-service” breakfast. The smell of freshly-made waffles was tempting enough to tempt a diabetic saint!

But when I reached for the cooking spray, I was met with an ingredient list that could make a chemist blush: Water, Silicone, Polysorbate 80, Propylene Glycol, Ethyl & Propyl Paraben, and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.
And no, this wasn’t a hair product mix-up; it was food service product!

Say goodbye to your trusty P*A*M at home. 😲

But wait, there’s more!

We know sugar, flour, eggs, and oil teamed up with fake maple-flavored corn syrup create a metabolic disaster.

However, our bodies have ways to handle it, albeit begrudgingly.

But silicone derivatives for food?

Our bodies throw up their hands in surrender, leaving us to deal with this synthetic menace.

Even if you ask a doctor or nutritionist, they’ll parrot the FDA line, claiming it’s harmless.

But we know better!… and we’re blowing the whistle for your benefit, now! 

Could these unprocessed silicone goblins be responsible for lurking in those pesky tumors? That’s a tale for another day, dear friends!

By the way, did you know that caulk is made of silicone?

Caulk… that questionable stuff lining a tub or worse yet a toilet….
Just another visual to help you along the way of realizing the  awful concept of silicone being used in WAY TOO MANY WRONG WAYS!  ….(said improperly, but accurately!) 

Imagine what’s happening inside your innocent, well-intentioned hair follicles when you slather them in silicone.

Thinning hair and baldness could give way to a whole new trend – shiny scalps!

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