Your Scalp is Your Skin

It needs soothing care.

Rather than forcing a result, our compatible ingredients gently encourage your scalp to do what it does best…grow hair.

We remove any harsh ingredients. Your scalp can relax. It will use its energy to heal and grow hair.

Our treatment overcomes:

  • oily problems
  • dry problems
  • Itchy issues
  • patchy hair
  • red scalp
  • or simply slow-growing scalp conditions.

Scalp issues can be created from nerves, stress, synthetic residues from products, and/or allergies to synthetic ingredients.

Belegenza offers a specialized bundle of products for scalp conditions

Or purchase the following recommended products:

Recommended Shampoos

GrowOut Shampoo

Recommended Conditioner

DraMatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner   and weekly RoMANce Deep Conditioning

Recommended Leave-in Conditioners

Encore Leave-in Conditioner or VirglNity Hair Repair Treatment

Recommended Styling Aids

GrowOut Scalp Nutrient Spray, PerForm Control Styling Gel, Spotlite Shine Serum, Simply Straight Progressive Straightener, or Taffy Style Cream

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