Intro to How To Fix Winter Damaged Hair

With all that is going on in the world and high inflation,
you don’t need the added frustration of dry, frizzy, and damaged hair from the winter elements.

The dry, cold air outside and indoor heating can strip your hair of its natural oils and internal moisture, causing it to be dry and brittle.

Top this with a blowdryer, a flat iron and wand and
you’ll be praying for some summer weather fast!  

Many just wear hats or scarves to cover up their bad hair,
but the constant friction can just lead to hair breaking and
becoming more damaged.

Fortunately, we have the steps you need to take to repair your hair.

How To Fix Winter Damaged Hair in 5 EASY Steps

*****Before you continue reading, it’s important to note that we are not medical professionals, and we are not giving any medical advice.*****

There are several actions you can take to repair hair that has been damaged by winter:

1. Moisturize:
Use a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week and stay away from silicone, dimethicone and cyclopentasiloxane! (Coats and causes long-term dryness).
RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment will fill the core of the hair with advanced moisturizing extracts, amino acids, and premium botanicals that are all food-grade which means compatible and SAFE!
RoMANce by Belegenza restores flexibility.
Increases super strength and
use to add shine INTO damaged hair.
Not just a surface gloss like silicone derivatives. 

2. Use heat protection:
To help prevent further damage to your hair when styling,
it’s crucial that you
use a leave-in heat-protectant again that is silicone, dimethicone and cyclopentasiloxane free.
The ultimate,  EnCore Leave-in Conditioner
by Belegenza, will protect up to 400 Fahrenheit and maximize the strength and moisture balance of your hair and
especially help the ends of hair from becoming burned and brittle

3. Avoid harsh chemicals: It’s vital you avoid harsh chemicals in your hair care routine. You must use gentle, natural, and nourishing hair care products. Make sure they are SLS (sodium laurel sulfate) free and chemical-free, and nasties free. AND most importantly, be sure you avoid silicone and its dastardly derivatives that can seep down into the follicle to choke hair growth and disrupt the anchoring molecules of the hair.
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To take the guesswork out of which products are
best for your hair care routine, we’ve put together the Restore Hair: Dry, Brittle, Split Ends package.

4. Regular hair trimming:
Have your hair trimmed regularly can help remove the damaged or split ends, preventing any further damage from traveling up the hair shaft.
Be sure your haircutter only cuts 1/16th of an inch if you plan on
growing your hair out.
Doing that every 4 weeks can
result in a whopping 6 inches of length in a year! 

5. Humidify:
To help prevent dry, damaged hair use a humidifier in your home and office to add moisture back into the air.

Conclusion to How To Fix Winter Damaged Hair in 5 EASY Steps

With everything that you have to be concerned with on a daily basis,
you don’t need the added concern if your hair care products are harmful and causing more damage.

We, at Belegenza, are continuously researching to provide you with the best, safest products possible. 

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