Celebrites, like Leonardo DiCaprio, Julia Roberts, and Celine Dion, have always flocked to beach homes.

The waves,
the sun,
the SAND.

It’s a great way to live as I’m sure you’ll agree.
Sand at the beach – we’ll just say fabulous.

While the sand between your toes is good,
there is another sand which can be hurting you.

Sand in your hair is definitely bad. Listen up, because you’ve probably got some in your bathroom right now!

How we know is that 93% of all hair products are made with this SAND!

It’s called many names that end in “-cone!

Dimethicone:(Silicone derivatives)–leave cosmetic residue made of sand on scalp and hair for shine/detangling—and follicle clogging

Hushed by big business, these cheap derivatives touted as natural are derived from silica/sand!

Making new versions all the time, these questionable versions, shinier versions, slicker versions, have no history collected to prove their dangers—YET! 

Don’t talk about it lodging into the follicles to smother your hair follicles to death

Yet, because of silicone’s relatively new appearance on the scene, its long-term effects are still undocumented. 

Silicones are in their infancy in personal care, and should be considered dangerous until proven innocent in the long term. 

With researchers suspecting diseases linked to silicones, don’t wait til
it’s too late! 

Why gamble on your delicate hair growth?

If Leonardo’s hair is any indication, he stays away from silicone.

Now be sure you do!

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Don’t your follicles deserve it?
Don’t YOU deserve it?

Invest in your follicles now
before it’s too late
to revive them

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