My FAVORITE organic hair growth products changed – why did they do that?


“New and Improved???   I don’t think so!”

“I’ve been using these organic hair products for 10 years before anyone even knew about them.  Now it’s in the drugstores and everywhere, but they changed the formula… Why did they do that? ” 

Here’s our comparison of cooking vs. making organic hair growth products….and such! 


If you’ve ever cooked a meal for yourself, you understand ingredients, especially if you’re an organic type.

Excellent ingredients can go a long way in making a tasty dish, even if you’re not so good at cooking.

Cooking for someone else, brings a whole new attention, right?

organic, hair growth products
Do you feed your hair as well as your dinner guests?
Hair Growth

Will they like what I’m making?
Will it taste as good?
Did I add enough salt? Spice?

Then, you invite a few others over for a dinner party…  (even if you Uber Eats Deliver)

Did I get enough for everyone?

What kind of ingredients did they use?

Does it have gluten? MSG? ETC…

What’s the point?

The more you cook, prepare and serve the more complicated the concerns get, right?

This is why we did all the work to make organic solutions easy for YOU!

Successful organic hair growth products change for BIG reasons!

When a small company makes a small-batch customized, craft-product, quality control is rather simple.

Even if it’s organic, you have the control of those ingredients done a certain way in manageable portions.

BUT, as you serve more “products,” then you have to store the leftovers and store them so they don’t spoil.

With  organic hair growth products, it’s manageable, but then the variables begin to cause some production problems.

Is that Coconut oil still fresh?

Is that Argan oil rancid?

Did the product get too cold overnight and separate into a gummy soup of organic mush?

After it gets unmanageable because so many people are buying these organic hair products, a deep pocket-genius-marketing-smarty-pants comes along and offers to buy you out… or at least INVEST…  ( never really a silent investor).

It makes sense.

New packages

New branding

New larger “kitchens” to make it in.

New this and that…

BUT, now, deep pocket-genius-marketing-smarty-pants shows you:

The ingredient costs are TOO high to make any money

The ingredients don’t last on the shelves and warehouses long enough for Ulta, WalMart, Sephora to maintain.

So, the OBVIOUS answer is to re-formulate organic hair products with “expiration date-less” ingredients.l

Now, what would typically spoil at 6 months can now last for 3-5 years!

Plus, those ingredients are CHEAPER!


Silicones (Silicone Derivatives : Avoid List)


Salt (enhances lathering cheaply)

Fillers (cheap way to make it creamy)

Water (duh….)

Rice filler

and the list goes on.

Then the next big expense that goes on for the next few decades is the marketing geniuses who spin the truth about the products through marketing lies and trickery.

Tragedies in our books begin with Aveda. It may have been the first of organic hair growth products.  I (Alan) remember meeting Horst in New Orleans in 1983, when he introduced his first versions of oils and truly natural/organic hair products. I remember distinctly when, after giving his life to cleaning up the beauty industry, his brilliant company was sold off to Estee Lauder. The END.

Burts Bee’s?  Another success eventually sold to Clorox, and now a brilliantly marketed imposter/”new and improved version” of what Burt had done organically.  The sheer volume of success that Burt’s Bees had been able to produce was too expensive and difficult. With its new corporate structure, watering it down in silicone-types, and fillers with a BRILLIANT marketing LIES  campaign is what you can find in  Whole Foods & Walmart types…  The END.

The stories go on.

It makes logical sense and we get it.

So, if you love hair growth products that stay ahead of the game with purity, perfection and true to the originating principles,
you’ll LOVE Belegenza.

And, when we get too big and the “deep pocket-genius-marketing-smarty-pants” people come after us…..
… You’ll know the story of how organic hair products are ruined for the masses of mass market.

We have a plan for afterwards, so don’t worry your hair out of your head!
We’ll keep you in the loop as
you come back to Belegenza again and again! 

And, for any “deep pocket-genius-marketing-smarty-pants” folks reading this…
Play all your aces, cuz the big boys have tried…
… and we won and keep winning for the people who demand hair growth products & hair perfection!

For those of you who’ve not already partaken of Belegenza
You and your hair already know and show off the truth!

Welcome to the top of the hair game! Belegenza.


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