What could 2 blonde Czech American people know about multi-textured/ethnic hair?

It is time for us to clear the h- air!     We get questions every day about how well our products work on certain textures of hair.  But with today’s “freedom” of speech/politically charged correctness, we’ve been shy to print on our site these things.   So, for today, we refer to it as Black and African American hair, and ask that you include that this may be outdated or updated soon!  Read past the labels and get to the real issue as we have with the real ‘architecture’ of hair!Chaka Kahn  Alan Cheryl 2IMG_3630Asia Monet Ray 4.CR2IMG_3586Malina Moye Alan.CR2IMG_3699Sheryl Lee Ralph Alan.CR2201404021628  Sojourner McBride trio women 971347_10152800291647516_555350103472151137_nEmmy dWesley Jonathan Cheryl Alan Emmys1IMG_3590Penny Johnson Sign.CR2

 AN excerpt from Belegenza: Curly Hair

Special note to our Multi-Cultural clients and customers–With respect and all political correctness, we realize from phone calls and emails that it seems we haven’t addressed what is referred to as African American or Black Hair.   The most common question is:

“I’ve got Black hair. Do these work on my hair?”


In fact, these are the most highly refined products that feed the hair and scalp better than any classically marketed products for this category of brands on the market.  Most products are based either on mineral oil, coconut oil, and in the past decade shea butter mixed with silicone…. all of which “sit” on the surface of the hair, and are generally too heavy and clog the follicles as well.  Hair gets dirty faster, fine hair can’t perform under the weight of these oils, and the scalp’s follicles have a hard time growing hair through these cheap ingredients.  Quite honestly, we are appalled at how cheaply these products continue to be, but that is the magic of celebrities and bottles, boxes, and slick marketing to fool people into paying good money for junk. (There. We said it.)   When you feel Belegenza ingredients IN your hair, you will experience a whole new world of satisfaction and beauty.  Yes, we use coconut.  We use a seriously lightweight version of coconut that fills the hair–not coat it with the gloppy cheap versions.   All of the ingredients we use are very refined, so that they work WITH your hair by filling the microscopic damage sites.   If that’s not enough, we use NO silicone derivatives, so that your follicles are safe!  Silicones are the new cover-up!  Cover the damage, cover the hair, cover the scalp.  We address the real issues.  We feed the hair.  Your scalp which is part of your skin, a living organ, is nourished, not covered!  It’s no wonder countless customers shout in glee about their hair growth.   It may look on the surface that our products are unknown, expensive, and just another natural product that contains coconut, and few fancy common natural ingredients.  These products are highly refined extracts of each ingredient, blended to perfection to address the very core of all textures of hair, especially those most in need, like fragile relaxed and tinted hair that is susceptible to breakage and damage.  With this attention to detail, it’s no wonder that Belegenza is the product of choice in the Hollywood and finest salon circles.   Why don’t you hear about us more?  Because people with big names have big contracts with big lawyers who pay big money for them to lie to you about the cheap products in beautiful packages in the big stores and big commercials.

Who is in their hair, though?  Who is in the hair and makeup trailers?  Who is in the supply houses to Hollywood?  Who’s ON the red carpet at the awards shows?


  When you are ready for excellence and the truth about what the finest stylists are reaching for, you will reach for Belegenza, just like they do!

As seen on Curly Hair