Lice Products VS Chicken Soup


Lice Products

Don’t you check the ingredients on foods you buy for yourself and your family?

You are probably even more careful than ever when it comes to skin care, hair care, right?

And, if you’ve had the shock of having to KILL LICE on your precious children, it’s an assumption that POISONS are involved!

Sure it’s got a pretty label, and bottle, and website that makes it look like a …. fairy tale to KILL LICE.

But, it’s pretty clear that it is CONFUSING and in the heat of the emergency… JUST GET ME SOME RESULTS, right?

With the conventional products from the drugstores and websites, you know you are buying poisons.  They don’t lie about it.

But what about the new category of SAFE natural products?

It’s multifold.

The F* D* A  imposes lots of rules about how to NOT make any claims.  So, even if it’s a SAFE natural ingredient, those companies can’t say so.  That would be a medical claim that it kills lice and natural companies can’t tell you the truth that it really works if it doesn’t have drugs in it.

The other problem that natural companies have is that they have to list ALL the ingredients.  This is a funny one.  It actually shows YOU the consumer that the AMOUNT of active ingredients is told by the list, and often times has to be told, like on Amazon, the percentages of the active ingredients.

So, here’s where Chicken Soup for Lice happens!

My Italian Father was raised around The Great Depression.
He’d say….

“Chicken Soup?  That’s-a what we called it.. but-a    …..  it-a was-a skinny chicken swished in the boiling  water for five-a whole minutes… what’s that?  Hot-a chicken water, no?! “

This is the technique that companies have to resort to when making LICE KILLING products that don’t have poisons in them.

I don’t know about most, but what I do know is that when my daughter, Jenne and I had lice…. we wanted POTENT products that worked!

I’m all for a healthy earth, and didn’t dare put my sweet baby in harm’s way.

BUT, as my Nurse Grace I gotta have results now kicked in.  As my head was being shaved, I made a pact with myself that I’d find a way to NEVER have LICE again, nor would I have my dear Jenne have it either.

So, that’s when I started my mission for lice PREVENTION… naturally!

I found out how expensive my idea was… and is…

But, poisons are NOT an option for me and for parents like me.

We know that poisons may work, but there are side effects of toxicity that are NOT okay with me.

As I researched other products that were natural, I found out that they were my Italian Father’s Great Depression Chicken Soup Water for Lice!

We went even further.

Not just get rid of the lice with natural products.

We found a way to make our hair LOOK better than the stuff we were using from the salon supply BEFORE we even had lice.

Then, we found a way to keep lice away… for good.

So, sleep overs… no problem.

Seflies, no problem.

Public seating in theaters, planes, etc… no problem.

The ONE problem we found is that it is expensive in the short term.

To compile perfect ingredients in ample amounts, is expensive.

REAL Italian Chicken Soup uses real, organic, delicious ingredients, unlike Great Depression Chicken Water!

The good news, though, is that we’ve never had to spend money OR our mental energy on LICE REMOVAL with poisons and side effects.

As Nurse Grace, I made a decent amount of money and could at that time afford the hundreds….actually thousands of dollars KILLING the lice on our heads, in our bedding, in our cars, in our home, and oh, by the way…. We trusted that Jenne’s father and step-mom had done a good job with KILLING LICE, and she brought her second infestation of LICE home for the 2nd round of LICE patrol and mayhem!

So, if  you are having an emergency. We get it.

If you want to keep yourself and your precious family safe. We are for you.

If you’re already busted buying poisons and all… Let us be your purchase to insure you never have this problem again.

And, we realize we coudl dilute our ingredients to make it cheaper, like other pretty natural companies.

BUT, that would simply have you back online looking for a product like Grace’s NitFlix!

AND… you will WANT to use our products every time because your hair will look better than ever!

Sounds like hype, but you’ll see!  ( Who’s behind the magic?   Click here for that story!)

Oh.. and those lice removal salons of highly BRAVE folks….   ???

 Be sure to visit our Reliable and Non-Toxic Head Lice Shampoo and Conditioner post to learn more.


lice removal salon were an idea for us at first… But my job was to eliminate LICE infestation from the get-go!

Who wants to be bothered with it (gross, time consuming, etc.).

In the mean time, that only eliminates the pesky lice that can show up again a week later if all the eggs are not killed!


I’ve made myself hungry for some of my Dad’s Italian REAL Organic Chicken Soup!

So, let us keep you from LICE, from the worry of lice ever again.

And, when you order, in the message part, put CHICKEN SOUP,  and I’ll share my recipe….  AND, I won’t leave out one ingredient like some of my other relatives used to do!  LOL!


Your trusted Chicken Soup for Lice friend,

Nurse Grace

P.S. If you think my Chicken Soup smells good, wait until you smell the NitFlix Shampoo and Treatment!  It’s food based, but don’t eat it!