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WEN Hair Care VS. Belegenza. The TRUTH about those “natural” Amodimethicone-based products. Our specific food grade perfection for your hair! When you are ready for extraordinary hair, Belegenza is your choice, again and again!

Says fashionista, Sally Lyndley, as she returns to Belegenza over and over and over, “The haircare line that I always come back to: Belegenza!! And the best for growing your hair out for its healthiest self!”

What’s Belegenza?! I’ve never heard of it! I know WEN, and Aveda, Ojon, and Mixed Chicks and Keristasse. What’s so great about Belegenza Natural Hair Care?

Video removed by mandate.

GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener thrills Alan and Jess, as she demonstrates GrowOUT’s powerful, powerful, powerful effects!

“I can’t say enough good about VirgINity Hair Repair on my curly hair!” Review from Whispered Stories, raving about her sun, humidity and beach damaged hair becoming soft, manageable and great again, in only one treatment. MUST SEE if you have curly or unruly hair.*

“This is a godsend on my leave out…when I step out in the summer heat, I don’t have any “pfff” (puffed curl reversion) not having any of that problem anymore. My hair is very soft now….Try it. You will not regret it.” VirgINity Hair Repair on leave out.

” I love how this (VirgINity Hair Repair) is making my hair feel, and keeping my color…. especially that it’s keeping my reds.”

Gloss48 Review: If you’d like your hair to grow faster, your skin to look glowier, your lashes fuller, and your cheeks rosier, you’re going to want to watch this video immediately. Featuring Sunday Riley Good Genes serum, Garden Girl Break Free serum, Belegenza GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener, Diorshow Mascara, Lashem Mascara, Painted Earth contouring palette, Dior blush, and Treseme shampoo. Jaime’s Upgraded Beauty Products, Gloss48, by Brittany Fischer.

Fashionista, Stylist Extraordinaire, Sally Lyndley, from with her morning skin routine, which includes her “hair routine.” Seems she uses a few of our products in off-label ways that are fantastic!

Alan & Cheryl show in less than 5 minutes how trashed hair extensions come to life with a simple silicone removal, deep conditioning treatment, and hair repair secret! This is definitely a secret from behind the scenes of the red carpet.

Alexis Joy, News Correspondent, AlexisJoyVIPAccess, gets Alan to tell some of the real stories behind the making of Belegenza! Alan answers why these products work on EVERY texture of hair, and how that was discovered, and simple secrets to growing hair faster and healthier!

Kate Linder, known as Esther, from the Young and the Restless, tells how Belegenza saved her hair, and as she says, “they saved my life!”

Frizzy Halo at Hairline tamed in one simple application (secret, off-label usage) using Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker (formerly Simply Straight Progressive Straightener). This is the ultimate secret for any hair that is affected by humidity!

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