Pulling color through means distributing the permanent color used on the root area throught the mid-shaft and ends.

If you ask the “experts”  how to make hair dye last longer,  they all tell you that you should never pull permanent color through the mid-shaft or ends because of the damage and the dryness, and progression of color (going dull or dark).

Then they tell you to use a “glaze” to do the shaft and ends. 

Well it all sounds good, but it’s rubbish.

Also, notice they never answer the question, how to make hair dye last longer, they just jump to adding a color service more often to ‘refresh’ the color, which leads to a host of long term problems for your hair and pocketbook! 

All the diversion in order to NOT answer the question, how to make hair dye last longer is  made up by the color manufacturers to sell more color tubes and jack the prices on you.

PLUS, glazes have developers (peroxides) and ammonia derivatives (to open the cuticle).
The more you apply that to the strand the more ongoing damage AND more fade so that you “NEED” a glaze every visit, thus jacking your bill another $50-125 on top of the typical color touchup price!

And, even the senior colorists agree, because that’s the crappy bill of goods the manufacturers sold them.

What is TRUE about this unscrupulous scam of forcing services on you is that to get haircolors to “stick” they are dependent on opening the cuticle and oxidizing those color molecues into visible color pigments.

That means ammonia, or a pH adjuster that opens the cuticle to allow the pigment components a way INTO the hair.

Then to oxidize it (peroxide developer) so as to meld the color compontents into a recognizable color. 

Then conditioning that (which means to pull the cuticle shut) and gloss it over with a silicone covering. 

UNFORTUNATELY, each time you open and close the cuticle, you are damaging the hair. Think of it like your old credit card that you bend in half before you throw it away. You bend it backand forth (in half) 10 or 20 times, and it cracks into 2 pieces. 

That’s essentially what is happening on a microscopic level to your hair strands.

            No wonder hair breaks after so many tint applications! 

ALSO, each time peroxide is applied, it creates micro-explosions to the complete fabric of the hair. It’s actually shattering the natural color pigments and “rusting” the artificial pigments into visibility. But like the bubbles you see when you pour hydrogen peroxide on a cut, those explosions are blowing up bacteria and chewing the tissue.
Same with the hair…blowing it up and chewing holes into each strand! 

The higher the ‘volume’ of the developer, the more you are blowing up not just the cuticle but the core medula of the hair shaft, making it full of holes like a shattered, old, used, sponge.

It’s not just weak, but after a few times, it is unable to hold the pigments, thus more color fade…

That’s where the “glaze” is supposed to be the answer, but it simply makes things worse in the long run, because glazes have pH adjusters and oxides that chew the hair masked with a super dose of dastardly silicone to cover it up for a few weeks. 

This way the colorist can blame YOU for your color fade after a month, because you use too much heat, or products that the sylist didn’t recommend or that your hair is just color fade prone… or whatever bull crap excuse they know you’ll buy.
AND, they can say… you need a glaze to bump the color again.. $$$$ out of your pocket! 

The truth is that the colorists have NOT learned the proper way to minimize pH adjusters and to lower the volume of oxidizers nor how to prepare the strand for maximum color acceptance, and especially
how to secure those pigments before even shampooing out the color application.

Pull-throughs can be UN-NEEDED when this is done properly

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How Pulling Color Through & Glazes Cause More Color Fade: How to Make Hair Dye Last Longer