How hackers cause hair loss. 

Recently, a hacker got into my (Alan’s) Facebook page. 

Before I realized what this thief had done, I got a RUDE email from Facebook that I had been inappropriate and that I was banned from Facebook with no appeal. 

No explanation. 

No way of contacting anyone to find out what on earth had happened. 

Part of me thought it was some clever phishing email that was in and of itself a scam to trap me into other cyber criminal activity. 

Within another day, our Belegenza Facebook page had been STOLEN by the hacker, making the now “no longer in existence Alan Eschenburg page” powerless in retrieving the administration privileges. 

So, to access the administration privileges, Alan was required. BUT, since Facebook murdered it, we could not make any changes, and the new hacker made himself the OWNER of the Facebook Belegenza page! 

Each day, our other “editors” were being attacked by booting them off the page as admins! 

Fortunately, we have someone who was owed a favor at Facebook, yet they only shared enough for us to monitor it EACH DAY, to combat the daily attempts at our “editors'” removal. To this day, we have to fight back daily, with the hopes that they will finally give up and stop the daily removal attempts. 

THEN, as you will see, they changed the name of our Facebook from Belegenza to something we wish not to publish! 


So, you may still be one of our 33,000 or so followers, but you are not following us on the old page any longer thanks to the theives. 

You see, they want you to buy their knock-off products, and rather than build a trusting customer, like you, and develop a following, they are trying to fool you into doing business with them! 

The hackers have NO expertise in hair. 

They have no access to selling Belegenza or GrowOUT

They are trying to sell things that do NOT help with hair or hair growth. 

They are simply thieves who were stealing an obsessed
with Belegenza customer base! 

This is how they cause hair loss. 

They are lying to you! 

Facebook has not helped us, even after the enormous amount of money we have spent in ads with them. 

They are on the side of the criminals, and that’s just how it is. 




We will not be victims who give up.


We are starting over because truth will prevail. 

To do this, we need your help. 

We request that you follow us at our NEW Belegenza Naturals: Hair and Skin Care Facebook Business Page. 

And, even better, invite as many friends as you know to join us as well. 

We’re rolling out all kinds of new things from this new page, to new products and even more information that will make an incredible impact in your hair, skin and wellbeing! 

In other words, we are just getting started! 

Also, we are accustomed to hackers. 

It’s what other beauty companies have done by way of TRYING (and failing) to make silicone free hair growth products better than Belegenza. 

They TRY (and fail) to take us down. 

They can’t do what we have already done. 

And, this is why the whole Facebook debacle is just blip on our screen of success….for YOU and your hair and skin! 

So, we got our incredible reputation because of people like
you, our obsessed Belegenza customers. 

They tried to steal our business because it’s so effective, good, and succesful. 

AND, the joke is on them. 

We will prevail! 

So, we count on you, again, to make Belegenza bigger and better than ever, and we thank you!

Like us and share our new page with all your friends! 

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Your Trusted Brother & Sister Hackers Can’t Stop Us Hair Growth Experts, 

Alan & Cheryl