Guilt-free : Hair Follicle Detox for Hair Growth


Don’t feel guilty when you try different products.

Sometimes, you have to do so when you run out of Belegenza and forget to re-order.

Maybe you went on a trip and they confiscated your products at security.

Maybe you simply forgot to pack them, because you hide them in your bathroom from other family members.

Maybe you stayed longer than you expected and your friend offered her products.

Maybe while you were there, you always wanted to try that brand, so you did.

Maybe you had a bit too much wine that night and the infomercial was soooo good, you got on their re-order system and you can’t bear to toss it in the garbage, yet.

Whatever the reason, it’s okay.

Hair Follicle Detox may just be what the doctor ordered.

Coming back to Belegenza is guilt free. 

In fact, it’s refreshing. 

Sure, the first time trying anything is usually a fun thing, and even if it just smells good,
it’s a nice thing to do once in a while.

But, as time goes on, and the core of the hair gets depleted again, your subconscious,
and the inner-knowing of your hair reminds you that
it is Belegenza time again. 

So, this is why savvy, obsessed Belegenza users know that with Belegenza,
it’s like the first time, every time.

Also, depending on the type of other-brand you try, it’s easy to make the switch and
come back to Belegenza. 

But, for those heavy-duty silicones, plastics, acrylates and such, you might need to make a bit more effort to insure hair follicle detox. Click here for the Silicone Avoid list. 

This is also a good thing to do even if you just use hairspray for a party night or something.

Hair Follicle Detox for Hair Growth

A tablespoon of Baking Soda in a Belegenza shampoo of your choice ( about 1 oz.) a few latherings of this will gently remove the chemical barriers, to allow the deep conditioning of RoMANce Deep Conditioner to get back INTO the core of your hair.  (More about detox and here.) hair follicle detox

The ONLY problem with switching to conventional products of popular big brands is that you expose your hair to the chemicals.  These chemicals wreak havoc on the follicles as well, which if hair loss is an issue,
you really don’t want to take any chances with that.

In fact, if you get the itch to try a new product, you might want to save your time, money and follicles, too
by using the Baking Soda trick instead. It alone can be the thing that satisfies, and
you keep the long term hair growth effects in action! 

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Hair Follicle Detox

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