Grey, Gray, Great Hair! How Long to Grow OUT Gray Hair

grey hair, gray hair, how long to grow out gray hair
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Knowledge is the key to understanding.
Don’t you agree that you feel better when you at least know the TRUTH?

Yes, it does make you feel better, so let’s give you some of the facts about gray hair.

The first fact is that you can spell it both ways.  They are both correct spellings.
|So, we’ll use “gray” and “”grey as we give you the facts!

Typically with age, everyone will go grey, white or gray or some version of it…

What age is that?  It’s different for everyone, so our first hope is that we all get old enough to experience it …and then some!

So, the question of how long to grow out grey hair has a many variables.

To  have our hair go grey, let’s start with understanding how hair goes grey. Here is what happens.


Your hair grows in a follicle which is a bulb like tube on your scalp.
The average head has 100,00-150,000 follicles.
Hair in its basic, unpigmented state is white.
It gets its color from a pigment called melanin.
Two types of melanin, eumelanin (dark brown or black) and phaeomelanin (reddish yellow), combine to make all the hair colors.
One belief for why hair goes grey is that aging slows or stops the hair from accessing the melanin, so it comes out grey, silver, or white instead.

Feel better?
The next issue for many is…. that you’ve been coloring your hair so long, you know it’s gray, but just want to know how long to grow out gray hair once you stop coloring/tinting your hair…..

And, the last BIG question will be— what about if I don’t like my gray…

So first…. let’s say you just colored your hair yesterday and you’ve made the decision to go gray.

Second, you need to know your “destination” length- meaning how long must those hairs be for the final grown version of gray hair.

(Men?  if your hair is short and spiky on top and those hairs are 3/4″ long, give yourself 2 months to keep that same hairstyle, and go get your haircuts as you normally do, and in that 8 week period, you will have “replaced” the length of 3/4 inches.  This is  based on that most people average 1/2 inches per month of growth.  Simple)

(Women?  If your shoulder length hair is your “destination” length, use a tape measure to measure from the top of your head where your natural part is, down to your shoulder length ends.  Let’s say that’s 12 inches.  It will take 24 months at 1/2 inches per month to grow OUT your gray hair.  Simple, right?)

At that point here comes the BIG question.

“Do I like it?”

Just remember.  Everyone will have an opinion.

It’s your hair and YOU are the final word!

You can embrace your grey
decide to color it.

Whatever you choose will be the best for YOU.

Belegenza will be there for you to make your hair look fabulous no matter the color!

Pick any color you want, meaning your natural grey version or  a tinted color.

Because we’ll make it luminous.

Because we’ll insure it is true to its hues, tones, and values.

Because we’ll make sure the color lasts longer than EVER.

Because Belegenza products are color-safe and color saving!

Because we do it safely.

Because we do it naturally.

Because when your hair sparkles like nature intends–

—–Life is Easier with Awesome Hair!


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Let’s grow!

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It’s all good… is what they say….

We say:

It’s all awesome! 

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How long to grow out gray hair


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Grey, Gray, Great Hair! How Long to Grow OUT Gray Hair


Grey Hair , Gray Hair, Great Hair! How Long to Grow OUT Gray Hair