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Reuse Differently

Isn’t it exciting to try new hair products?

You just KNOW it’s going to be awesome.

So, you make a promise to yourself to use up what you have, but….

You try it and it is awesome….

Then, as you feel guilty about the old stuff, you leave it there for the next few times you shampoo.

But, then, you finally realize that you can put it under the sink for later… or for guests….  LOL.. Sure, right?!

And, you can’t just throw them all away.  “I paid good money for those!”

So, what happens to all the products that you’ve bought, yet thrown under the sink??

Here are some guilt-free ideas to make room for your new gluten free products and parabens and sulfates free treasures!

So, before you take your next shower, set aside an extra 15 minutes BEFORE to clear out the under-belly cabinet of hair care investments!

Pull them all out, into a box or container.

Sort them by category…shampoos, conditioners, leave-ins, styling aids, hairsprays.


Many of these can be re-used, or as we now say… re-purposed!

Sure they might be gluten free hair products, but they might have parabens and sulfates.  Or they might be organic, but not gluten free and not have parabens and sulfates.  Then one thing you know, though, is that…. they need repurposing.

So, here are some uses for shampoos (sulfates and parabens):

cleaning makeup brushes

liquid hand soap

toilet bowl freshener

toilet bowl brush cleaner

hand car wash

Patio and sidewalk cleaner

Sounds harsh, but then again, the original uses for sulfates were in car washes!

Those conditioners:

Make a mild leave in conditioner. Use distilled water 6 oz,, 1 tablespoon of the conditioner, a few drops of your favorite essential oil! Put in a spray bottle, and use it on your ends.

Silicone based conditioners are VERY slicking.  So, these can be used as a shave cream… (Did you now that razors that have that little strip on the top is a silicone slicking agent?… now you are extending the life of that with your conditioner!)


Pomades of mineral oil and petrolatum or even wax:

Rust preventor on metal objects of art, just apply and buff away the excess.

Brass tarnish inhibitor and cleaner, just apply and buff.

Hair Spray:

Helps remove ink from fabrics. Test fabric for colorfastness, first though.

Eyebrow fixative, spray on brow brush and brush brow into place.

Remove skin stains from haircolors around hairline.  Spray onto a small piece of paper towel til wet. Use that to rub away the stain!

If none of this gets your Martha-Stewart-Energies going, consider taking the whole box to a friend or family member or your favorite shelter!

They may love them, and you’ll feel better, too.

Otherwise, recycle them properly which will transform them into new things for others!

Then, get to that shower, and transform your hair with your new gluten free hair products that are also free of sulfates and parabens, and MORE, like Belegenza Natural Hair Care.

Made without the nasties which is a feat in and of itself.

Also, they are chock full of over 17 trusted hair growth ingredients in one!

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So as you repurpose responsibly, we’ll get you on the right track to awesome hair and deep satisfaction.

Whether you’ve got great hair, thin hair, post chemo hair, or just out to impress… we can get you to the next level!

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Keep going on this page, and print out the Silicone Derivative AVOID list and the 12 Everyday Things Thinning Hair – Thinning Reversed

Here’s the sad part about today’s hair loss dilemma. 

Science is wonderful until it gets out of hand, and that’s why we exited the silicone world and created the world’s finest silicone and nasties free beauty products.

If you are in a hurry, make sure to print out the Silicone AVOID list and the 12 Everyday Things Thinning Hair- Thinning Reversed

Silicones are in their infancy in personal care, and should be considered dangerous until proven innocent in the long term. Even when they try to market themselves OUT of silicone, they simply re-name it and hide it in plain sight. So BEWARE! 

In the meantime, we’ll keep on making products that you will remember as the original silicone free hair saving brand.
We’ll be here once you’ve had enough of the silicone and chemical world.

But don’t wait too long… for the sake of your hair and follicles!

Each follicle has cycles of rest, falling, and hopefully growth again.
Don’t wait until your follicles give up for the last time, and your hair thins too much….or completely!

With researchers suspecting diseases linked to silicones, don’t wait til it’s too late?

Do you really want to take a chance of losing your precious hair growth?

Don’t you think it’s time to trade in the cost of  a cup of coffee once in a while and invest that money into the longevity of your hair?

Of course, it’s time.

If it were free, wouldn’t you get started now?

Of course.


Always go Silicone Free.

Always Silicone Free–Belegenza.

By the way, we know the products seem expensive, and
we understand how you feel.
We wish we could gather our pristine ingredients for cheaper, too.
It is a large commitment.
Other than the size of the commitment, is there any other reason why you wouldn’t
take action now?

If you are not ready to take action, now, bookmark this page, now for when you’ve got to have results!

By getting started now, you’ll feel better knowing you have done the right thing for your follicles, and …..
have better hair growth, too!

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Gluten Free Hair Products : Sulfates and Parabens no more!*

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Gluten Free Hair Products

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Always Silicone Free Hair Growth

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